German brides for online dating and marriage

German women rarely look for a partner for moving to his country. They feel safe and comfortable enough in Germany. However, since our world is changing, more and more people are getting lonely. They have difficulties with finding a partner in reality. That’s why there are a lot of pretty German women who look for love online. Most of them don’t mind international relationships with a man from another European country, so you have all chances to find a wonderful and self-sufficient woman.

German brides characteristics

German brides

Let’s talk about characteristics of a German woman. Who is she? What does she like in German women dating? What kind of personal traits does she have?

A German woman is pretty

Most of these ladies are slim and tall. They eat the right food and use some make up to look even more beautiful. At the same time, German women don’t make a lot of efforts to maintain this beauty. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed in any situation. That’s why you will never see a German woman in a tight vulgar dress and with high heels. They prefer natural beauty and health.

Brides in Germany want long-term relationships

These people aren’t short-timers. Once they meet the right partner, they prefer to stay with him and to settle down. Of course, there are a lot of German women who don’t mind something casual, but most of them would like to have calm and stable relationships.

German mail order brides are straightforward

They prefer to discuss any issues, even if they are uncomfortable for you. If a German bride doesn’t like something in a relationship, she will let you know about it immediately. Open communication is vital for a German bride.

German women are feministic

There are a lot of feminists in this country, so if you look for a patriarchal relationship with a German mail order bride, you won’t have a success here. Pretty German girls look for an equal partner who will respect them. They won’t take you as a leader, but they will bring a lot of happiness in your life anyway.

German brides are self-sufficient

One of the best German women personality traits is their independence. She won’t sick on your neck and she prefers to earn money herself. Be ready a German single woman will never ask for your help even when she needs it. They prefer to split the bills with their partners, but at the same time they don’t mind nice gifts.

German ladies are very intellectual

They are the smartest girls you’ve ever known. A German mail order bride will read a lot and will attend different courses and lessons to learn something new. You can talk with her about politics, art, languages. Meet her expectations and try to be as curious as she is.

Marriage traditions in Germany

Germany is a democratic and tolerant country, so you both choose how to spend your wedding. If you want to follow some traditions in German women dating, we will tell about the nicest ones.

  • The kidnapping of the bride. On the wedding day, the German wife will be kidnapped by the groom’s friends (of course, as a joke). The groom must go out to look for the bride. When the groom finds her, he should complete some funny tasks to get back his loved one.
  • Wedding pranks. This day usually is full of funny pranks that make the wedding even funnier. Think about these jokes during German dating in advance but don’t overdose with the offensive humor.
  • The first dance. When dances start, the newlyweds should open up the dance floor with a wonderful dance (you both choose the kind of your performance).

You can choose any place for the wedding day. Some people prefer restaurants and some of them choose something more informal, like a picnic.

What makes a German woman so special?

German woman

German ladies for marriage are one of the best choices that will make your life happier. Let’s talk about the advantages of German ladies and what they can do for your marriage.

Beautiful German women are caring

They are loving and affectionate, so you will be always calm and safe around this wife. A German mail order bride will do her best to make you happy and satisfied. Be ready for love confessions and nice gestures.

German girls aren’t greedy

Most of German wives on dating site are generous enough. They don’t think it’s only you who should give gifts. These ladies will cook something nice or buy you a warm sweater on the celebration. Don’t take this care for granted and do something pleasant in return for a German bride.

German women are confident with their views

A German mail order bride knows what she wants from you and from the relationships. A German bride isn’t insecure. At the beginning of the relationships, German women will tell you about their intentions. If she wants something serious, she won’t hide it from you.

German brides are loyal

Dating German girls means you will have to learn your partner gradually. In fact, some of these ladies don’t mind casual relationships and even one night stand. But once they start exclusive relationships, they keep their promises about being loyal. They don’t tend to flirt with other men and they are completely open with you. These women respect themselves, so they don’t like cheating.

A German mail order wife is a good mother

German women don’t rush with having children. They do it only when they are completely ready for it. They are caring and attentive, they know a lot about physical development and physiology of children. That’s why German ladies will be good mothers, they will protect their kids and will provide them the best future.

They are open about sex life

German girls aren’t timid when it comes to intimacy. They like to have pleasure and they know their body well. Most of them are experienced enough in German dating, so your partner will be a good teacher for you. Be ready for experiments in bed!

Pros and cons of dating a German woman

German woman characteristics

When you meet German women, you will realize that every person is unique and nobody is perfect. Being well-informed is vital for building a healthy relationship in German dating. We will give you some pros and cons of German brides, so you could understand them better. Let’s talk about some advantages.

  • They won’t take your money. Most of German women have a decent salary, so they can afford a lot of things without your participation. But it doesn’t mean a German bride likes greedy men.
  • They are helpful and supportive. German women aren’t only lovers. Your partner will be your best friend for you. A German bride can listen to you and give you a wise advice.
  • They don’t rush with building family and with the official marriage. First, your partner prefers to know about you everything to avoid bad surprises.
  • German women are interesting and smart. Sometimes you will have a feeling your loved one knows everything! You will spend a lot of hours by communicating and discussing some things with a German bride.
  • They are frank and open. German ladies prefer to discuss all problems that happen in a relationship. They don’t make scenes and talk about everything calmly. They respect your positions and want from you the same. You won’t have ugly and loud conflicts in the relationships when you meet German woman.
  • German women are well-groomed. There are a lot of pretty girls on our website who have the slim body, bright hair and a wonderful style. You will be happy to be around such a beauty.
  • They are independent. They learn fast and don’t act like children. You won’t need to help her all the time.
  • They are good house-makers. Yes, most of German women don’t like to clean the house very much and they don’t have a lot of time for it. Despite this fact, they are neat enough, so your apartment will be always cozy (especially if you help her with cleaning).

German cuties have a lot of advantages, but also everyone has some cons you should know. There are some difficulties you can face during a relationship:

  • They know about feminism and how it works. You can’t manipulate with them and insult these women. They won’t stand any abuse, including psychological violence. Respect them and they will respect you.
  • German beauties may think the official marriage isn’t profitable for them. Try to prove her the opposite to show her how much happy a German bride will be with you.
  • They are into career. Your partner won’t devote all her life to you and your children. They love to earn money and to improve their professional skills. Sometimes it may become an obstacle for a romantic relationship.
  • They aren’t humble and docile. These ladies have their own point of view and they are ready to discuss with a man. Despite this fact, it’s always possible to find a compromise.
  • They aren’t innocent. Some men look for an innocent girl who hasn’t had a lot of partners before. With German ladies it’s barely possible. They love men and they don’t mind to take pleasure.
  • Be ready she will be more intelligent than you. Most of women from Germany on dating site have a higher education, so you will have to put some efforts to look interesting for your partner.
  • Be ready to clean the house and to wash the dishes. If you cook well, it will be an extra advantage for you. German girls like to split the duties, so don’t expect you will just lie on the sofa and observe her doing all job.

Dating a German woman: tips for men

German women

Where to meet a German lady? Of course, you can go to Germany and to spend there for several months to meet new people and to build something substantial. It’s a good option if you go there to work. But if you are a tourist, you will barely meet someone for a serious relationship. German brides don’t rush, they are careful enough, so they won’t meet a casual unfamiliar man.

The best way to meet a German lady is to chat with her online. There are a lot of pretty girls from Germany on our website, most of them are interested in a serious relationship.

After chatting with them you can choose the only one to go to her country for the personal meeting. Bear in mind that these girls are quite demanded, so it’s not that easy to attract them. We will give you some tips:

  • Publish the professional pictures of yourself. German brides won’t meet with men who don’t look attractive enough. A smile is always welcomed.
  • Fill the profile with some info. Be honest about your intentions. If you look for a wife, write about it! Also write about your job, hobbies and bad habits if you have them.
  • Chat with several girls at the same time but don’t tell them about it. German women are quite jealous, so your partner will want to be the only one for you. Once you find someone compatible, devote all your time to her.
  • Be a gentleman. These ladies like polite and generous men. Say some compliments but don’t be vulgar. If you tell about her appearance only, she might think you don’t care about her wonderful personality.
  • Discuss any subjects you can imagine but avoid ambiguous ones. Some women don’t like to talk about intimacy and some of them doesn’t like politics. Respect her opinion even if you don’t agree with it.
  • Don’t talk online for a long time. Sooner or later you will have to ask her out if you want to develop your relationship. Think about a nice place and flowers she likes the most. Your first date should be nice and romantic.
  • Use several ways of the online communication including a video chat. This way you can assess her look, style and manners and to find the right words of admiration!

Thus, German women looking for American men are ready for a long-term relationship and marriage. Feel free to text them on our website to start an exciting communication. You can chat with several people at the same time to choose only one later. Bear in mind that ladies in Germany are quite feministic, so you will have to value their opinion and respect their desires. Clear up your intentions and make sure you both are compatible. Don’t be upset if you can’t find a partner immediately. Sometimes it takes for months before you meet the love of your life. Don’t take online dating too seriously. So far you can just go on dates and have fun while communicating with pretty women. Be yourself and you will see one day you can build a harmonic romantic relationship.

Last Updated: 03/02/2023