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Terms and Conditions


    Terms and conditions acceptance LD INT. LP is a company registered in United Kingdom. It is the sole owner and operator of the The website can only be accessed if you observe the "Conditions of Use" provided below. Subscribing to any and each service rendered by the website (hereinafter "Website"), you express your approval of the conditions described in the Agreement. You are recommended to examine the Terms of Use very attentively, as by approving them you make an agreement with LD INT. LP. In case you have any objections to the clauses of the Agreement, we recommend not to register on our website.


    The Agreement you conclude with LD INT. LP (hereinafter – LadaDate, "we" or "our") shall define the way you use our services. Starting and continuing to use our Website as a registered user is only possible if you are ready to follow all the conditions of the Agreement. In case the Agreement’s clauses are unclear to you, please ask your questions using the "Support" form.


    The Website along with its services shall be referred to as "Service". can be described as a website designed to provide means of communication fom various countries. We are not a matrimonial agency and we do not render any services connected with marriage. Our sphere of activity is providing online communication means to users for a certain fee. LadaDate does not maintain any personal relations with the women whose profiles are posted on the website. In no case the responsibility for the women’s behavior or attitude shall be taken by us. Although we make constant checks, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that all the women on our website are real. The main Website’s aim is to enable the subscribers to communicate with the women who agreed to post their profiles on it. You confirm that you shall use the website in its present form. You also accept that we do not guarantee or convince that the Website or Services granted by it will be rendered on the uninterrupted basis, without temporary failure or errors, or be suitable for a certain purpose. Subsequently, we cannot be responsible for the Service’s unavailability, or promptness, removal, failure to deliver or maintain any user information or personal configurations. We also cannot guarantee that the Service shall correspond to your personal needs. Full responsibility and risk related to Website usage or disposal of information contained in it is assumed by you. LadaDate keeps the right for introducing at its own discretion any changes it may view as expedient, or to terminate or put on hold any activity on the Website. This right also concerns access to the Website. Any of such alterations or additions shall be enabled within an acceptable period of time. You will be informed about it on the Website.


    Any limitations, constrictions or terms of the Website or Service usage can be defined by us at our discretion. We keep the right to alter, put on hold or terminate any share of the Service when and in the way that we might consider expedient, including the access to any Website’s data. Particular services rendered by the Website and its certain features can be constricted by us, and co can be your access to certain aspects or to the whole Service. Notification or responsibility under the mentioned conditions is not foreseen. Website usage is only allowed for non-commercial aims and provided that the user accepts this Agreement’s terms.


    Contact information is any data that allows getting in touch with a person. The user is prohibited to provide his/her contact info on the Website unless he or she are explicitly required to do it by the Website. More specifically, it refers to particular fields provided for entering text (such as Hobbies, About myself, etc.). While uploading photos to the Website, the user should be informed that they should not contain any contact data. The users are strictly prohibited to provide their contact information while using text messaging, uploading photos of chatting online.


    By agreeing to the Agreement terms you admit, guarantee and witness that you have reached 18 years.


    Some of our services are rendered on a paid basis. They include sending letters, online messaging, video chat, video presentations viewing, and delivery of gifts. To get acquainted with the price list please enter the ‘Buy Credits’ section. This information is available only for registered users. Payments can be effected with the help of most popular credit cards. Our payment system may change, and if it happens, we shall notify you shortly via e-mail, and publish this news on our Website. The payment currency is exclusively US dollars. We suggest that you get acquainted with our policy on refunds before you register on and make any payments.

  8. IMBRA

    All citizens of the US wishing to receive personal data of or meet with residents of other countries should be fully aware of and agree to observe the clauses of the IMBRA. In particular, you confirm that you shan’t contact residents or citizens of countries other than US directly, not having completed the necessary procedures provided for by the IMBRA.


    Our Website doesn’t render any membership services. Right after you are done with the registration, your profile can be seen on the website for free.


    You are allowed to use our services only if you accept our Confidentiality Statement. You accept that:

    a) we cannot warrant that all the data you voluntarily provide during your online communication or e-mail exchange will be confidential and will not be accessed by third parties. Moreover, we are not accountable for the use of such data by third parties;

    b) we are not accountable for the way the information you voluntarily provide via our services is used, and cannot manage this use by third parties. While taking the decision to post personal data on our service you should analyze the consequences it may bring;

    c) we do not carry any liability for the character of messages you get from users, nor should you expect us to be liable for any messages you might get from the website’s users. Our services include occasional emailing of the information that might interest you, in particular, generally accessible data about the users who, in our opinion, match your preset criteria. Nevertheless, we give no guarantee and are not accountable for checking the authenticity of the data posted by other Website’s users. The "data" here means both the information published on the Website, the one you got directly or otherwise submitted to you by other users.


    You do not object to our monitoring of all publicly available data, as well as text messages, audio and video recordings. It is done with the only aim of ensuring their correspondence to the content regulations established by our Website.


    We keep the right to deny or put on hold access to the whole Service or its part, in our discretion, and for the reasons that might seem expedient to us. In particular, this could be failure to observe the Agreement. We shall not notify the user of that. Without prejudice to the mentioned terms, any activity that might be viewed by us as fraud, abuse or crime of any kind or might infringe other users’ rights or prevent them from using the Service freely, may lead to denial of access to the user who is involved into it. The information about such a user can be submitted to law enforcement.


    The Website and its information are owned by our company, and also by our partners and users. The Service’s copyright is fully protected. The information submitted by any of the mentioned parties might be protected depending on whether it is proprietary to us or them, or not. You confirm that you will change, copy or otherwise use any such data in any way only provided that you get an explicit permission to do so from the proprietor of this information.


    You are the only person that is allowed to use your private account. By giving your password to third parties you assume full responsibility for all the activity they carry out using it. The protection of the password is the duty of the user.


    This Agreement might be occasionally modified by us. For further info, please contact us at the following address:

    LD INT. LP
    Suite 1 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2
    1JE, Scotland, United Kingdom