Gemini women

Gemini women

A Gemini woman is a wonderful person for the best partnership. She was born between May 22nd through June 21st. This sign of zodiac is a symbol of twins and no wonder that sometimes this person seems two different people. This woman has a controversial and difficult temper and a deep personality. But once you understand her, you will build strong relationships with this girl.

Gemini woman traits

Gemini woman traits

Gemini women have a set of common traits that you will have accept and understand. Some of them will make you adore this person; other ones will make you be really careful. We will give you some features that this sign of zodiac has.

They are intelligent

These people are craving for knowledge, they like to learn something new. Mostly they read a lot, that's why you can talk about politics, religion, culture and precise science with these women. Also, a Gemini girl likes to create something with her hands and these things are really perfect.

She likes to travel

You will never be bored with this wonderful girl, because she is active and loves to be in new places. If you want to be in Rome in several days, you can be sure she will join you! Often these people prefer active holidays, that's why you can practice hiking together.

She is funny

A good joke for Gemini girls is a way of surviving in this world. They have a good sense of humor and they are always ready to make your laugh. Even when they don't joke, they can tell a funny story from their life. It's a good way to break the ice between people and to get closer to this wonderful woman.

They are good friends

These people are loyal and helpful friends. A woman will support you in a difficult situation, she will be a good listener. She won't laugh at you if you failed and she will do her best to help you.

They change their mood really often

This is the most controversial thing about Gemini. One minute she is happy and smiling and another moment she is crying. That's why it's difficult to catch the reason of these changes. It's the only one negative trait of these women, but you can get used to it and to prevent these jumps of her mood.

Gemini woman compatibility

Gemini woman compatibility

If you want to have long-term relationships with this girl, you should take care of a Gemini woman and about her compatibility with men of other signs of zodiac. We will give you some examples of these couples so that you could make conclusions.

  • Gemini women and Taurus men. These signs have a really different personality, that's why they will have to learn how to take care about each other. A Gemini woman is intelligent and creative while a Taurus man is really practical and predictable. This man will have to learn new things from time to time.
  • Gemini women and Gemini men. These people know how to satisfy each other in life and in bedroom. They have similar goals and interests. To avoid the unexpected conflicts, they will have to hold back the mood changes and to be calmer and more stable.
  • Gemini women and Cancer men. A Cancer man is really affectionate and sensitive, he will treat a woman like a queen. He understands she is active and she loves adventures and he is ready to follow her everywhere and to make her happy. On the other hand, this woman is really independent, that's why sometimes she will want to be alone for a while and her partner will have to accept it.
  • Gemini women and Leo men. Both people are really social, that's why they will have fun together and with their common friends. They are dynamic and both like to try new things that is very good for the sexual life. A Leo man tends to take care of his woman and she will be happy about it. These signs are completely compatible and they can be a nice couple.

How to attract a Gemini woman

How to attract a Gemini woman

Understanding a Gemini woman is really important for healthy and stable relationships. You should know how to cause her interest and to win her heart if you want something serious with her.

Firstly, you should invite her to an original place. Choose a wonderful restaurant with unusual meals or buy a ticket to a new country where she has never been. This way you can surprise you and these women love surprises!

One of the best traits of a Gemini woman is her intelligence and smartness. Be ready to read a lot of book before a romantic date to impress her. This way you will have something exciting and interesting to talk about.

These women have a great taste. Dating Gemini women might be uneasy if you don't have enough fantasy. You will have to give her original gifts from time to time. In this case don't choose something standard and banal. If you give her a bouquet, choose a nice customed one. The same goes to other things. Gemini love when something is made specially for them.

Gemini woman personality is self-sufficient. They love and respect themselves and want you to respect them as well. Be polite and nice with this girl and she will be definitely friendly with you!

Signs a Gemini woman likes you

Signs a Gemini woman likes you

How to tell if a Gemini woman likes you? There are lot of signs that will give away her sympathy. Pay attention to the appearance of this woman and to her behavior. Their temper is really controversial. Even if today she is quite restrained and nothing tells about her feelings, one day you will notice strong emotions that don't leave any doubts about her love.

She will encourage you to complete your goals

These women are really purposeful and when they are in love, they want to their partner will be successful too. That's why she will constantly encourage you to do something nice and useful. She will be a great helper and motivator for you!

She is joking with you

Gemini women personality traits tell that they love good jokes and sometimes they joke only with close people. If she flirts and jokes with you, she fell in love with you! At the same time, her jokes aren't offensive. Sometimes they are related with personal relationships and even with something special (it's not a shy type of girls, that's why they can make spice jokes).

She listens to you and learns about your interests

If she is interested in you, she will listen to you really attentively. These girls will be happy to learn something new about your hobbies, interests and preferences. Moreover, she will memorize it and even in several months she can remind you something from your past conversation.

She will learn how to hold back

The worst thing about Gemini woman is her abrupt changes of mood. But when she is in love, she will learn how to be more restrained and peaceful. This way she wants to catch your attention and to hide her negative trait. It doesn't mean she can hold back forever, but during the first months of your relationships she will be calm and nice.

Gemini woman likes and dislikes

Gemini woman likes and dislikes

If you want to know all about Gemini woman, you will have to learn her preferences and undesirable things. What does she like? She appreciates friendships and she likes to be surrounded with good friends. If you are in relationships with her, she will definitely introduce you to her friends and we will have fun together.

This woman likes knowledge and new information. You can invite her to a new prohibition or to a museum and she will be happy about it!

A Gemini woman likes to be taken care of but not in the typical sense. She will barely like traditional types of grooming and wooing, she prefers something practical like buying a new warm clothes or useful equipment.

Thus, Gemini women are wonderful people who often look for serious relationships with a decent man. If you want to be together with this type of zodiac, work on yourself and on your intellectual skills, learn new information and don't forget to take care about your girl. At the same time, you should know that every person is unique and you will have to pay attention to her individual traits regardless of what is written in her horoscope.

Gemini Women Are Intellectual & Charismatic

Pros and Cons of Gemini woman

What are the pros and cons of Gemini woman?

Gemini women are not monogamous, so they are adventurous and open-minded when it comes to relationships. They have the charm and charisma needed for catching the attention of others. They are also free-spirited and they love to talk. People will most often find them to be charming and sociable individual that enjoys solitude. However, being a sociable person doesn't mean that Gemini women are open to just anyone – they reserve certain aspects of their private lives for their chosen partner.

Gemini women are intellectual and curious by nature, so they appreciate intellectual conversations with someone who isn't afraid to debate an issue. That being said, Gemini woman traits are about being quite observant, which is why they might ask hundreds of questions but rarely give out information about themselves. They want to know everything about the people they date, but they expect the same level of commitment in return. If you can hold your own in an intellectual debate, this is a woman you will certainly enjoy dating.

Last update: 02/25/2022