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Russian brides – faults and merits

Russian brides are very popular amongst men from other countries. If you never listened about it – the first your thought will be about their sexual activities but it means only that you are young and never had such problem as loneliness. When a man needs the warmth of someone's heart, the close confederate and soul mate – and cannot find it amongst European and American feminists, who orientates only for own career and personal interests – he turns and begin to look into the side of Slavic brides. They are not angels, don't feed your illusions, but… Let's analyze the merits and faults of Russian women.

Merits of Slavonic brides

We shall look at the average usual Russian women and try to understand – can they be for you a good wife's or not?

As a rule – Russians a pretty and nice. They have a specific natural beauty, faceted with the thousands years of the history of nation. Mark to yourself – there never were Dark Ages in Russia, with Inquisition, which exterminated beauties in Europe.

Also – all Russians know the value of the family. History taught that to survive is more easier being in a group than sole and selfish. And what group can be closer than family? So, even in hard days Russian wife will not betray, but will help.

They have universal skills – to sew, knit, cook, repair the house, take care about an appearance, cure you and children if someone have caught a cold, organize interesting party, talk about ancient literature and grow vegetables – as a rule can almost every woman.

Russian brides mostly are conservative and consider the family as a basis of the personal life. They are not fond of the modern philosophical streams and hold that woman must be a woman and man – be a man.

Faults of Russians

Differences in culture and mentality provoke an incomprehension sometimes. Remember, that:

When Russian demonstrates childish behavior and looks as easy-minded person – it means that she feels comfort. If situation will require serious decisions – woman can change behavior in a moment.

Russian brides can spend money irresponsibly. They are all more or less fatalists and don't consider money as a universal savior against all problems. In Russia exists a proverb: «To earn all money is impossible». So, she never will require to work if you are ill or send children to school if they caught a cold. Russians know that a work is for life but not a life for work.

So, if you nevertheless are sure that Russian can be a good wife for you – a russian dating agency offers you a professional service and will help to find Russian mail order brides.

Russian pretty woman anna from nikolaev with Blonde hair age 28

Anna, 28

Wife from Ukraine anna from dnepr with Blonde hair age 22

Anna, 22

zaporozhye brides olga with Dark Brown hair age 29

Olga, 29

Bride Ukraine anna from nikolaev with Dark Brown hair age 41

Anna, 41

Beautiful women ukraine nadejda from kharkov with Blonde hair age 24

Nadejda, 24