Average Body Women for Dating

You'll probably be surprised to know that men and women have a different vision of a perfect body. Most women are interested in the thinner bodies of both men and women, while men pay more attention to the shape and curves. All in all, the body shape is not the most significant characteristic of a woman.


The Average Body Is Just As Good

All men are visual, therefore the physical appearance of a woman will easily be a turn-on or a turn-off at the first glance. So, what do average body women rank as far as men's visual scale is concerned? Average body women are very popular among men because they represent good health and are very feminine.

While they may receive criticism from their slimmer counterparts, these women understand that there is more to a woman than physical appearance. If you want to date average body girls, you should come in with the knowledge that she might not be too obsessed with her body. She is also not as critical of many things in life as compared to other women that are perceived to have the ‘perfect body' do. Truth is, there is no perfect body but the average body for most women is just as good as any other.

Most men still agree they don't care about how much a woman weights if she:

  • Looks healthy;
  • Can participate in any physical activities;
  • Has clean skin;
  • Is free of visible cellulite;
  • Feels comfortable in her body;
  • Knows what to wear to attract attention to her best qualities;
  • Understands that the visual aspect is not the essential one when it comes to communication with a man.

Perfect Women's Body: Thing That Does Not Exist

Perfect Women's Body

Judging by the history of female fashion and by the overall attitude towards the women's shape throughout the years, a perfect body is something that has never been described. The vision of an excellent women's body has been changing throughout the years.

  • Everything started with the Renaissance in the 16th century. It was “trendy” to look motherly and voluptuous. Looking fertile was considered extremely appealing.
  • The next one was the Victorian era, where beautiful women should have had an hourglass-shaped body with a flat stomach and incredibly thin waist. A waist as small as 21 inches was considered perfect.
  • In the twenties of the 20th century, one of the most appealing looks implied boyish appearance. Flat masculine-looking female bodies were considered impeccable. Smoking became a part of a regular female fashion.
  • In the middle of the twentieth century, domestic, but at the same time, voluptuous, and the conservative look was considered perfect. It was about being sexy, having a thin waist, and a shaped body at the same time. This look was incredibly hard to achieve.
  • The seventies were captured by Twiggy. The skinny body got in fashion. It was more than merely thin. Besides, wearing tight clothes making women look even smaller, was in fashion.
  • The eighties made juicy breasts and abundant hips fashionable again. However, a sporty body with a thin waist and a tight stomach were obligatory.

Average Woman Body: The Way it Looks Nowadays

A perfect shape of average women acquired its dramatic changes in the late nineties and early zeroes. A flat stomach combined with incredibly big breasts and a curvy and fit butt got in fashion. It was hard to achieve this look with regular sports and diet. The women who had enough financial possibilities had to turn to plastic surgery to achieve the desired changes. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is still popular among women. Luckily, most sensible men are still interested in the limited amount of visual modifications of a woman's body.

Bottom Line: What Average Female Body Me Consider Perfect

  • Curvy but healthy;
  • Fit but not flat;
  • Strong but feminine;
  • Voluptuous but not overweight.

A perfect female body should look natural – the way you've not put too much effort into creating it. Just stick to healthy eating habits, and don't forget about a bit of physical exercise.

In Love with an Average Woman Body in 2024

Average Woman Body in 2024

An average woman body is very popular among the majority of men and highly criticized by women. What's wrong with being average and how to fight the opinion of the society while dating a lady with an average women body?

An average body woman is in demand among the single males due to the following reasons:

  • She is not too concentrated on her looks;
  • She will not criticize her partner for his eating habits;
  • She understands that life is too short and exciting to waste it on diets and the opinion of the others;
  • She ignores the imposed criticism and someone's "expert" tips concerning her weight;
  • She is healthy enough to give birth to kids because she knows the balance between healthy living and temptation.

A woman with an Average Women Body: Problems to Expect

A female single with an average women's body can cause trouble if she is in a relationship with a very sociable man sticking to a healthy lifestyle investing much time in the communication with the co-workers.

  • If you're a man dating a female with an average woman's body, be prepared that your female pals will criticize her for being plump or overweight (which is not necessarily true).
  • Being happily in love with a woman of the average body weight means having different views on an active life. If she is not interested in sports, you'll hardly talk her into joining in.
  • If your woman with an average weight is overemotional, she will often feel nervous and uncomfortable about the comments left by your friends and their girlfriends. You'll have to talk a lot about her disappointments and anger she has to experience.

Being in a relationship with a female having an average women body is a controversial thing. You'll either have to enjoy your relationship and sacrifice the communication with most of your friends (of course, it's not a trouble if you are not very sociable) or find someone more standard. Thankfully, these ladies do have advantages that show.

Dating a Lady with an Average Women's Body: Good Stuff

Dating a Lady with an Average Women's Body

  • Dating a woman with average body is about having great sex. She feels comfortable with the way she is and is not looking for more ways to improve herself than a change of clothes and makeup. She is relaxed in the bedroom and knows how to enjoy herself.
  • Women with the average body are perfect for men who fancy a bit more meat to grab when cuddling or having sex.
  • A woman of an average weight does not have to care about the body shape because she is naturally not inclined to get excessive weight. Women like this usually eat as much as they want, but their bodies turn out to be more energy efficient in comparison to the ones of the sporty girls.

Ladies with Average Bodies Are Sexy

What's wrong with a woman having an average body? Is it trouble for you? Well, we are sure you're half right. Nevertheless, we have something to add:

  • Women with average bodies are healthy. They are not overweight because they enjoy their lives, and they are not getting over their usual weight because they are active enough to keep it stable.
  • Average women rarely do sports. Nevertheless, they compensate it with intellectual development and emotional wisdom.
  • Women with average bodies know how to enjoy sex and deliver maximum pleasure to the partner. Most girls with average bodies will agree now.
  • Girls with average body look good with clothes and without her. Most of them you will find very sexy.
  • If you date girls with average body, you won't have to limit yourself in food. A burger at night is fine for her, so you can enjoy tasty dinners while lying down on the sofa.
Last Updated: 02/06/2024