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Capricorn Woman

Be prepared that a female like this is a massive powerhouse of energy and intelligence. People like these regularly have conflicts with society. These personalities are multidimensional. A Capricorn female will be a real mystery to you, because:

  • She is not fond of revealing her emotions;
  • She tends to hide her real intentions;
  • She never trusts anyone until a person proves her his/her loyalty;
  • She conceals her plans and aspirations away from the eyes of the public because she strongly believes that no one should bother her on her way to her happiness.

People born certain zodiac signs definitely have certain character features. Specialists of our brides dating site have studied the personalities of our female clients with the help of questionnaires and found out that a Capricorn woman in love or in friendship is:

  • Stable and patient;
  • Melancholic and moody;
  • Thoughtful and determined;
  • Stubborn and tough.

These ladies are used to keeping things in order. She puts labels on all things surrounding her and she always has an opinion to express. It's a very careful and discreet personality able to deal with complications strictly following her preliminary plan. In case if plan A fails, she always has a plan B or a plan C. She is focused and concentrated no matter what happens.

Capricorn Women Balance Hard Work & Fun

Capricorn Women

These ladies are very hard-working. They know the value of their skills and knowledge, and they are sure that being stubborn and concentrated are key ingredients of a prosperous professional future. They are not afraid of unknown territories in all spheres of life. Their core values are focus and patience. Capricorns become perfect bankers, economists, account managers, financial analytics, teachers, and even personal trainers thanks to their ability to go to their aim in all life circumstances.

One more peculiar thing about her character is the ability to devote a decent amount of time in her everyday schedule to numerous enjoyable pastimes. She has nothing against extreme sports, art and dance classes, visits to the theatres or conventional window-shopping in the local malls. Nevertheless, one thing always stays the same: even her pastimes and regular relaxing vacations are planned long before their implementation.

People of this zodiac sign plan everything ahead of time. They may get moody from time to time in case if something goes wrong with a properly thought-out plan but they never give up.

Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorn Personality

That's a very ambiguous zodiac sign. Capricorn women of 2021 have a tendency to be sarcastic. They rarely fool around but they know how to sound ironical and unpredictably witty in certain situations. They have nothing against a nice drink in a company of positive and polite people. They like conversations about anything starting from politics finishing with sex.

Men often call them traditional. They are popular among males dating for marriage. Their attitude toward family matters is very conventional:

  • They generally have nothing against kids;
  • They become caring daughters-in-law;
  • They respect their husbands and try hard to protect them and support when needed.

Well, you can't be too careful these days. The modern world is developing. Mass media combined with the interactive communication of people via social networks change our background and qualities given us by nature. We become more open-minded, tolerant, sometimes aggressive, and sometimes indifferent. New character traits appear thus demonstrating our inner nature.

A Capricorn can be a real weirdo in all matters. She can laugh aloud, demonstrate a strange sense of humor, and enjoy the most unconventional ways to spend time while being a regular office clerk in a reputable financial company.

Capricorn in Love, Sex, & Romance

Capricorn in Love

A 2021 Capricorn dates only those who appeal to her in this or that way. It's highly probable for women like these to fall in love with her best friends or unpredictably understand that they've got a crush on someone they've known for a long time.

It means that you will hardly make this lady fall in love with you from the first sight. She might really like you and become sincerely interested in you. But it will take much time and patience before she understands whether she really loves you or not.

Remember the following:

  • Try a love compatibility test online before you pass on to communication for romance.
  • Be prepared to wait, because she wants to test you as a loyal friend before she enters another level of trust with you.
  • Be ready to accept that she has her personal space. Whenever she feels moody or depressed, just leave her alone and don't try to get her talking unless she wants to. Buy her a bottle of wine and some fruit to distract her from unpleasant thoughts and simply wait. She will get in touch with you as soon as she feels ready for it.

They are incredible partners in sex. As soon as you manage to get her trust on an intimate level, get ready for an incredible, lustful, and ingenious sex ride!

You have to understand that a lady like this is not a cute dumb baby girl fond of luscious signs of attention, tons of flowers, and visits to luxurious, pretentious places. She's willing to be your buddy, your pale, your faithful fellow ready to have a couple of beers with you in a local pub in the evening and enjoy incredible passionate sex a bit later.

Dating a Capricorn in 2021

Dating a Capricorn

Dating a Capricorn in 2021 may be very daunting. It sounds weird, but from the very first steps of your communication, she imagines both of you a mutual unit with further development. Dating a Capricorn woman means being frank and straightforward about your intentions. Keep in mind that she:

  • Doesn't necessarily need a big family with kids in the future – her aim is a meaningful relationship ready to develop into a loyal friendship or into affectionate romance.
  • Has her life priorities and lives in line with her moral values. She would better stay alone than partner with someone who is not ready to meet at least her basic expectations.
  • Never forgives anyone for being indecent. Never cheat on her. Otherwise, you'll never have a chance to become a part of her circle.

Keep the following in mind: be frank, make sure you know your life objectives because she has already defined hers. Tell her what you want from the very beginning not to waste your time.

What are Capricorn Like in 2021 & What Makes Them look Strange?

What are Capricorn Like

If you are looking for dates for Capricorn women 2021, you're probably interested in making a happy family. A family hearth is her destiny, her main aspiration, her chief life virtue. It doesn't necessarily imply kids – there's a number of childfree-oriented ladies among them. The following information may come in handy:

  • They accept only monogamous relationships. Yes, modern life does not actually imply a marital unit. Nevertheless, you'll have to be faithful to your girlfriend if it's a Capricorn. If you are not ready for this, consider getting yourself another partner.
  • She's never looking for sex. Her aim is to get a thoughtful interlocutor, and intelligent friend, a person she can rely on. She will never search anyone for the sake of intimacy – she deeply cares about spiritual and moral connection. The physical aspect is not prevailing for her.
  • She hates it when you touch things belonging to her. Her belongings are a part of her personal space, which should stay untouchable unless you are allowed to.
  • Her mood and psychological state partially depend on the position of the furniture and her home clutter. She often moves things around her house or apartment to refresh the atmosphere and renew her psychological and moral strength.

It's a very strong personality. She's smart and reliable but she needs the same in return. She's patient and stubborn but she can be moody as well.

Capricorn Best Match: Best Compatibility 2021

Capricorn Best Match

Here is a list of the basic Capricorn matches 2021. Not all of these options are the best. These are just short descriptions. You'd better get through a detailed compatibility test to make sure.


One of the hardest matches to try because these women hate patriarchy. An Aries man will have to be under control. This match will work mostly due to physical attraction.


Perfect for each other because both of them are traditional and responsible for their actions. Both of them know how to do the planning.


Not perfect for a long-term relationship. Gemini men are excessively flirty and experimental in a relationship.


Opposites get drawn to each other. This is the exact case. Capricorn tends to be independent in a relationship, while cancer is willing to get the most attention in the couple.


It will be hot and steamy. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of your sexual appetites is one of the worst things to base your romance on.


One of the most challenging but potentially successful matches. Virgos are traditional, but their emotionality is a lot weaker in comparison to Capricorns.


Libra is fond of the attention of the society, while a Capricorn needs personal space. This is challenging indeed.


One of the best matches. They are both straightforward, honest, and determined while sharing the same preferences in life. Incredibly sexually compatible.


These signs are very similar to each other in matters of sex, family, and overall communication. The only difference is that Capricorns are more pessimistic. Sagittarius men are realistic.


Little room for argument. Perfect match.


You'll become incredible friends, but you'll never be able to develop it into heart-touching romance.


One of the oddest matches. Pisces have a free spirit that Capricorns will never be able to withstand. The only thing that will make them stay together long is sex. Their intimate compatibility is more than just fine.

How to Date a Capricorn Woman in 2021: Gift Ideas

How to Date a Capricorn Woman

Believe us – it's not hard to make a sensible and impressive surprise for a Capricorn. You just have to accept a list of guidelines.

  • These girls are fond of wonders of nature, historical objects, and ancient things. They are fond of old-fashioned but perfectly preserved jewelry and clothing items.
  • A nice classic book can be a perfect way out in case if you still don't know her well enough. Just get to one of the local online conversations of bookworms and ask the users to advise you a worthy book for your girlfriend to read.
  • She is so fond of high-quality beauty products, healthy consumable products, handmade candles, and other unconventional gifts. The only thing you should accept is that she will be offended if you get her a cheap, widely available souvenir. Make sure that what you give is valuable.

This woman adores getting presents. Just make sure it's not something to do away with. It should be something unique and valuable at a time.

Capricorn Women Dating Need a Special Relationship

Capricorn Women Dating Need a Special Relationship

They want to feel secure and protected. Their aim is a trustworthy partner able to share worries and deepest secrets. Capricorn women are interested in a sincere relationship with a partner who will not try to compete with her.

She also wants fun nights, a lot of cuddling, and intimacy on a very special level. In addition to incredible sex, she establishes herself as a woman ready for long-term companionship.

This woman is ready to invest 100% effort in a relationship. She will give birth to wonderful kids and will get friends with your kids. Your parents will become a regular part of her life, and she will always be ready to take care of the elderly family members regardless of whether they are yours or hers.

Last update: 01/30/2021