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What Are Hazel Eyes? Learn about Their Owners' Peculiarities

Рazel eyes are mesmerizing. They have unbeatable magnetism, which makes most people stare into them in search of the bottom. What are hazel eyes peculiarities, and is there anything uncommon about their owners?

Firstly, hazel eye colour is a mixture of several shades at ones, which results in numerous mixes of green, brown, and blue. You belong to a particular social circle. Secondly, beautiful hazel eyes tend to change colour depending on the environment and on the intensity of the sunlight.

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The colour can be changed because of the:

  • The specific time of the day. The colour will be different indoors and outdoors. Electric lighting also causes changes in eye colour.
  • The lighting intensity and conditions. Artificial lighting affects your eyes stronger than the natural light outdoors.
  • Clothes colour palette. It's a sort of optical illusion. Specific clothing colours add up to the existing pallet of your eyes. Adequately chosen colours will make your irises look darker or lighter.
  • Makeup. That's one of the simplest ways to alter your existing iris colour. For instance, if you're an owner of hazel-green eyes, your perfect eye shadow combination will be brown or chocolate.
  • Allergic reactions. They make bags under our eyes and often provoke the changes in the colour of the irises. That's a temporary effect experienced by some people with seasonal allergies.
  • Alcohol and other substances that can affect your emotional state. It's the same with some of the prescription medications that you have to take regularly.

Hazel Eye Color: Meaning & Specifications

It's hard to define a person's peculiarities using only eye colour. That's why most information presented on the internet is mostly statistical. The most enthusiastic curious people have already devoted their time to the statistics and studies of the questionnaires filled by men and women with hazel eyes.

Scientists say that this eyeshade is affected by sixteen genes. Besides, this rare colour runs in the family. Because of a dominant gene, your kids are likely to inherit hazel irises from you. A mixture like this is a result of long-lasting and repeating assimilation between different nations all over the planet. This eye colour is often present in North African, Brazilian, and Spanish families. However, any nation can inherit it.

Hazel Eyes: Can I Change the Color?

It's impossible to say exactly. In most cases, the answer is "no". However, there are exceptions. Owners of pure hazel eye colour may experience changes of shades depending on the amount of light getting to the iris.

  • The colour of your eyes may change if you have an underlying condition. If you feel like your eyes get darker or lighter and don't get back to normal, it's high time to consult your physician.
  • A hazel eye can be recoloured surgically with the help of the injections, which is very dangerous and in some cases, leads to blindness.
  • People of this eye colour should know that the shades of their irises are not the same. Each of the irises has unique colouring.
  • The only safe way to make your eyes change colour is to use contacts.

Hazel Eye Color: Meaning & Health Issues

Are hazel eyes rare? Yes, they are. Can you do something to alter the colour? Partially, yes, you can. Do they show off peculiarities of your health? Let's get deeper into it.

It has already been mentioned above, but we have to repeat it. Visit your doctor in case if your eyes show significant colour changes. In most cases, it means that your body suffers from an underlying condition that is already affecting your eyes. You can't be too careful.

A girl with hazel eyes can be affected by the impact of the sun rays. Unfortunately, the sun can result in ocular cancers in people with this eyeshade.