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What Is Sexual Frustration?

Sexual Frustration

Adults have needs including food, water, good sleep and, of course, sex. It's more than sinful lust – the sexual pleasure was built in our DNA. That's the reason why people make love not only to have kids but to get physical and emotional pleasure. It stimulates mental activity, it helps us sleep well and be more focused on routine things. Sexual frustration is the absence of emotional and physical release.

What Is Sex For?

The first reason is natural – reproduction. People need to give birth to new generations in order to continue existing, like other animals on the planet. The second is mental stability. Regular sex helps both singles and dating couples stay sane.

Regular sexual life is also connected to the well-being of our bodies. It supports the immune system, it helps us look beautiful and it fills us with energy. All these factors add confidence to our lives. We become successful at work and in the relationships.

How Does Sexual Frustration Show?

  • Your sleep cycle is affected. As soon as you don't have enough sex, your body preserves more energy. If you're still worried about your sleeping habits, try to remember when was the last time you had sex.
  • You're nervous and energetic. It reminds of a feeling that you've got an excessive amount of caffeine in your blood. That's sexual frustration.
  • You have no interest in sex. It may sound misleading, but this is a usual consequence of a stressful situation. As soon as you just get back to a stable sexual life, you'll get rid of this sexual apathy.
  • You are moody. You are easily irritated and sometimes for no specific reason. It may be something you wouldn't even notice if you weren't sexually frustrated.
  • You drink and eat more. All types of stress make us substitute for something that you don't have but desperately need.

How to Beat Sexual Frustration?

  • Have sex. At least for a one night if you're single.
  • Masturbate. If you have a regular partner but have no possibility to have sex for a period of time, save yourself with your own hands – there's nothing wrong with it, it's a simple nature call that has to be satisfied
  • Get to the gym. This way you'll get rid of the extra energy, receive the emotional release and find potential partners with the same sex issue.

Don't wait until sexual frustration starts to control your life! Start doing something: online dating, webcam meetings, conversations with potential partners (even for one night stands), casual relationships.

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