Dating Blonde Women with Blue Eyes

A blue-eyed blonde is a dream of a lot of men. These girls are associated with innocence and modesty. Some of them are like wonderful snowflakes, some of them are hot and passionate inside.


If you want to find a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, you can do it on our website. There are a lot of real profiles of women who are ready for active dates. Just be kind and initiative to win her heart.

The nationality of a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes

Girls with blonde hair and blue eyes have breathtaking appearance. Their beauty is natural and they don't use a lot cosmetics and plastic surgeries to look better. These women can be both Slavic and European.

You can find a Slavic girl from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus or choose someone from your country.

If you don't mind international relationships, you will be happy with these women. They have true Nordic beauty that is a bit cold and mesmerizing.

Dating with blonde hair blue eyes women and our recommendations

Blonde hair blue eyes women are very romantic creatures, that's why you will have to do a lot to please them. If you want to date these women, you should be polite, nice and attentive. We will give you some advice to help you to build successful relationships:

  • A blonde with blue eyes looks naive, but in reality she can be very smart and even cunning. Be careful with her, about at the beginning of the relationships. Try to learn about her as much as possible. Learn about her family, work, hobbies and friends to understand if your relationships are viable.
  • Give her small, but pleasant gifts. To do it you should know about her preferences. You can give her an interesting book or a pack of cakes.
  • Blonde women with blue eyes are very passionate, so you should be well-experienced in bed. Try to make sex more interesting, learn about the ways you can give her a pleasure and she will be grateful for it.
  • Don't say condescending phrases about her hair. There is a stereotype that blonde women are silly. If you mention about it, you will lose her forever.
  • Practice on your sense of humor. If you make her laugh, she will definitely fall in love with you. But don't make vulgar nor rude jokes.
  • A blonde hair girl with blue eyes is very sensitive. Be careful if you don't want to offend her. Don't be too proud and apologize first if you want to have relationships with this girl.
  • Tell her about your intentions. At the beginning of your dialogue tell her what you are looking for. Don't try to deceive her if you are interested in sex only. Remember that most of girls are really self-sufficient and humble and they won't go to your place on the first date.

Blonde blue eyed women and their disadvantages

Blonde hair blue eyes girls are pretty creatures who can win your heart at the first sight. It's impossible not to like them even if you prefer brunettes. But sometimes these ladies have their own minuses you should bear in mind. Let's talk about them.

  • Blonde hair blue eyes women are bragging about their beauty. Some of them are quite arrogant because they are aware about their inner power. If you want a modest girl, you will have to put some efforts to find her.
  • There is a myth that these cuties are stupid a bit. Of course, it's not true and our intellectuality doesn't depend on a hair color. But some girls are really silly and infantile. Modern people don't read books and prefer to spend a lot of time in social media. At the same time, on our site you can find a really smart blonde hair blue eyed woman who will be interesting. In this case you will have to match her expectations and to show her your intellect. Read and watch more, find second opinions and stay well-informed about everything.
  • Some pretty girls with blonde hair and blue eyes are very demanding. They want to get all the best things from this life and from their partner. If you don't want to work on your relationship, you won't have a future with this girl. Try to please her and to find out her preferences.
  • They are very emotional. If you look for a calm and restrained girl, don't consider blonde hair and blue eyes women as long-term partners. They are really emotional bombs and sometimes it's hard to communicate with them. If you see her crying, try to sooth her and to find the solution of her problems. Don't laugh at her emotionality and try to accept your partner.
  • They don't mind flirt. At the beginning it will attract you but over time you may find she is flirting with other men and it hurts. These girls have a lot of admirers and you will have to put up with it or to break up. But don't be suspicious about their loyalty. They don't cheat and you can trust your partner.

The best gifts for a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes

These girls adore gifts but at the same time they aren't really materialistic. They just want to get a proof of your love. Don't refuse them! You can give her some flowers (better choose white or red roses, it's classic) or chocolate.

If you are in long-term relationships, you can give her a ring or a bracelet, but first find out about her preferences. Don't forget that a blonde hair blue eyes woman is quite capricious, so it won't be very easy to please her. It's crucial that you should make gifts from your heart, don't expect anything in return, women can feel it.

Blonde girls with blue eyes on our website

Blonde hair and blue eyes women are lonely sometimes. If a girl is beautiful, it's hard for her to find long-term relationships. Some of them look for someone special, so they don't pay attention to regular guys.

If you are smart enough and can maintain any conversation, you can win her heart. Just tell her a couple of compliments related to her behavior, manners or intelligence. Don't pay attention to her appearance and don't talk about sexual things at the beginning of the conversation.

Women with blonde hair and blue eyes spend a lot of time taking care of their wonderful hair. You should appreciate these efforts and say something nice about their hairstyle.

There are a lot of beautiful blonde women on our website. Most of them look for serious relationships, so they are open to talk to you to get to know you better. We would recommend you to text several girls at the same time. This way you can understand which woman is more compatible with you.

Last Updated: 02/06/2024