Things You Should Know about Moldovan Brides

Moldova is a small, landlocked European country on the eastern border of Romania. Visitors will be delighted with the architectural treasures of Moldova, including churches and monasteries dating back to the 14th century. You'll also be mesmerized by the number of incredible Moldovan women for marriage here.


Moldovan Women: General Description

Moldovan Women

If you're looking to meet a woman from Moldova, you've come to the right place! In this post we'll explore everything there is to know about Moldovan brides and how you can find a wife online.

Moldova borders Romania and Ukraine and has a population of 3.5 million people, with 1.5 million being women. If you're looking for Moldovan ladies for a relationship, you're in the right place for a good start.

In Moldova, women have been long discriminated against and rarely were able to play a significant role in the country's history. In fact, until recently, they had no legal or political rights. Women could not aspire to leadership positions and their contributions were largely dismissed as derivative of those of men. Women have since made strides towards equality – but continue to be largely marginalized by society – with only one female president being elected so far.

Nevertheless, Moldovan women are ready for meaningful relationships with intelligent and tolerant European men interested in steady relationships.

Beautiful Moldovan Women: Are They Attractive?

Many Moldovan women are considered to be beautiful in the world. Some Moldovan girls work in the show business, some of them are models, some are singers. But not all of them have had the fortune to get their name on renowned magazines or TV screens.

Moldovan Women for Marriage: How to Attract Her

Moldovan Women for Marriage

So you're on the market, looking for love? You know what to do. But not all of you are on dating sites. Sometimes, it's just about meeting someone in your personal life - at the grocery store, at the office... or Moldova!

The goal of this post is to show you how easy it is to find a wife in Moldova so that you can spend less time worrying and more time dating! Here are three tips on how to attract and marry a Moldovan woman.

Every country has its unique dating customs, and Moldova is no exception. Paired with the notorious language barrier, you might be wondering how to show a Moldovan woman that you care.

Here are the best 10 simple ways to help you start:

  • Learn a little bit about Moldovan culture before your start dating! It'll make everything a lot smoother.
  • Be sure to talk to her father for at least an hour about The Communist Party (it's partially a joke, and everything depends on the education and the past of her parents). She'll be impressed you took the time to do this, and she'll give your love a second thought.
  • Be sure to bring her favorite flowers on your first date. Ask what type of flowers she likes beforehand. Don't be shy about this thing, it's a normal thing to ask. Flowers are a traditional gift for Moldovan women!
  • Be sure to make a big show of how many tomatoes you like to eat. If she knows you eat more tomatoes than anyone she's ever met, you can bet she'll add your name to her phonebook.
  • Before the date, be sure to shower and shave. Find some nice clothes that smell properly and deal with your beard and hair.
  • Wearing deodorant is not crucial! Merely make sure your skin is clean in the most important areas of the body. Moldovan women love dating men who don't wear deodorant!
  • Follow her home after the first and the following dates. Don't just be nice and walk around for a bit and leave. You must walk right up and ring the doorbell to make sure her relatives know your lady is fine!
  • Moldovan women like men who follow their rules, especially if those rules involve having a lot of fun for their budget! Don't be lazy and harsh and pay for her coffee or a glass of wine. It's not a sufficient thing, but you shouldn't demonstrate yourself as someone who has no money to pay for a light dinner or lunch if it's not a luxurious restaurant.
  • Be sure to take her out on the town and show her a good time. This will impress her more than anything else.
  • Make sure you wear an ascot while dating a Moldovan girl. It's considered very stylish in Moldova.

What Makes a Marriage with a Moldovan Woman Beneficial?

There are many reasons why Americans want to marry Moldovans, but the most important reason is that it's cheap. It's cheap because there aren't any marriage or divorce laws in Moldova, which allows for no-fault divorces and quick remarriages.

Here are the common traits of potential Moldovan brides:

  • Most Moldovan women can't speak English;
  • Their beauty is captivating;
  • They are gentle and understanding;
  • They regard a smile as the best medicine;
  • Women of the land value family and tradition over career.

This attraction creates a perfect storm of positive traits that have been attracting men from all over the world to marry these beautiful women from Moldova for years now. Dating Moldovan women is very fruitful for a man willing to make a family-based on patriarchal values.

Nevertheless, be prepared that a Moldovan woman has a huge temper and her point of view on numerous problems. She wants to be a part of the conversation in any situation due to her impulsive character.

Make sure you respect the opinion of your Moldovan wife to build a flawless emotional connection with her. Otherwise, you'll have a ton of trouble not only with her but with her relatives as well.

Do Moldovan Women Make Good Wives?

Are you a single man living in America and tired of the same old dating scene? Maybe it's time for you to consider dating Moldovan women. American men who date Moldovan women often mention that they love the beautiful features of these girls, such as their deep-set eyes and wide cheekbones. And if that doesn't interest you then maybe Moldova's low crime rate will!

Would you like to read more? Material is abundant on this topic available online. We're here to tell you why beautiful Moldovan women make perfect wives for some single men.

  • Moldovan women are both more educated and less superficial than American women.
  • They know what they want out of life and how to get it. And since the younger generation came of age during a global recession, they don't care about expensive clothes or dating for the sake of marriage.
  • They're focused on building careers and finding partners who will be supportive no matter what happens economically.
  • On top of their strength and independence, Moldovan women also have “a natural joie de vivre” that makes them fun to be around.

Moldovan Lady: Typical Characteristics

  • Moldovan women are strong, hardworking, and often in charge of their homes.
  • Men might believe that they are in charge of the family, but their wives have already been running things behind the scenes for years.
  • When a Moldovan woman marries a man from another country, she will always be the wife of both countries and deal with any difficulties that may arise.

In Moldova, it is not uncommon for a family to get together every evening to chat about what has happened during the day. You can spend your time separately. Of course, it's better to discuss the issue with the wife, if you don't want to have any emotional trouble.

Dating Moldovan Woman: Be Wise & Obstinate

Dating Moldovan Woman

The Moldovan woman has a lot of character. She's open, she's lively, she's someone who loves life. And despite her good nature, the Moldovan woman is also able to be stubborn at times, and some things are way too important to take no for an answer.

Be prepared for the following if you're interested in making a family or building a relationship with a Moldovan lady:

  • She's got a huge temper. She sticks to family values, but if the husband fails to be a breadwinner, she gets furious.
  • She needs sufficient affection. Sex is evenly important for her as for the husband.
  • She wants minimal help with the household. Of course, she's ready to deal with the cooking, cleaning, washing, and other household affairs. Nevertheless, you'll make her incredibly happy if you cook breakfast for the whole family at least a couple of times a week.

Marriage in Moldova is unique. While some countries have arranged marriages, the most common engagements in Moldova are through the family of the bride and a groom. The groom must find two or three men to act as his witnesses for his proposal to the bride. These witnesses will be responsible for guarding the bride until her marriage day arrives; they are also charged with carrying out her last will if she dies before it comes time for her wedding to take place. If this happens, then there are no other relatives that can carry out her last wishes, and without their help, it leaves a large burden on the couple.

Marrying a Moldovan Woman: Bottom Line

Marrying a Moldovan Woman

What will marrying a Moldovan woman will give you if you're a thoughtful potential husband?

Okay, let's have a look at this.

  • You have to follow the traditions;
  • You'll need to become a member of the family and respect their values;
  • You'll have to become an important member of the family, able to make decisions and discuss your ideas with your emotional spouse.
Last Updated: 10/15/2021