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A Gemini Woman: No Fight but Pure Intelligence

That's the first thing about Gemini: woman like this is compassionate and creative. This is a very versatile personality with a list of unique characteristics combining in one body. You'll never be bored with her, especially if you're an active man looking for healthy changes in your life and romance. The best features most men like about this zodiac sign are:

  • Inborn intelligence. These women are fond of learning. They can be into many intellectual activities at once: books, languages, photography, arts, psychology… They are in constant search of decent interlocutors, and the appearance of men is the least essential thing for them.
  • Thoughtfulness. Almost every Gemini woman in a relationship tends to understand her partner. She knows how to listen and find the right words to describe her feelings. This is what makes these ladies incredible friends even after a breakup of the romantic relationship.
  • Inspiring behavior. It's a dual personality able to live her life for more than one person. She will always find words of support to help you deal with hard situations in your professional and personal spheres of life.
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Dating a Gemini Means Being Simple

A Gemini woman personality implies simplicity and straightforwardness in all situations. She can't stand it when people around her make things look harder than they are. Therefore, you'll have to remember the following:

Peculiarity #1: Gemini Women Hate Drama

They hate senseless arguments and prefer peaceful conversations even in case if both of you experience severe trouble. They understand that adding unnecessary drama to a situation will never do good to both of you. If you cry at her aggressively gesticulating and throwing things around, she will go away until you're ready to discuss things peacefully.

Peculiarity #2: Dating a Gemini Woman Means Emotional Development

You'll have to learn to express yourself and demonstrate the real you. Do the following not to produce a wrong impression on a Gemini woman:

  • Be yourself (wear habitual clothes, eat what you're used to, and always say what you think about this or that situation).
  • Be polite (yes, being straightforward is essential, but being polite is a delightful attachment to it).
  • Be respectful (this woman will always have an opinion to express, and you'll have to take it – not to accept it but to take it and continue living with it).
  • Be attentive (women of the Air zodiac signs want to have as much room in your mind as it is possible, so never ignore them when they ask for your attention).
  • Be patient (there are cases when a Gemini woman needs some time to stay alone and think about something crucial for her, so don't be surprised at her long lonely walks around the city, she's just reflecting on something).

Peculiarity #2: It's Like Dealing with Two Women at Once

Understanding a Gemini woman means being capable of dealing with her twin nature. Her emotional state, as well as her moods, are very changeable. She can be shy and talkative, serious and humorous, spontaneous, and predictable. You never know what you might get until you find the right approach and stick to one of these personalities in this emotional duet.

Gemini Sex Facts: Emotional Experimenter

Attracting a Gemini woman is half the battle. As soon as you get between the sheets of your bedroom, it's high time for more intensive thinking. The sexuality of this zodiac sign is something very peculiar and generally unexpected by most men. As soon as it's a dual personality, this woman will surprise you from the intimate point of view:

  • She loves being naked while walking around the house;
  • She never keeps silent if something in the process of the intercourse feels uncomfortable to her and will never hesitate to make the first move to let you know you're doing something wrong;
  • She loves unpredictable things in the bedroom and will never be against sex toy, non-habitual positions, and anything that might come in handy in the process of your mutual sexual satisfaction.