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A Cancer Woman: Brutal Truths & Tips

All Cancers say that their nature makes themselves feel crazy like hell at times. They are shy, but their extraverted inner personalities are hidden deep inside and need time and certain skills to be released outside.

They are very emotional and sensitive. They genuinely care about how other people feel, and they try hard to be emotionally and physically helpful even if they don't want to. They sympathize with people and animals, and they can do nothing but help those who need it.

Here's what you should remember about Cancer woman personality:

  • She's attentive. She tends to analyze every word that you say to find out more about your personality. They love flirting via texting because just to reread your written exchanges to find out whether you like her or not.
  • She's moody, and she doesn't know how to hide her emotions. That's why she is terrible at cheating and lying.
  • She's stubborn. Very polite and touching by nature, she still knows how to do her best to achieve something. These women do things quietly but confidently.
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3 Signs a Cancer Woman Likes You and Wants You as a Man

The following information will help you find the right approach to a Cancer girl you fancy. Are you still hesitant about her attitude to you? The following signs will help you out.

SIGN #1: Cancer Women Talk a Lot with Men Who Attract Her

A Cancer female is not very talkative by nature. She usually tries not to speak out in the company of strangers and does her best not to make anyone ask her questions. Their introvertially extraverted nature results in the following: they do have something to say, but they keep silent being afraid to produce the wrong impression on people. If she's always talking to you and texting to you, looks like you attract her attention.

SIGN #2: She Accepts the Second Date

Dating a Cancer woman is not a complex science. As soon as she agrees to a date with you for the second and third time, it already means that she's interested in you. The only thing you'll have to understand is whether she likes you as a friend or as a potential relationship partner. Ask her about it, because she will never consider your straightforwardness impolite.

SIGN #3: She Shows Care and Attention in Insignificant Details

If she remembers how you like your coffee; if she asks you about how you feel; if your problems are sincerely important to her, she likes you more than a regular pal from her office. Cancers often behave like caring mothers with people they are attracted to no matter whether they are their friends or devoted lovers.

Cancer Sex Facts: Bare Cancer Sextrology

  • Fidelity. Dating a Cancer means having a faithful partner in your bedroom. Cancers believe that sex is a part of a meaningful romantic relationship. Being unfaithful for them is morally wrong. They are deeply committed to their partners and cannot even imagine a hypothetical situation where one of the partners is cheating.
  • Emotional involvement. That's the main characteristic of Cancers making sex with them incredible one night after the other. You'll never get a lady like this in your bedroom on your first date, and you'll never get a Cancer for a one-night stand.

The Cancer woman can be timid and reserved in the bedroom. But this is only the beginning. As soon as she understands you can be trusted, you will get her all. They are cautious but very passionate. The cutest thing about these women in bed is that they intuitively feel what you want in sex and when you want it. Their emotional attachment and the desire to care is expressed in their ability to satisfy a man just like he wants this.