Green-Eyed Ladies for Dating

They are often called devils in disguise. They do have a fascinating look, and they attract the attention of both sexes. There's a peculiar fact that most romantic films about lesbians were filmed with the participation of green-eyed heroines. These shades of green make males and females from all over the planet hunt for these mysterious real green eyes. Why are they so dazzling and what should we know about the magnetic nature of beautiful women with green eyes?


The gorgeous owners of this emerald eye color are often present in the movies as military characters or medics. Real green eyes are socially accepted as a sign of will, inner power and an impressive sense of purpose. It may probably be because of the Icelandic origin. Historical isolation and cold climate altered the nature and character of women with green eyes revealing their belligerent nature.

Green eyed women are: Fierce, Cunning (when it's a necessity), Protective (when it comes to her family), Ambitious.

Sexy green eyes in combination with natural, passionate dark locks make up a mind-blowing combination of unpredictable temper with wild and extremely appealing traits at a time. Make sure you're able to withstand this kind of pressure if this combination attracts you.

Fun Fact about beautiful women with green eyes

Green eyes are a charm and they do attract attention from both men and women. There are several shades of green eyes which are sought after by both men and women all over the world. What do we know about women with green eyes? The Hollywood scene has depicted these women as heroines who are dedicated to a particular craft, for instance, the military. However, what do real green eyes mean for women?

Generally, girls with green eyes often have a strong will and a sense of purpose. In some cases, they are both cunning and fierce in equal measure. This genetic trait can be traced back to Iceland where such characteristics may have originated. But is this all there is to know about girls with green eyes? What does it mean to date girls with green eyes? Do they have any peculiarities? Read on, as we discuss this in detail, so you will learn a lot about the most beautiful green eyes.

Green Eyed Women: What Makes Them Look So Attractive?

Green eyed girls are perfect communication partners. Green eyes beautiful girls are easy to talk to, and they will never make you feel shy or uncomfortable. Their natural charm combined with the ability to demonstrate their best qualities get you involved from the very first time you get in touch.

Women with green eyes are known as:

  • Intelligent. A beautiful green eyed woman are persistent in educational matters. Beautiful women with green eyes are keen readers, and they are mostly concentrated on self-development. They know that their future belongs to them and they do their best to alter their reality for a more prosperous and happy future. They want the same qualities in their partners. You may be shy and reserved, but if you have a backbone and it shows, she'll be all yours.
  • Leaders. Her loveliness and likability make people around become part of her everyday life goals. No, it doesn't mean that girls looking like models with green eyes will use you for their purposes. It's just that she knows how to benefit from communication with people. She's always ready to help you knowing that you can be helpful in return. That's a win-to-win strategy followed by almost every woman with green eyes. She is willing to be a functional unit of the society, not a separate piece of it.
  • Passionate. Green eyed girls are devoted lovers, and most men agree that green-eyed girls become impressive partners in bed. However, if you dream of experiencing this on your own, you should be open-minded and sincere enough to win her trust.
  • Mysterious. Green eyes beauty may be very, but when it comes to private communication, a woman with green eyes can become reserved and silent. It doesn't mean that she's not interested in you. Her silence denotes her willingness to know you better. Just take your time, and you'll never be disappointed if you're brave enough to be sincere with her.
  • Creative. Green-eyed girls are often interested in all types of arts including photography, cinema, music, and applied arts. In case if they have time, they do their best to improve the world around them with their own hands. They are fond of doing the home remodeling works on their own, because they want to control every step on the way to a perfect environment for her family and her.
  • Jealous. Yes, that's bad news. However, it doesn't mean that sexy greeneyed girls looking like models with green eyes are revengeful. It's just that their jealousy makes them strive for what they want with incredible will and power.

Green Eyed Ladies: More Facts to Know

Do pretty girls with green eyes always have fair skin?

No. All races from all corners of the planet have chances to give birth to a pretty girl with green eyes. The possibilities are not significant and, at the same time, they are even.

Where do you find the biggest amount of pretty girls with green eyes?

Northern European countries are most common for them. Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden have quite a big number of people with sexy green eyes.

Is it the rarest color?

Yes, it is. Most people often confuse the natural emerald color with hazel-tinted eyes. Statistics say that sexy males, as well as pretty girls with green eyes, make up only about 2 percent of the whole population of the planet (just as natural gingers do).

Are girls with green eyes devious?

Sometimes they are. This is not certain, but something made people of the dark ages initiate persecution of females with this eye color. They'd always been considered unholy. People have been afraid of their power to control people and to make them listen to them. Inquisitions of medieval times have impressively influenced the amount of the emerald-eyed owners of the present.

What makes provokes the development of this color?

Of course, this thing is explained genetically. The emerald tint of the iris is connected with many steps of mutation towards the achieved result. It means that the parents of this girl had this feature inherited from their predecessors. It's different from the gingers, who get this gene by chance (when two recessive genes of their parents meet accidentally). This is not an accident. That's a rare coincidence leading to a logical result.

Emerald Eyes Are Present in a Lot of Talented People

Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, Adele, Kate Middleton… Just google for celebrities with this eye color and get impressed. The most talented and impressive persons you meet in the media have eyes of various tints of green, and they deserve your attention.

Our review is based on the statistical information we've managed to find on the internet. We're all humane, and exceptions are always possible. All characteristic features mentioned above can sometimes be in line with blue-eyed blondes and gingers. Everything depends on the background, education, and impact of society. Be wise not to make illusions. Meet your soulmate right now and forget about misleading conceptions.

How to attract green eyed girls

A green eyes woman is quite demanding, so you will have to put some efforts to make her fall in love with you. We will give you some tips for dating:

  • Try to be natural. A beautiful green eyed woman will notice your false immediately. If she notices you are lying, she will stop communicating with you. Be honest with her.
  • Say compliments but don't overdose with them. Try to make up something original to catch her attention (you can say something nice about her wonderful eyes).
  • A girl with green eyes doesn't like routine. Your dates should be interesting and exciting. Think about wonderful places and some activities with her.
  • Let her know about your positive intentions. A girl with the green eyes are interested in serious relationships. Don't say you look for sex only, it will be offensive for her. If you want to be with her, you should be interested in her health, work and daily routine. Don't turn green eyed women into bed leisure only.
  • Introduce a woman with green eyes to your parents and friends. This way you will show she is really important for you.
Last Updated: 02/06/2024