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What Does Dark Brown Eyes Mean & What to Expect

Men with light eye colours often have a crush on girls with dark brown eyes. It's not surprising because things that attract us most are the ones that we don't have from birth. That's the reason why we change hair colour or make tattoos. We always want what we don't have. But what is so special about dark brown eyes?

Dark brown eye colour is affected by the pigmentation and the shades we see depend on the way the light scatters through the eyes. Most people think that beautiful dark brown eyes are a dominant factor. If a father has naturally dark brown eyes while a mother has blue eyes, a child will likely be born with dark brown eye colour. The child only gets a new variation of the intensity, which will be slightly lighter than the father has.

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Dark-Brown Eye Color Is for Cute & Stubborn Girls

These ladies are very pushy by nature. Their temper may vary, but their willingness to succeed is impressive. They try hard to achieve what they've always been dreaming on, and their personality implies patience and consistency. Dark brown eye colour has something unique and magnetic. Not all shades of brown are alike, but more than 60% of people on the planet were born with it. There are cases when very dark brown eyes change colour. You should remember that different health conditions often cause this. Consult your physician in case if you feel like your eyes are changing colour.

Women with this eye colour are often:

  • Purposeful. It doesn't matter whether they are very emotional or not. Most owners of this eye colour try hard to achieve, and they don't care about what the other people think because they are stubborn.
  • Sincere. They don't try to behave the way they are not used to. They can be straightforward and have nothing against rudeness when it is needed.
  • Touchy and sensitive. It only works if you cheat on one of them or deceive her. A dark brown-eyed girl remembers every insult, cares about every single rude word you say, and resents disrespect and enthusiastic efforts to control her life.

Dark-Brown Eyes Almost Black & So Deep

For an inexplicable reason, some people consider owners of very dark brown eyes boring. However, have you ever looked into those dark eyes in the bright sunlight? They look like honey melted with dark chocolate and hazelnuts. They are so beautiful that you could get lost in them regardless of gender and sexual preferences. There are more characteristics to follow:

  • They hate conflicts and try to resolve them as fast as it is possible.
  • They know how to listen and remember all the crucial things you say.
  • Most of them are fond of reading and general self-development.
  • They do have an excellent memory and remember events and facts faster than the others.
  • They are mostly very logical, and their way of thinking is very peculiar.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of people try to change their nature and alter their inborn eye colour with the help of numerous chemicals and surgery. Does it worth all the trouble, or is it senseless?

Dark-Brown Eyes Facts & Peculiarities

What does dark brown eyes mean? Well, firstly, it's one of the most common eye colours among human beings. More facts for you to know:

  • If your eyes are dark brown and they don't change colour over time, it means that you are a very healthy person.
  • If the eyes are light brown, the person tends for weak eyesight.
  • In most cases, one of the brown eyes is lighter than another one.
  • The iris of the dark brown eye is larger in comparison to the other colours.
  • The immune system of the owners of dark brown eyes is stronger in comparison to the other shades.
  • Most owners of this eye colour have dark hair and dark facial hair as well.

One of the most distressing dark brown eyes facts is that their owners often suffer from weather changes and regularly react to the change of climatic conditions. They feel harder on the road, and quite a lot of them are afraid of flying.