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Capricorn Woman: Firm Friendship, Hot Style, Long Love, Unbelievable Sex...

Capricorn Woman - Date with Capricorn Woman

She is a real hurricane. She knows her actual value; she knows that her energy needs a sort of a way out solution, and her passion is hardly controllable. Women like these are all about career, self-development, and self-expression. They are like a living stream full of an everlasting energy. She's ready to climb any mountain, cross any wild river and get through the deepest jungle. Capricorns are tougher than the hardest of stones. Their drive can confuse you on the very first step of your potential relationship. Let's get deeper into the problem.

Don't be afraid of their delicate horns. There's nothing complicated in case if you date a Capricorn. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that a woman like this is looking for her destiny and she will never date just to spend time with someone. It doesn't mean that she's interested in bringing the kids up or in other family values. It's just that she needs a faithful partner for life.

A Capricorn woman in love may be unpredictable. She may be:

  • Too stubborn and independent. In case if you're too passive, you may be provoked in numerous ways for a passionate conversation. She usually tries to lead the conversation. It's especially important in case if you're a shy introvert. A woman like this might be a real match to your psychologic component, but not fitting your psychological vision of the world. Make sure you'll be able to withstand this flow of energy.
  • A Capricorn woman has leadership qualities. She's the so-called alpha female always ready to provoke you for action in case if you're too passive in communication. This woman demands more than simple attention, and she won't probably be attracted by compliments. You'll have to be self-confident to make the best impression.
  • Being good-looking is a must. However, this girl is always more interested in your inner nature. Being well groomed and clean is enough for the first date with a Capricorn woman. She's interested in the natural looks of people and her financial interest in you is in the last place.
  • She is tough. Her nature is stormy, and her behavior can be unpredictable. She's sensible, but her emotional characteristic partially controls her mind. Nevertheless, her emotionality is deeply analyzed by her brain, which means, that she can easily embrace her personal mistakes in all situations.

What to Expect When You Date With Capricorn Woman

  • If you date Capricorn women, you might be probably interested in her security in all matters of everyday life. Not all women of this sign are the same with a basic set of stereotypes. Nevertheless, all of them are organized, responsible and traditional in all spheres of life.
  • They are hard working. Such a partner deeply cares about her reputation in the society as well as in her professional credibility.
  • Women of this sign generally have a good sense of humor. Be ready to react and respond to the jokes and make sure you're not too sensitive to get offended by a funny remark on a date.
  • A Capricorn woman is an individual thinker. She is not interested in all sorts of gossip, she's never dependent on anyone's opinion, and she always has her point of view on any of the troublesome situations you might discuss.
  • One of her main issues is loyalty. A Capricorn woman is faithful to her friends and relatives. Date Capricorn women and find out her power of character and her respect to those who know how to feel and to listen.

Women of this astrological sign demand care and attention. They are not overreacting, and they know how not to take over the conversation and keep it going at the same time. They know how to be loyal no matter who they have to meet: her friends or her relatives.

You'll be proud of her

In case if you turn out to be in a crowd of people accompanied by a Capricorn woman, you'll be surprised at how charming she can be. A caprice woman in love knows that the reputation of her partner in the society is as important as her own one. One of the best traits of this zodiac sign in a relationship is that a woman like this will help you look best in a crowd even if you've been quarreling recently. She knows how to behave her best in cold blood.

Nevertheless, later she will forcefully demand you to discuss your mutual complaint in a more comfortable period of time.


If you date her, you have to understand that they're straightforward. In case if both of you suffer from a fruitless relationship, they will be first to break it. Women of this sign are not interested in experiencing a relationship as a burden.

Women like these are considered perfect. They know how to control their temper, they understand that the world is bigger and more impressive than it's shown on TV and they know how to make their kids happy.

This woman in love can be trusted. She has common sense and being dishonest for her is not an option. She can be naturally angry in case if you don't follow your promises and she will always be ready to apologize in the case is she's been wrong. Relationships with this zodiac sign have a firm basis formed on mutual respect and sincerity. Capricorn women in bed are the same.


Date Capricorn ladies and be surprised about how they accept friendships. It's hard for them to simply start trusting this or that person. They have their limits, appetites, and criterion concerning new friends. It's hard to deserve their trust not only because of their fundamental limitations but because of the specific traits of their character. Not all people are ready for their harsh nature on the very first steps of communication. Here are the confusing things to expect is you date Capricorn females:

  • They can be aloof at times, but there's nothing wrong in it due to their excessive emotionality.
  • They can be overemotional. It's partially bad and partially good. It's hard to predict what to expect from a lady like this. Nevertheless, her emotionality demonstrates frankness and open-mindedness.
  • They are pragmatic and practical in all spheres of life. A girl of this sign knows how to do things on her own and how to make plans for other people as well.

How to Treat a Capricorn Woman in Love

Trust Her

This woman is straight. She never has practical reasons to lie except for the situations where emotions overflow her because her lies might save someone's life. It means that in her regular life being unjust and unfair are not reasonable options for her.

She believes in the dignity of people and does her best to be respectful to everyone around her. She equally appreciates friendships and love affairs, and she knows how to be a good friend and a caring lover.

Get a Perfect Family

A Capricorn woman in love makes a perfect wife and mother. She's able to maintain stable family relationships with sensible care for kids and impressive support for her husband. A child brought up by her will appreciate your love, care, attention, as well as a father's reasonable severity or frustration. A child like this will become perfect protection of a family in the future, and you'll never be disappointed about his choice of lifestyle.

As a wife, she will give you everything you deserve. She will be mutual in all life's respects. She has the so-called "eye-to-eye" mentality, and she knows that everything in this world has its balance. Every injustice will be punished, every cheater will be cheated on in return, and every pain caused will be reflected with the same speed and intensity.

That's the reason why a Capricorn woman will never ever forgive in case if you play on her feelings and betray her.

Let Her Make Career

She's pragmatic, and she won't bear excessive control over her. In case, if she's willing to do something on her own and develop her professional qualities, you'll never be able to stop her. You'll never make her a housewife if she doesn't want to, you'll never make her always stay by your side if she's got plans on her mind, and you'll surely be left behind in case if you try to control her from the professional point of view.

Women of this sign are pragmatic. They can combine a mother's responsibilities and stay perfect bankers, politicians, doctors, engineers, and even military. There's a curious fact that part of Capricorns is fond of being on public, while the second part of them is fond of working from behind the scenes. There's no specific reason for this or that choice of career. Women of this sign make successful performers as well as potentially big-time film directors.

Confide in Her Financially

If you're in a relationship with a Capricorn woman, you can easily trust her with all financial issues in your couple or in your family. Thanks to their pragmatic nature, they make flawless business women, and they know how to control the flows of money as well as to put some of it off for a rainy day. Even if she's a sound young lady in full bloom, be prepared that she's already interested in her financial stability after the retirement.

A Capricorn woman is deeply devoted to each of her belongings. She's willing to keep everything that is really crucial to her by her side. She's aware of what to do in case if you're hesitant about something and she will help you do the planning that will suit all your preferences. She knows what a backup plan is and her discipline adds up a ton of invulnerability to her indomitable character.

Enjoy Her Style

Yes, her looks are always enjoyable. It's important for her to be and look smart at a time. She's got flair, style, and magnetic nature combined with an immaculate ability to stay charming. The most peculiar thing about the appearance of Capricorns is their ability to look nice without overloading their looks with formal elements. They are able to look magnetic even in ridiculous, but practical clothes. This is an inborn naturally inherited feeling of style.

What to Expect from the Capricorn Women in Bed

We don't have to get into significant details about special preferences of this zodiac sign. Nevertheless, there's a list of things that you'll surely appreciate:

  • Their natural pragmatism has nothing to do with their behavior in bed. They are reserved on the outside, but passionate and unpredictable in matters of intimacy.
  • In case if you manage to make her trust you, you'll be shocked by her ability to satisfy the man she really loves. Believe us, the emotional connection makes every Capricorn woman a flawless lover.

Note that women like these are in search of self-assured partners in life as well as in bed. They demand clarity, sharpness, and precision. They are not fond of hints and vague intentions. They need your direct interest – emotional and sexual as well. Don't be afraid of the first step. Just be straightforward and find out the best words to describe your willing and vision of your potential future.

Their sexuality implies openness to numerous sexual experiences. You might probably be surprised at how much they can offer in matters of mutual satisfaction. As soon as you get her laid, you'll understand that you've had nothing like this before and you won't probably have the same thing in the future.

Unfortunately, this freedom in bed is not always expressed to the limit. If you feel like your Capricorn woman is not open enough and does not look relaxed or willing to have sex with you, it means that she suffers a deep pain or emotional suffering. She might be unwilling to have sex with you, but she is hesitant to reject because she has already accepted your craving. She feels that rejecting is unfair and she tries to do her best to make you satisfied, though it might look too tense or unemotional.

REMEMBER: Capricorn women in bed are exceptionally incredible only in case if they have a mutual deep emotional feeling for you. In other cases, you'll get nothing except for frequent sexual intercourse.

The following points will describe her sexuality best:

  • She needs time to open up and give in to you;
  • She's very demanding in the process – you'll have to show off all your skill to impress her;
  • She literally loves sex as one of the tools of not only physical but mental satisfaction;
  • She loves to date for sex in case if her partners sincerely need the same and don't hesitate to tell her about it;
  • Her libido has nothing to do with her traditional way of thinking;
  • She can satisfy your every whim no matter how crazy you think it is;
  • She may be sneaky for the very first time of intimacy with you, but she will blow your mind lately, so be patient.

The main thing here is a to be patient and consistent. You'll get your endless reward in every possible sense. You shouldn't be confused by the tough sides of her personality. These are self-protection tools for her. She's not the one to let you in her life and in her bed until you make her feel sure you are trustworthy. It's especially important if you're not the first man she dates with. She needs to make a choice that will last a lifetime. These zodiac assigns are in constant search of stability and relationship for marriage or a long-lasting romance. Be careful not to scare her with lack of confidence.

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