Dating Women with Black Hair

Quite a lot of guys have preferences towards a woman's hair, skin, and eye color. It doesn't mean that they judge character by the color. It's merely because the colors create certain perceptions basing on the historical circumstances and pictures we see in the media. Long black hair combined with the other appearance traits makes men unconsciously create images with specific emotional and intellectual characteristics.


Hot girls with black hair have peculiarities. We've answered many men about their opinion, collected statistics, and listed the results right here to help you understand why you feel so attracted to long black hair.

They are magnetic and mysterious: Let's compare them with such a classic blonde as Marilyn Monroe. Just try to recall a picture of hers where she was not smiling. Most blondes turn out to be open-minded, socially involved, and communicative. Black hair women look more pensive and reserved due to their ability to control their emotions. They don't smile so often and prefer attracting men with their eyes and body language.

The owners of beautiful black hair are considered smart: Nevertheless, we still think it's a misconception in one row with a “dumb blonde” stereotype. Everything depends on the person, education, and background.

Here is Why You Should Explore Black Hair Beauties

Hair color is a major factor for men when looking for girls to date. In fact, some men prefer women with a particular hair color over others. However, this should not be mistaken for a preconceived opinion or stereotypical type of thinking but rather influence of background and the media. Most men are attracted to girls with black hair.

We have collected data, done our statistics, and come up with reasons why men prefer black-haired girls. If you are looking forward to dating girls with black hair, then this post is for you. Here we answer questions like why black-haired girls are more attractive compared to blondes? Also, we are going to discuss in detail what black hair signifies to most men and also what are the common perceptions out there about girls with dark hair. Tag along to find out more!

Black Haired Women Have Stormy & Powerful Temper 2024

This is often portrayed in the fairy-tails with wicked witches always having natural black hair. When a bad witch or a wizard turns into a good one, the color of the locks is generally changed for the dark. When Rapunzel loses her long blonde hair in one of the most successful Disney movies, her short haircut becomes dark to demonstrate that from now on her character becomes tougher and her life is never the same with new challenges and responsibilities to deal with.

Natural black hair implies warmth in cold times

Why is black hair so different? Well, probably this happens because blondes radiate light and black hair women absorb it inside. That's the reason why some men feel attracted to hot girls with black hair in winter and autumn while blondes look incredibly appealing in the sunlight of summer and spring.

Daily Mail says they are sexier and more tempting

Yes, this was thoroughly controlled research held with the participation of 2000 men. More than sixty percent of the respondents agreed that they'd prefer a girl with black hair in their bedrooms. They had nothing against blondes, and some of them had already been an enjoyable romance with a fair-haired lady. Nevertheless, brown and raven tints turned out to be the most popular.

They are considered unapproachable

Yes, that's the reason why fair-haired ladies are more popular in bars, clubs, and restaurants. When a man notices a lonely woman with black hair, he thinks twice before he decides to approach her. In case, if a cute blonde accompanies her, the second one will contact her first.

Unfortunately, you have to understand that this is another misleading stereotype regularly leading to mutual misunderstanding. Every woman with black hair wants to be approached and talked to. She strives for meaningful communication as well, and she's not looking for a bigger and better deal.

Dark strands are unique

If you google for the statistics about this color, you'll find out that it's prevailing in the world. Most men and women are born with brunette locks. Nevertheless, dark strands are more likely to be naturally curled. They can be wavy or curvy with little locks or impressive large curls. They tend to be thicker and stronger by nature.

It is widely accepted that color has a significant impact on our perception of the world and at least the initial attitude to a person. Nevertheless, people were created reasonable which should help them deal with senseless misconceptions.

Beautiful Black Haired Women in 2024 Have More Peculiarities

Beautiful black hair often comes with an additional list of characteristics. Here's what we've managed to find out. Pretty girls with black hair are:

  • Daring. They know what they want, and they strive for their life goals trying not to pay attention to any obstacles.
  • Caring. They are stubborn in protecting the interests of their kids and husbands. They are strong fortresses for their beloved ones, and they will never let anyone get their family members down.
  • Passionate. You'll never regret spending time with them between the bedsheets. You'll enjoy every minute of it, and you'll ask for more.
  • Unpredictable. They are often led by their violent nature, and they rarely think twice before doing something.
  • Supportive. They will be able to stand their ground and to support your opinion whatever happens. Their soulmates are the most valuable possession.
  • Aggressive. Yes, this can happen as well. They can be provocative and be the ones to initiate the argument.
  • Explosive. Girls with long black hair are spontaneous and often act on a whim. They never get stuck in the situation when they have no idea what to do because they always have a plan.
  • Persistent. Black haired girls are patient, and they know how to find the way out of any situation. They become successful employees and employers, they know how to develop, and they do everything to build their intellectuality and spirituality.

Why is black hair so different?

Being sure about it is impossible. For some unknown reason a girl with black hair is more likely to be:

  • Compassionate. Her explosive nature is a result of her open-minded nature. She profoundly respects the needs and aspirations of all people around. She believes that every person deserves attention and affection.
  • Thoughtful. Her aggressive nature may cause frequent arguments in a relationship. Nevertheless, even after a long quarrel, a black haired girl will be ready to sit down and discuss the situation to deal with this conflict. She hates being stuck in a trail, and she doesn't want to live in uncertainty.
  • Faithful. She's rarely cunning. A black haired woman doesn't cheat on people, and she hates to be cheated on as well. She prefers being frank and honest in a relationship.

Black-Haired Women 2024: FAQ

What are the most common beliefs concerning black-haired women?

They say that black-haired women are more vibrant and energetic.

How many hairs do dark-haired women have?

More than 100000 hairs.

Why do black-haired people have stronger hair?

Each of their hairs has carbon inside. That's what makes the locks shiny and strong.

Are there any physical peculiarities of women with black hair?

Some people notice that their dark-haired partners and friends have more pigment spots than blondes.

Where to meet black haired girls

If you need a black haired girl, you can meet her in many place. Some of them seem cold and unapproachable but it's just a stereotype. These ladies are interested in foreign men, so it won't be a problem to start a dialogue.

There are a lot of girls with long black hair on our website. You can use it for dating and for communication. Just create your profile, publish the best attractive pictures and start looking for black haired girls for chatting and flirting.

Write several girls to find someone interesting. A black haired woman will answer you if you think about an original message. You can start with a compliment about her appearance, but don't be vulgar. Ask something about her pictures and her hobbies (if she travels a lot, you can find a lot of common discussing interesting places and nature). If she is with her pet on the picture, you can ask about them.

Be natural and don't try to look better than you are. A black haired woman will feel false in your voice and messages, so don't lie. Use a video chat before the real meeting, this way you will get to know each other better and won't waste your time if you don't like each other.

Last Updated: 02/06/2024