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How to Date a Cancer - 3 Steps

Short Summary

If your online dating is going to an end giving way to a real life conversation, you need to know, that dating a Cancer woman should be thoroughly planned beforehand. These girls are mostly shy. They prefer quiet places and a possibility to just sit and talk.

Cancer woman is straightforward. Polite, but frank. She may be shy to discuss something that disturbs her on the first date, but further, she will let you know about her worries.

These women demonstrate sincerity. They are bad liars and if you start your first face-to-face conversation with the direct look in the eyes, she will be thrilled. Besides, you should be a good listener. If you pretend you're interested in what she says, she will feel it.

STEP #1: Planning

The main thing you should keep concentrated on if you're dating a Cancer woman is intimacy. Opt for tine pubs, bars or restaurants with a cozy romantic atmosphere. The place should also be quiet.

Cancer women love trips. You can easily arrange a short trip to a neighboring town or to the countryside. A picnic with a bottle of fine wine and crackers will be a better alternative to a luxurious restaurant.

Due to the timidity of Cancer women, dating with them should imply some meaningful physical activity from your side. It's not about the first kiss, it's about the first move from your side. You can gently touch her hand or check the way her hair looks. It shouldn't look pushy.

Be genuinely romantic. Your financial position is the last thing a Cancer woman would think about while communicating with you on the first date and furthermore.

STEP #2: Get Emotionally Connected

If you've been dating a Cancer girl for a long period of time, you might already know that they are very sincere. They are naturally kind and patient. You should be able to be open and honest. If she asks you about your mood, it means that she really wants to know it. She will never ask you about something just to be polite. Tell her about your real mood even if you're disappointed by something. She just wants to support you.

Cancer women often experience the change of mood. It's ok, you shouldn't try to affect it somehow. Just ask whether you can help. They appreciate the help and they are to support you in return.

STEP #3: Make It Stable

It's especially important if you're planning to date a Cancer woman for marriage. Get her acquainted with your parents and friends. Astrology says that these women love kids. If you're willing to carry on the family name, talk about it.

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