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Sagittarius Women: Idealistic, Understanding & Straightforward

Most people agree that women and men of this sign are born to be leaders. Unfortunately, their nature is very malleable. One of the main things about Sagittarius women is that they adapt to the environment no matter whether it's a sensible solution or not. If they suffer from parental pressure since early childhood, they grow up talented, aspiring, but unsure of themselves. If a girl born under this zodiac sign has never been limited or strictly punished by their parents, she will grow up an amazing personality.

If you are lucky to get involved in the communication with a reserved Sagittarius, don't let it get you down. These ladies are usually impressive interlocutors, passionate lovers, and faithful friends. They are supportive and always able to protect those who care about them.

Sagittarius personality implies the following:

  • Emotionality;
  • Dreaminess;
  • Care;
  • Attention;
  • Sincerity.

Unfortunately, not all women of this sign can be straight about their wishes and expectations. Some of them feel too shy to talk about these things with strangers. Take your time and make this lady get used to you. You'll never regret being in a relationship with a Sagittarius due to the list of reasons.

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Sagittarius Likes and Dislikes: This What Makes Men Love Them

The following list of likes and dislikes makes dating a Sagittarius perfect for all men in general.

Likes Dislikes
Thoughtful conversations; Aggression in people of all genders and ages;
Dirty jokes; Passive attitude to both friendly and romantic relationships;
Good sex; Passive attitude to both friendly and romantic relationships;
The respectful attitude of both men and women; Indifference;
Open-mindedness and the ability to be straightforward; Assertiveness;
Sincerity. Discussions behind the back;
  Emotional instability and inability to control the behavior.

Clever Men Adore Sagittarius Woman in Love & Friendship

One of the most beautiful things about Sagittarius women is their ability to be frank and honest in relationships of all sort. They become impressive friends because they are:

  • Faithful and patient. They accept other people's feelings and always try to support their pals in troublesome situations.
  • Helpful. They understand that some people need a helping hand even if they are too proud or shy to ask for it.
  • Forgiving. They hate bearing a grudge on people who mean something to them in life. It prevents from regular, meaningful contact, which is vital for Sagittarius women.
  • Inspiring. They always know the right words to support a person, and their ability to be sincere is surprising for most people.

When a woman of this zodiac sign loves you as a friend or as a partner, she will do everything that depends on her in a relationship.

Sagittarius Woman Traits: Family & Sex

Sagittarius & Family Life

These women are very reliable. They understand that each person in a relationship has responsibilities to deal with. This makes them attentive mothers, considerate wives, and affectionate lovers. Children born or raised by a woman of this zodiac sign grow up confident and diversely developed.

Sagittarius Sexuality Traits

Born natural leaders they find great pleasure in applying their feminine charms. These females often use their sexuality as a manipulation tool. Nevertheless, they enjoy sex and are often fond of experimenting. The only thing to keep in mind here is that they tightly connect intimacy with a meaningful and sincere relationship. They rarely have sex at the first dates and never agree to get to your bedroom if you don't demonstrate affection and respect.

Dating a Sagittarius Woman: Physical Characteristics

It's a peculiar fact, but for some unknown reason, astrology partially affects the way we look. Sagittarius body type is not universal. They can be lean or chubby; tall or short; athletically built and skinny. However, there's one thing characterizing women of this zodiac sign – they are naturally born energetic. Their bodies are usually healthy and hardy. They have physical and emotional stamina helping them in all undertakings.