Asian women: Basic tips on how to attract their attention

Unfortunately, Asian culture is a source of numerous misconceptions for western men and women. Dating Asian women demands a bit of knowledge on the very first steps. The trouble is that single Asian women have nothing to do with females from the west. There are rules you have to remember and certain behavior patterns.

  • You'll have to find more about her traditions;
  • You'll have to be respectful of her parents' opinion;
  • You'll need to get accustomed to her reserved nature;
  • You'll be impressed with her patience;
  • You'll never know what she really thinks until you get closer on the psychological level.

Most Western men, unaccustomed to traditions of Asia can make a ton of mistakes trying to apply their habitual behavioral patterns on a date.

You are here to find your perfect match and the following catalog of profiles may be the first successful step to it. Are you willing to create a family with a sexy Asian woman? Do you hesitate because you're not sure how to get involved in a non-habitual culture? We'll tell you how to be respectful and smart enough to charm a beautiful Asian woman.

Asian Women in the Dating World

Other than Middle Eastern women, Asian women are also quite traditional and firmly believe in the family unit. Dating traditional and conservative Asian women is different from regular dating and requires you to have enough information right from the beginning. Right off the bat, you should know that she lives under certain traditional rules that you should be aware of. Her most impressive character is her ability to be patient.

Her reserved nature means that you will need to do a lot to bring her out of her shell. Also, when looking to date a single Asian lady, you should not try to impose your western dating standards on her or make silly jokes about her accent. Single Asian ladies have unique relationship goals that are dear to them, your ability to help them fulfill those goals will be a great advantage for you.


Hot Asian women in 2022: Important rules to follow

The following may be very useful, so read each of the points several times to memorize it once and for all.

Don't Try to Speak Her Language

Doing this is only possible if you really know how to speak her language. In case if your knowledge of Thai or Japanese is limited to two or three words and word combinations you might have heard while watching the movies, it will be a total failure. If there's something that makes a beautiful Asian woman feel annoyed is a man desperately trying to behave like a guy from Asia. Speak English and be yourself.

Never Speak about Her Eyes

There's no logical explanation for this fact, but single Asian women are fond of compliments. They love compliments about their hair, abilities, and overall charm. But there's one thing you'll need to keep in mind – never try to emphasize the fact that you're fond of her eyes. A sexy Asian woman may be disappointed by the fact that you're attracted to her only from the physical point of view. You may be fond of her exotic looks, but it's the way she's been born. Dating an Asian woman implies never making a fetish out of her natural appearance, especially her eyes.

Don't Show Off Your Knowledge

No, it doesn't mean you should behave like an ignorant idiot. Nevertheless, one of the most respectful things you can do while dating Asian women is not to impress her with your knowledge about the cultural peculiarities of Asia. It's the same even in case if you're an expert in this area. Don't try to demonstrate your erudition. Why? Because it doesn't matter! No one wants to go on a date and discuss his or her own cultural peculiarities.

Fork vs. Chopsticks

This is partially connected with the previous rules connected with cultural knowledge. Dating an Asian woman, as well as any regular dating, includes eating out. Don't feel embarrassed in case if you are offered chopsticks to eat with. Ask for a fork if you're not sure how to use these things. People from Asia don't consider it disrespectful – they know that this skill is not universal for everyone on this planet. Keep in mind, that you'll feel even more embarrassed if you agree to use chopsticks and fail.

It's the same with peculiar spicy food. Don't accept it in case if you've never tried it before.

Life Goals of an Asian Woman

For many years the goals of most Asian women either in Europe or in Asia were almost the same:

  • They want to become decent parents;
  • They are interested in a successful marriage;
  • They want to own a home for the whole family to live in;
  • They are selfless and ready to help people in need;
  • They are interested in a successful career;
  • They want to have enough free time for personal activities and household duties.

Asian women dating Western men in 2022: More tips to Follow

Be Polite

When men start to date Asian women from traditional families, they have to get accustomed to a certain level of politeness. We don't want to state that exceptions don't exist, but basically, females from Asia know how to behave themselves, how to demonstrate their manners and how to be respectful for men. You'll have to focus on your own behavior and manners if you really want to impress her.

Share the Bill

Experienced men who date Asian women know that eating out on the first date doesn't mean paying for both. You don't have to pay for her. The only thing you'll need to do is to discuss this issue beforehand to avoid probable misunderstanding. Dating Asian women implies being straightforward. Polite and straightforward.

You'll Have to Talk a Lot

Dating Asian women often demands a lot of attention from your side. These ladies are naturally shy and not very talkative on the first date. You shouldn't think that she's not interested in you – she's just a bit uncomfortable about the first communication with a Western man. Think about what to discuss beforehand: recollect your memories about funny episodes from your life, think of what to say if she asks about your profession, make sure you have something to add to a conversation about your likes and dislikes.

Dirty Talks & Public Kisses Are Risky

Sex is one of the most important parts of this culture. Evidently, numerous men meet Asian women thinking that they are sexually obsessed. This isn't totally true. She will be your sex goddess only in case if you've already managed to deserve her trust. In any other case, you should understand that discussing sex issues openly or kissing her on public might be very awkward for her. Your relationship needs time to be developed to the level when you finally get a chance for intimacy.

Bottom Line

Meet Asian women with cautiously.

  • Make sure you don't invade her personal space and don't try to push on her.
  • Be respectful about what you say and what you do.
  • Don't think that dating with Western girls is the same.
  • Don't try to get adopted to her culture.
  • Feel free to discuss money matters openly.

Of course, everything depends on her place of birth. If she's a traditional Japanese or Korean girl born and bred in Asia, you'll have to get adjusted to a lot of new behavioral patterns. In case if your dream girl was born in Europe or in the USA, her manners and behavior will be easier to get used to.

Last Updated: 03/06/2022