Cancer Women for Dating

All Cancers say that their nature makes themselves feel crazy like hell at times. They are shy, but their extraverted inner personalities are hidden deep inside and need time and certain skills to be released outside.


They are very emotional and sensitive. They genuinely care about how other people feel, and they try hard to be emotionally and physically helpful even if they don't want to. They sympathize with people and animals, and they can do nothing but help those who need it.

Here's what you should remember about Cancer woman personality:

  • She's attentive. She tends to analyze every word that you say to find out more about your personality. They love flirting via texting because just to reread your written exchanges to find out whether you like her or not.
  • She's moody, and she doesn't know how to hide her emotions. That's why she is terrible at cheating and lying.
  • She's stubborn. Very polite and touching by nature, she still knows how to do her best to achieve something. These women do things quietly but confidently.

What Is It Like Dating a Cancer Woman?

Before dating a Cancer woman, you need to be aware that their emotions are constantly changing just like the moon. On some days, they may need your attention and affection, while on other days, they may need their space. Always keep this at the back of your mind and not take it personally. What's more, these women may appear shy but their extrovert personality is deep inside and it takes a lot of trust to bring out this side of them.

Cancer women are generally good nurturers, which explains why they need some time off for themselves quite often. Cancer ladies need a man who will be there for them serving as a comforter. For this reason, the perfect match for a Cancer woman is Capricorns or Taurus. There is a lot more to learn about Cancer women, read on to find out.

How to know a Cancer Woman Likes You and Wants You as a Man

Signs a Cancer Woman

The following information will help you find the right approach to a Cancer girl you fancy. Are you still hesitant about her attitude to you? The following signs a cancer woman likes you will help you out.

SIGN #1: Cancer Women Talk a Lot with Men Who Attract Her

How to know a Cancer woman likes you? A Cancer female is not very talkative by nature. She usually tries not to speak out in the company of strangers and does her best not to make anyone ask her questions. Their introvertially extraverted nature results in the following: they do have something to say, but they keep silent being afraid to produce the wrong impression on people, so Cancer woman when they like you will be more sociable. If she's always talking to you and texting to you, looks like you attract her attention.

SIGN #2: She Accepts the Second Date

Dating a Cancer woman is not a complex science. As soon as she agrees to a date with you for the second and third time, it already means that she's interested in you. How to know a Cancer woman likes you? The only thing you'll have to understand is whether she likes you as a friend or as a potential relationship partner. Ask her about it, because she will never consider your straightforwardness impolite.

SIGN #3: She Shows Care and Attention in Insignificant Details

If she remembers how you like your coffee; if she asks you about how you feel; if your problems are sincerely important to her, she likes you more than a regular pal from her office. Cancer woman when they like you often behave like caring mothers with people they are attracted to no matter whether they are their friends or devoted lovers.

Cancer Sex Facts in 2024: Bare Cancer Sextrology

Cancer Sex Facts

  • Fidelity. Dating a Cancer means having a faithful partner in your bedroom. Cancers believe that sex is a part of a meaningful romantic relationship. Being unfaithful for them is morally wrong. They are deeply committed to their partners and cannot even imagine a hypothetical situation where one of the partners is cheating.
  • Emotional involvement. That's the main characteristic of Cancers making sex with them incredible one night after the other. You'll never get a lady like this in your bedroom on your first date, and you'll never get a Cancer for a one-night stand.

The Cancer woman can be timid and reserved in the bedroom. But this is only the beginning. As soon as she understands you can be trusted, you will get her all. They are cautious but very passionate. The cutest thing about these women in bed is that they intuitively feel what you want in sex and when you want it. Their emotional attachment and the desire to care is expressed in their ability to satisfy a man just like he wants this.

Hooking Up Cancer Women: Fundamentals

Hooking Up Cancer Women

Women born between June 21 and July 22 are emotionally intelligent, kind, and a bit crabby. What does it mean? Read further to find out more about the main cancer zodiac facts and to learn how to date a Cancer woman.

  • A cancer woman tends to hide her emotions away from the prying eyes, though sometimes she lets herself to wear her heart on her sleeve.
  • A cancer woman is reserved with strangers but loves to enjoy life and social interaction with people whom she can trust.
  • A cancer woman often retreats in her shell where she feels cozy and comfortable. Spending a couple of days at home with her nearest and dearest is the best retreat for her.
  • A cancer woman is very practical when it comes to talks and social interaction. They hate small talks, which results in a false impression of their unwillingness to approach you.

How to date a Cancer woman? You'll have to take your time until a cancer woman gets approachable. The following list of emotional characteristics will tell you more.

Cancer Traits: Female Emotional Characteristics

Cancer Traits

A cancer woman in love is very touchy but thankful. They understand that it's sometimes hard to bear their excessive sensitivity and demonstrate their gratitude through loyalty, protection, and care.

The main traits of a cancer woman are:

  • Intuition. She's an impressive mind-reader.
  • Frankness. She does not talk much but prefers to be straightforward when she does.
  • Trustworthiness. She sticks to her promises and does what she says she will do.
  • Kindness. She's got the best interests at heart and avoids aggression.
  • Logic. She becomes the greatest investigator in any situation.

Women of this sign are perfect for men willing to have a tightly-knit family bond friendship, love, and passion become fundamental.

Dating a Cancer Woman: Precautions

Dating a Cancer Woman

Talking to the cancer woman and interacting with her daily imply a bit of strategic thinking. The moody nature of these women, combined with their perfect feeling of justice, can turn your sensual relationship queen into a real disaster. It's not hard to transform a cancer female into the worst enemy, in this case dating a Cancer girl won't be lucky. How to date a Cancer woman?

  • Be a man. Show that you are always ready to protect her and respect her emotional interests.
  • Never lie. Cancers hate it when somebody's words do not correspond to reality.
  • Be generous. It does not mean that you should invest all money in the world in her, but you shouldn't be the cheapest cheapskate.
  • Speak out. Express your intentions if they are serious and show that you are capable of building a strong, long-term relationship.
  • Don't mix care with possession. Never force a cancer woman to spend time with you because you want so. Owners of this zodiac sign prefer spending some time on their own to restore the emotional balance.

How to date a Cancer Woman: TOP 4 TIPS

  • Cancer women often need reassurance. They are very sensitive when it comes to rejections. Show that you will never offend her or cause emotional pain for no reason.
  • Cancer women like the feeling of safety. Take your lady to a quiet and emotionally inspiring place where you can interact with each other without anyone interrupting your communication.
  • Cancer women are very caring and motherly. It makes them predictable and boring for some men. Don't force a cancer woman into a relationship if you are not ready for a long-term relationship with a lot of caring and sharing. Start dating a cancer woman only with serious intentions in mind.
  • Cancer women are personalities with layers. Her sensitivity evokes numerous contradictions. Nevertheless, they are very adaptive and interesting if you find a way to release the real her.

Signs a Cancer Woman Likes You

If you want to know how to get a cancer woman planning to make a family, the following signs will help you understand whether a female of this zodiac sign fancies you or not:

  • She's trying to make you laugh;
  • She shares personal stories from her life;
  • She invites you to her place just to have dinner or watch a movie;
  • She regularly asks you about your health;
  • She likes leading intelligent conversations with you.

A personality of a cancer female is peculiar. If you feel like you're becoming good friends, you have great chances for the potential development of a relationship. It's not necessarily a friend zone – it's a sign that it's time to renew your relationship and add up a bit of romance to your friendship.

Cancer Woman: Passion, Love & Provocation

Cancer Woman

Dating a Cancer woman means being side by side with a strong-willed and stubborn person. She's a persistent woman that might seem reserved at the beginning. She lives in her shell until someone helps her reveal her unpredictable personality.

Her confidence can be affected by criticism. That's the reason why dating a Cancer means being tolerant to her drawbacks if they are insignificant. Of course, you do have the right to speak out about the things bothering you. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for a long-lasting conversation if you are not ready, to be frank and sincere.

One of the chief Cancer woman traits is her provocative nature. If she feels like you're lying to her, she will have nothing against all types of provocation to make you speak out.

A Cancer woman is very intuitive. Regardless of how much you try, she sees right through you. Even if she can't say exactly what's going on, she understands that something's going wrong with you and your behavior.

Here are more qualities of a Cancer woman you should accept before you start dating her:

  • She's sympathetic and sensitive;
  • She's helpless in a tense situation because of her excessive emotionality;
  • She's easily hurt, but you can always fix it with a thoughtful conversation and discussion concerning her emotions;
  • She hates making mistakes because of their careless nature;
  • Her perseverance is abnormal at times – the more emotionally-driven she is, the more persistent she gets, even if her intentions are not sensible enough.

Dating a Cancer means being next to a drop-dead gorgeous, but a sassy girl in many matters. Is she reserved? Yes. Is she unpredictable? Sure. Be prepared for several stages of a relationship. Start from the warning, pass on to growing anger, and then, to pure love and affection. If you're an open-minded man ready for everything, a Cancer woman is an incredible choice.

Cancers Love PDA

Cancers women dating

If you ever find yourself searching for a Cancer woman to seduce, and you don't want to go through the trouble of dating her first, we've got your back.

Give Her Lots of PDA. Cancer women dating love public displays of affection. So, when you're out on a first date, hold her hand. Touch her hair. Put your arm around her and give her a little kiss. Let everyone know that she's yours and you're hers.

Show Her Affection. Cancer women like to feel like someone cares about them as much as they care about others. If you're dating a Cancer woman for the long haul, show her how much she means to you by pouring on the compliments. Tell her how amazing she is, how sexy she is, and how glad you are that you found her.

Act as If You're Not Interested. Cancer women are self-sufficient. They're in it for themselves and not for anyone else. As such, they don't need to be told that they're beautiful or that you think they look nice and cute. So, if you want to get them in bed, pretend like you don't care what they look like or how sexy they are.

Hit on Cancer in 2024: Don't Judge Them

  • Get used to their sentimental attitude to routine things;
  • Your Cancer woman might have outdated preferences in fashion;
  • It's an extremely sensitive personality with a very caring attitude to anyone who needs support;
  • They are not ready to speak out about their needs and worries directly – their roundabout ways of talking about things might be disturbing, but you won't manage to do anything about it;
  • Cancerian girls prefer intuition to logic thinking;
  • They are natural protectors destined to keep watch over all family members.
  • Their intuition is very powerful – more powerful than you might expect.

Some drawbacks of cancerian girls

Dating a Cancer girl is not so easy. You will have to always be caring and affectionate. Even if you have a bad mood, you need to pay attention to your partner. Dating a Cancerian woman means you should put a lot of efforts to make her happy. Think about if you are ready for it.

These girls can be too emotional. Sometimes they cry a lot and sometimes you can't understand if she is ok or not. Some women are manipulative. They can cry and look offended to make you do something they want to. Once you get to know her closer, you can recognize these manipulations to prevent them.

If you are interested in dating Cancer woman, bear in mind they like initiative men. Some girls are prude enough to write or call first. Are you ready to do it yourself all the time? If yes, you will find a loyal and attentive partner who will adore you over time.

Dating a Cancerian woman implies you will have to put up with her shyness. At the beginning, these women may seem cold, including sex life. You need some time to make her attach to you and to make her become more affectionate and friendly.

Last Updated: 02/06/2024