Italian Mail Order Brides: Is It Real To Marry An Italian Woman?

Italian Mail Order Brides

Italian women are one of the most beautiful and exotic ladies in the world. Due to the Latin blood, most of them have quite a passionate temperament which means your relationships will be really exciting and you will never be bored in them. An Italy girl for marriage is one of the best option. Once she gets married, she becomes loving and caring and she will protect her territory, her house and family like a lioness.

What should you know about Italian mail order brides?

Italian mail order Bride

Italian brides are unique and original, so your relationships with them won't be always easy, but at the same time they will encourage you for something better and ambitious. Let's talk about Italian women in details.

They are well-informed about their beauty

There are a lot of beautiful girls in the world. But only Italian women are aware about their charm. An Italian bride has quite a high self-esteem, so you can't suppress her. They know how to use their beauty to attract the right man.

They are self-sufficient

What are Italian women like? These ladies are independent enough, so they don't need a rich man to feel better. Most of them have a good work and a high salary. They know how to repair things in their apartments and how to drive a car. That's why Italian girls need an equal partner who won't be too bossy.

They are good mothers

An Italian bride is ready to be a perfect mother. If you have your own kids, she will accept them and will take care of them. At the same time, she doesn't want to have a baby at a young age. Italian women are into career and self-development.

They are religious enough

An Italian woman may be quite religious, especially when she isn't very young. Don't forget that her past generation was very conservative, so it affected their children. At the same time, your bride will be tolerant, so if you are an atheist, she won't judge you.

Italian women take care of their health

Life in Italy means lots of pasta. And pizza. But dating Italian girls doesn't mean you will eat all these things every day. Most of them are for a healthy lifestyle, so they follow a healthy diet and go to the gym regularly. Do you want to meet single Italian women? Join them!

Beautiful Italian women are smart

These ladies are really open-minded and intelligent. They learn a lot of things and they are very curious, so Italian brides will be definitely interesting interlocutors. But you should meet their expectations. Read a lot, watch different movies to maintain a conversation.

They are optimists

Italy is a sunny country where almost everyone is full of energy. It's very hard to be sad in such conditions. Of course, every person is unique, but many Italian women are really cheerful and energetic. If you think your life is boring and miserable, they are ready to prove you the opposite!

They are good at sex

Do you think your sex life is dull and boring? Everything will change when you meet Italian women! They are hot and passionate and they are in love with their body which makes them quite brave and confident. They aren't shy to take pleasure and they are ready to give this pleasure to their loved one. Some Italian women don't mind casual relationships, but on our website you will find a lot of ladies who look for something more serious.

Some harmful myths about Italian women

Italian brides are a good option for marriage but at first you should learn about some myths that can ruin your relationship.

They eat all day long

Of course, Italian cuisine is very nutritious but an Italian woman takes care of her body and health. She moves a lot and she eats a lot of vegetables to stay slim. No need to think you both will lie on the sofa all the time, an Italian woman will find a lot of interesting activities!

They are old-fashioned when it comes to romantic relationships

Dating an Italian woman means you will learn a lot about feminism and equal rights. They aren't old-fashioned, they are quite modern and they don't mind to try something new. At the same time, they will require from you to be loyal if you both are in exclusive relationships.

They are bad drivers

Of course, Italian women are quite impulsive but it doesn't mean they can't drive a car. Most of ladies have their own cars, so your partner can give you a good lesson of driving!

How to date Italian woman: the best tips for men

Date Italian Woman

Italian brides are good for a serious relationship, so your life with them will be happy and fulfilling. But firstly you should win her heart. We will give you some tips that will help you to conquer a single Italian woman:

  • Be respectful. Italian women don't stand rude and vulgar men. Most of them are for equality, but you should show your partner that she is your queen.
  • Be a gentleman. An Italian mail order bride loves old-fashioned manners when it comes to romance. Hold a door in front of her, help her to carry heavy bags. She will be pleased with your courtesy. Do you want to impress her? Read her favorite poem or give her a couple of exquisite compliments!
  • Be original. Italian women don't like boring and banal men. Of course, sometimes it's nice to go to a restaurant, but don't do it every time. Your dates with an Italian woman should be different. Think about something nice or let her take the initiative.
  • Don't be intrusive with paying the bills. Some Italian brides are really feministic, so they prefer to split the bills. If she wants to do it, don't prevent it.
  • Show your intentions. Italian women looking for marriage want to have a reliable and open man who is ready for serious relationships. If you want to find Italian women for marriage, be honest with them and try to talk with your partner about your common future.
  • Don't make vulgar jokes about their appearance, style or nationality. Jokes about pasta and pizza aren't something original. Be careful with compliments about her appearance, if you joke about her plump hips, you may offend an Italian woman.
  • Don't forget about gifts. Italian brides love nice gifts even if they say the opposite because of their proudness. Flowers and chocolate are always welcomed. If you know each other for a long time, Italian women will be happy to get a nice ring from you.
  • Don't rush with having children. Italian wives think a lot about their career and self-development. They love children but they aren't ready to become mothers too early, so don't be too pushy. At the same time make sure your goals match.
  • Introduce her to your parents. For her it will be a sign she is really important for you and your intentions are serious.
  • Italian brides are quite passionate and emotional, so don't expect your life will be smooth and easy. Sometimes conflicts are inevitable. But you should be patient to save these relationships. Don't escalate a conflict and try to show an Italian woman how much you love her.

A couple of words about Italian wedding traditions

Italy Girl for Marriage

Italian women for marriage look for a man who will be respect their traditions, especially when it comes to the wedding. Let's talk about some wedding traditions that you will need to follow if you find a girl for building a family.

  • Sunday weddings are the best option,. There are some days that aren't really suitable for this celebration. Friday and Saturday may bring bad luck to your future with a pretty Italian woman. So if possible, arrange your wedding on Sunday, it will be the best day for your family.
  • You shouldn't see Italian brides before the wedding,. It's prohibited for you to see your loved one until she is completely ready. So, her friends and relatives will help her with a dress and other things while you can spend a nice time with your closed ones.
  • Gold jewelry is also prohibited,. Italian brides don't wear gold rings and other jewelry. The same goes to the groom. If you have a gold watch or other accessories, you can wear them after the wedding only.
  • Breaking a glass for good luck,. After that you can count the pieces, they mean years you will spend together.

Of course, it's not necessary to follow all these traditions when you meet Italian women, but be ready her relatives will insist on at least one of them. If you both want to be free of stereotypes, you can spend this day together, without any guests and relatives, nowadays it's allowed and nobody can prohibit it.

Why do Italian brides like foreign men?

Italian Brides

There are some reasons for it:

  • Some Italian women have conservative parents who have very strict family values,. It's understandable that these ladies want more freedom. They look for European men from other countries with milder views on everything, including a romantic relationship between men and women. Sometimes they even move to another country to be more independent.
  • They have an adventurous spirit,. Italian women don't want to live at one place all their life. They feel like the world has something better to offer them. That's why Italian brides travel a lot, they like to be in new countries and meet new foreign people. Some of them live in a new country for several months to learn the culture and people better. If she falls in love with you, she can move to your place and start a new life from the scratch.
  • Italian women are very curious,. Sometimes they just want to know what does an international marriage look like. But no need to think you are kind of a guinea pig for them. If they are in love, they will give you their heart completely. They will work on a relationship, even if you both have different mentalities.
  • They are with the local dating scene,. Italian women want serious relationships with the official marriage, but a lot of local men prefer just to meet casually or to live together but without getting married. In this case some ladies prefer to meet foreigners who look more reliable and serious. Don't betray their hopes and let your bride know you are the right guy who can provide her the bright future that is full of love and passion.

The conclusions

Thus, Italian brides are one of the best option for marriage. They are pretty and caring and at the same time these ladies are self-sufficient enough, so they aren't looking for a sponsor for the better life. With an Italian woman you will be an equal partner and she will respect you.

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Last update: 05/30/2023