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Aquarius Woman: Friendship Is Important to Her

One of the main Aquarius personality traits is that she is interested in faithful and meaningful companionship that can be compared to regular friendship. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that women like these opt for a traditional family making as Capricorn women do.

This woman is very ambitious. She understands her personal needs and never wastes time on senseless conversations and meaningless communication. Unfortunately, her competitive nature and the desire to be the best in all spheres of life results in a lack of friends. Quite a lot of people are afraid to interact with her because of the Aquarius traits. Female representatives of this sign are:

  • Stubborn;
  • Initiative;
  • Inventive;
  • Smart;
  • Persuasive.

They know the right solution to any troublesome situation and understand that postponing things will do them no good. They never get used to the irritating circumstances and try hard to eliminate any unnecessary fuss from their lives.

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Aquarius Woman in Relationships: Be Warned about the Peculiarities

  • She's independent. Her aim is companionship with a lot of care and affection for each other. Nevertheless, this is not a traditional lady looking forward to becoming a mother and a wife running the household day and night. She needs a certain amount of freedom, a possibility to develop and improve herself, a chance to show off and demonstrate her leadership qualities.
  • She's decisive. Besides, she never lets anyone change her decision or to affect her choice of solution to a problem. She has her own opinion, and she will stick to it no matter what happens. She aims to find a supportive partner who will respect her ideas and at least try to tolerate them.
  • She's open-minded. You'll never suffer from a misunderstanding because Aquarius' emotions don't imply stealth and secrecy. Their bold attitude to people and life in general never involve vague hints, lies, and indecency. They don't have time for that. The easiest way for a woman like this is to be blunt, no matter how painful or insulting the truth is.

More Things About Aquarius Personality: Sex & Intimacy

If you opt for an Aquarius woman sexually, you should be in line with the astrological compatibility. Incompatible partners will never be able to develop something meaningful. Gemini, Aries, and Libra have more chances to get involved in a deep romantic bond with the Aquarius woman. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer have the lowest compatibility chances.

One of the best bedroom gifts fir Aquarius will be a risky man able to surprise her and deliver her the best pleasures a human body can do. Her perfect sex partner should be:

  • Adventurous;
  • Good-looking;
  • Honest;
  • Passionate;
  • Independent;
  • Unpredictable.

In matters of intimacy, she might be a bit lazy. She's a woman fond of getting, not giving. Nevertheless, you'll always want her back in your bedroom for more physical pleasure to share. Be prepared for a partially childish attitude to sex.

Dating an Aquarius Woman: Rules to Follow

An Aquarius in love is open-minded and straight about everything. Be prepared to listen to her and share the opinion on her ideas and achievements. Criticize her for her ideas, looks, and preferences. This woman is self-critical enough to accept her drawbacks, don't try to push on her if you're not planning to get a cold shoulder.
Introduce her into your social circle – a woman like this is fond of new acquaintances. She is sincerely interested in the lives and experiences of other people. Lie to her. That's one of the most horrible things you can do while dating. Honesty and frankness are all about Aquarius women. She will never stick to a person that cannot be trusted. Don't prove her wrong and think what you say before you open your mouth.
Make your dates unconventional and never refuse to travel with her. Make her feel uncomfortable. Don't try to provoke her with questionable actions and always be nice. Your manners should be fine, your intelligence should show, and your overall look should be well groomed.