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Leo Woman: Things to Know Before You Start Dating

These women are very dynamic. A Leo woman in love has a very self-centered nature. She wants as much attention as it is possible in a relationship, she hardly makes compromises, and ignores the opinion of most people in her social circle doing everything the way she wants to. However, in addition to her egoistic nature and stubbornness, she has many sweet things to offer to her potential lover:

  • Unbelievable sexuality. This sign is governed by the Sun, which makes most men strive for their radiating energy both in everyday life and in the bedroom. When you find each other between the bedsheets, be prepared for a crazy ride. Almost every female Leo is fond of sex and enjoys it.
  • Support. As soon as you manage to prove yourself a decent and trustworthy partner, you’ll get a lot of extra energy to do different things in life. A Leo woman is a leader by nature, and she will do her best to make you an evenly dominant personality in business and routine life as well.
  • Protection. One of the most striking things about Leo woman personality is their emotional and psychological power. They won’t just sit and weep helplessly in case if something is going wrong. They will do their best to protect their relationship with the partner, protect your couple from the negative opinion of the society, and find the way out of the hardest situation hand in hand.

Leo Woman in Relationships: Major Points

Never make her feel more depressed than she already is. Even if you do have negative things to discuss, and if she is the one to blame for the situation, try hard not to make her even more upset with your conversation. She will become grumpy, and she will not listen to what you say, no matter how hard you try to express yourself. You’ll also have to accept the following:

Point #1: Leo Women Behavior

  • She is often very loud while talking. She knows that she is a leader and wants everyone to hear her opinion on the subject even when she’s not asked for it.
  • She attracts the attention of a lot of people around. You’ll have to accept the fact that your Leo woman beauty, combined with her intellectual component, will draw many admirers.
  • She enjoys being in the center of attention. Send her flowers to work in case if she works with many people in an office, and she will adore you for that because this act will provoke a lot of attention to her personality.

Point #2: Dating a Leo Woman Means Meaningful Attitude

The point is that a woman of this sign is usually interested in thoughtful matchmaking with the potential for a family. She is interested in the upbringing of kids, in your mutual development and your successful future together.

Point #3: Leo Women and Sex

This is a Fire sign, which means that her nature implies lots of love, passion, and hot temperature in the bedroom. Nevertheless, you will have to be in line with her expectations in matters of intimacy. If you don’t manage to satisfy her the way she wants, it won't be that hard for her to break up this relationship.

Leo Woman: Likes and Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Intelligent and creative people; Changing nature of people;
A meaningful relationship with the potential for a family; Unwillingness to express your thoughts and intentions;
Lots of love and attention from her partner; Laziness;
Emotional and professional development in men; Passive attitude to making a family and building a career;
Fixed decisions and firm plans. Greedy men unable to make presents and small surprises.