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Birthday Dates: Cool Ideas

Rock-climbing wall. It's a perfect way to learn a useful technique and to demonstrate mutual trust and have fun on a birthday date.

Just have breakfast. It will be so cute especially if it's only the beginning of your relationship or if it's your first date after online dating.

Get to the Zoo. Don't forget the sandwiches. A zoo is a perfect place to talk and get distracted if you're on the verge of the relationship.

Travel to a theme park. Have a ride on a roller coaster to experience a ton of emotions together. Then you'll be haunted by a feeling that you've managed to survive one of the most horrifying events in life hand in hand.

Just get to the local pub or brewery. That's one of the most pleasant places for those who like to have a drink and have a distracted conversation.

Visit an art gallery if your partner is creative. An art gallery contains many topics for a meaningful conversation. Get to a museum of contemporary art for more fun.

Escape room. Spend a birthday date in the escape room and try to get through the quest together. Test your abilities to work in a team.

Arrange a night-out with movies. Grab some blankets with pillows, pack some snacks and drinks and arrange a romantic night in the woods or on the seaside with your favorite films, cartoons or TV shows.

Plan a picnic. Get outside to the woods, to the local park or to the sea for a nice picnic with wine and barbecue. In the evening you can get to one of the local cafes or restaurants for a nice relaxed conversation.

Try a workout class together. It will be very nice in case if your partner has always been willing to get to the gym, but is still hesitant.

Make a birthday date even more surprising and bake mini pizzas with unpredictable toppings. This will turn into a nice dinner and conversation with a lot of fun.

Visit a dancing class. Let it be your first collaborative dance class. A private lesson will be just perfect.

If you're an experienced couple you can have fun learning how to do various types of kisses.

Do you remember your very first date? Do your best to recreate it. Find the restaurant you've been to or watch the same movie

Bottom Line

As soon as you pick one of these birthday date ideas, it's time to consider something else. Make sure that you're not interfering with your partner's plans. Fix a date. You should be free not to be distracted by troubles and job obligations. Warn your friends and co-workers that you have serious things to do this day not to be disturbed by unpredictable phone calls.

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