Thick Girls with Big Butts Are Enjoyable

Thick Girls with Big Butts

The times of skinny, miniature ladies are out. There's nothing wrong in a desire to be with a curvy thick lady. Most women having a nice butt do have bonus characteristics to their attractive appearances: they tend to be smarter, passionate and incredibly impressive in bed. A woman who knows how to get a nice butt and natural curves have certain peculiarities.

How Booty Standards Have Changed Over the Years

The general concept of a beautiful butt has altered. Several decades ago, it was trendy to be skinny and lean. The flat and boyish build was considered ideal and starvation diets were a rule. Later, women became obsessed with sports and healthy living. This made muscular, strong bodies popular. Today, the impressive career and popularity rise of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have created a new image of a perfect female body.

Girls with Nice Butts Are Smart & Charming

Girls with Nice Butts Are Smart

Unpredictable studies of Oxford University show that these women demonstrate higher levels of intelligence. Additionally, these women generally belong to certain nationalities having an inborn charm and charisma. Besides, the same research proves that their kids tend to be smarter as well. Don't forget about it if you're planning to make a family.

Nice Butt Females Attract Most Men

Once again, keep in mind that we're not talking about unhealthy overweight females. Women with natural looking curves and soft lines have always been sources of interest for most males throughout history. Why? Well…

  • Their curves emphasize the sexiest parts of their bodies.
  • A nice butt shaped as two smooth, tight bubbles combined with wide hips means that a woman is ready to give birth to healthy children, which is one of the main objectives for family-oriented men.
  • Thick-bodied girls with developed muscles and a formidable bootie often have higher dinopectin and leptin hormone levels. This promotes better cardiovascular health and protection from inflammations of all kind. So keep in mind that a nice butt is a sign of better health and a more stable immune system.
  • These soft curves are so nice to be hugged while being asleep. Keeping your hands and fingers on a goddess' bootie is so cozy!

Girls with Nice Butts: More Pleasures to Go

Girls with Nice Butts More Pleasures to Go

Phat girls represent a very peculiar level of sexuality. Phat is a lot different from fat. These cuties have a distinct waist, muscled-up hips and, generally, fantastic boobs. Their hourglass build s natural, but not standard for the modern world of trends and fashion labels. Here are more sweet advantages you get while dating or building a romance with them.

They Look Sexy in All Clothes

It doesn't matter whether it's a pajama, a fancy dress, her boyfriend's everyday jeans, male shirt, a worn-out nightgown or a towel. These impressive curves will look unbelievable in all circumstances. Even a potato-sack will fit her!

  • She prefers wearing a thong because regular-shaped panties usually don't fit her butt.
  • She doesn't like wearing pants at home. This happens because her thick butt and thin waist proportions result in a hard clothes size choice. The simplest way for her will be to wear a regular T-shirt while staying at home.
  • Cuddling her is one of the sweetest and coziest things a man could ever imagine. Her body is like a soft and tight pillow with enjoyable and relaxing curves so pleasant to the touch.

They Have a Tough Character

None of the scientists can explain this, but most female owners of thick booties have an incredible temper:

  • They know how to stand their ground;
  • They are always ready to hit back when offended;
  • They are persistent and they NEVER forget about your promises as well as about their promises;
  • They are easy-going and a bit pushy – be prepared for it in case if you're a reserved man looking for someone to spice up your romantic life;
  • They are cheerful and they make perfect mood healers when you feel depressed.

Hot girls with nice butts have inimitable personalities. They are open-minded and straightforward. They often give in to their emotions and speak out before they think it over. Nevertheless, they are sensitive. They are always ready for a big apology if you prove they're wrong. This violent temper won't stop from being a sensible and thoughtful personality.

If She Knows How to Get a Nice Butt, She Is Stubborn

How to Get a Nice Butt

In case if you dream with a massive booty but has never had a natural bent for it, t means that she's been stubborn enough to pump it up. A woman like this knows how to take care of her health, she's aware of the right eating habits and she evidently has a drop-dead gorgeous body. She deals with regular work-outs, she has to squat a lot and she must be mentally strong to be able to control her everyday diet.

Be Ready to Follow Her Lifestyle

  • Adjust to her eating habits and never try to make her change her diet unless she decides to do this on your own;
  • Don't ever try to argue with her about her way of life – the best way to get in line with her interests is to discuss her intentions and aspirations;
  • Get ready to live according to her schedule.

Self-Improvement Is a Must

  • Not all curvy and sporty women want perfect and well-shaped muscled gods by their sides. Nevertheless, they are not fond of lazy guys spending most of their time playing video games and chewing pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Respect her habits and try to get adjusted to her routine – this will impress her a lot.
  • Find out your life objective and strive for it – persistent athletic girls like this.
  • Lose weight if you really need it. She will fall in love not only with you but also with your willing to become better. Besides, she will be very helpful in matters of food preparation and exercise. Just tell her that you want to change your lifestyle for a healthier one and she will always be there for you.

Get Used to Her Friends

  • She will spend a lot of time with them due to the common interests and life objectives;
  • A lot of men will surround her and you'll have to deal with it as well – yes, most of them will be attracted to her physically, but she will never cheat on you if you're faithful to her as well;
  • Try to join in her gym and try to become a part of her regular company – hot girls with nice butts are often accompanied by numerous men, but it never stops them from the desire to build a meaningful relationship.

Sporty ladies with a nice butt have a lot more to offer in addition to their temper and stubbornness. They are active and sociable. They have a certain social circle and you'll have to find a way to circulate in it. In case if you're able to correspond to her lifestyle and regular daily habits, you'll become her idol, her perfect partner for life, her faithful friend, and her devoted lover.

Women with Nice Butts are Motivating

Women with Nice Butts are Motivating

Judging by everything mentioned above, these girls are superior in many ways:

  • They have stronger personalities;
  • They are persistent in many ways (especially if they deal with regular sports exercises and proper nutrition);
  • They have a strong temper and are always ready to stand their ground;
  • They are sexy and open-minded, which attracts a lot of attention.

All these features of thick, pumped up ladies make them great motivators in all spheres of everyday life.

Things She Will Motivate You For


You won't be able to stay away while she does her regular squats and crunches. Beautifully curved shapes demand everyday physical training and you'll definitely be motivated to join in. In case if you're willing to do sports but feel you're too lazy for it or if you're simply looking for a companion, you'll get your perfect partner.


If your lady hangs out at the gym regularly, it means that she is a part of a specific social circle. Most of these people care about their wellness and about the way they look. Besides, persistent guys and girls keen on a healthier lifestyle are always willing to help other people get started with sensible advice. A sporty girl with a nice booty will involve you into a fruitful social activity that will definitely change your way of thinking.

Emotional Self-Development

Meet athletic women with nice butts tend to be morally stronger and they do their best for mutual emotional work in a couple. They are interested in a meaningful relationship and they understand that sincerity and open-mindedness are key features of it. In case if you're cunning, reserved, and thin-skinned, you'll have to teach yourself new mental abilities:

  • Leadership;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Ability to speak out when needed;
  • Honesty and full transparency in communication.
Big Buns Mean Longer Life Expectancy

In addition to being smarter and more athletic, a girl with a nice butt will live longer thanks to the better brain function. She has an impressive supply of Omega-3 fatty acid, which results in a low risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular conditions. Her health gives her the following advantages:

  • Better blood circulation;
  • Smaller risks of diabetes development;
  • Strong heart muscle;
  • Stable brain work;
  • Lower cholesterol;
  • Faster metabolism;
  • Better weight regulation;
  • Resistance to all sorts of inflammations.

All of the things mentioned above are characteristics of phat, curvy girls with thin waists. Nature made them strong and ready to give birth to numerous generations of healthy kids. They have an inborn immunity to the list of the most typical and unwanted health conditions.

Besides, it looks like they also have a strange natural charm and unbelievable fascination. Their loveliness shines out engaging lots of people into friendly or romantic relationships. They will be perfect companions, mind-blowing lovers, and dedicated wives.

Men Are Crazy about My Butt: Thick Girls' Personal Development

Men Are Crazy about My Butt

She has a comparatively thin waist and large hips. Jealous women hurtfully call her fat never really getting that she invests time and patience in regular gym sessions or exercises at home combined with healthy eating. She squats and her bottom gets bigger and harder after every training session. If she stops doing it, her buttocks will get saggy and soft.

Her Childhood

She has unnaturally looking fat buttocks making her visually overweight, which makes her classmates laugh at her and joke about her appearance. She is not very communicative and feels like something is wrong with her.

Teenage Years

She's getting older, which results in more pleasing shapes of her body. Her breasts grow making a nice, visually satisfying proportion to her massive bottom. She's slowly obtaining an hour-glass shape making her classmates or college friends watch at her with reasonable attention.

Adult Life

Being an adult, she finally understands that her body is almost perfect, but definitely needs some improvement. She starts searching the Net for reasonable advice and she gets that her proportions have always been perfect. They simply have to become bouncy and tight at a time. She starts keeping to a diet and doing regular squats every morning. As soon as she gets results, she gets to one of the local gyms and creates a dream body looking so hot and loved by most men surrounding her.

Curvy girls grow up with a very strong character. They know what self-development is and they are ready to push it hard to get to a limit. Their mental strength combined with their positive health characteristics makes them perfect partners and faithful companions.

They Face Challenges

Owners of pumped up butts have regular trouble with shopping for clothes. Their proportions are not suitable for most of the standard sizes. That's the reason why they often don't have a chance to purchase a pair of regular jeans or a formal dress. They have to order clothing from the dressmaker in case if they really need something they cannot find in regular stores.

From a guy's point of view, this can be regarded as one of the greatest advantages:

  • She opts for stretchy, thin fabrics demonstrating her curves at their best;
  • She ignores wearing clothes at home because she feels more comfortable without anything on at all;
  • She wears minimum clothing whenever possible;
  • She almost never wears one-piece swimsuits.

They also have troubles in communication with other women. There's something very peculiar about the way of life and appearance of a thick lady that makes other women feel somehow jealous. Besides, curvy, thick girls have very strong self-esteem and they know their own worth.

Nice Butt Often Becomes the Subject of Conversation

Nice Butt Often Becomes the Subject of Conversation

The trouble is that such an impressive part of the body, especially if it looks fit and pumped-up, becomes the center of attention. This attention can be both positive and negative – it all depends on the person. Both men and women stare at bubbly buttocks. Some of them do this as a sign of admiration asking for advice on how to achieve the same results. Some of them are jealous because of the excessive appeal to almost anyone around. Some of them feel disgusted (however, this case is the rarest one).

In any case, a heavy and sporty bum often becomes a conversation starter. Most of the European girls have flat bodies. Regular jogging and dieting make them look boyish. Latino girls with their heavy and tight curves make them experience a sort of discordance. Depending on the emotionality and upbringing of the woman, this discordance may lead to different reactions: jealousy, sincere interest, motivation, aggression, and undisguised anger.

Women with tempting curves and seductive bottoms have to deal with a lot of pressure from society. In case if you potential partner with a pumped-up, hour-glass body is too emotional about it, you'll have to be her constant support and protection. Be ready to act out as her guardian and assistant at a time.

Phat vs. Overweight

Yes, women with big buns do weigh a lot. They can easily be called overweight and they do have to care about their well-being and their looks every single day. Nevertheless, they are significantly different from regular fat shapeless ladies.

Being thick means having strong muscles, heavy thighs, tight buttocks, and a thin waist. Phat girls mostly have strong health, an impressive immune system, and incredible character. It's incomparable to overweight females regularly experiencing trouble with chronic health conditions.

The lifestyle of plump girls never goes in line with one of the hot ladies with distinct, natural curves. They have worse eating habits, they are not interested in physical activities and they are at risk of giving birth to unhealthy kids with chronical conditions.

Girls with Nice Butts: Yay or Nay?

Girls with Nice Butts Yay or Nay

Many men adore women with nice butts, but not always ready to accept it. They are often affected by the opinion of their female friends and relatives. Strangely, numerous women demonstrate aggression towards their counterparts with curves. Maybe, it happens because of the inborn natural competitiveness among women. Females with butts and curved shapes are often healthier and more inclined to give birth to wholesome offspring.

Girls with nice butts are pleasant for touches and cuddling. They look aesthetically appealing in bodycon dresses and tight jeans. Of course, a shape like this should be supported with regular visits to the gym and proper eating habits. Nevertheless, curvy ladies are still among the most popular online dating web resources.

Science Behind Girls with Big Butts

Girls with nice ass

The mere mention of the phrase "girls with big butts" has the power to strike fear in the hearts of young guys everywhere. But what if these over-sexualized girls weren't all that special? What if, just as many women as men tend to bulk up their behinds and turn heads whenever they walk by? A new study from Oxford University suggests that men are genetically wired to find large butts attractive in women.

"The research suggests that a passion for a woman with curves is at least partly hardwired, just like our tastes in food," said Dr. John Speakman, who helped conduct the study. "It appears that men have evolved to desire a certain body shape in women and it's not just all down to culture and media influences."

The study used computer-generated images of female figures to test the reactions of men and women. The participants were shown pictures of nine very thin women and nine very thin men. The women and men were asked to rate the attractiveness of each figure on a scale of one to seven. The images were altered so that the woman's body type was either curvy or athletic.

The results showed that men found the athletic figures significantly less attractive than the curvy ones. Women, however, were more critical of their bodies than they were when judging another woman's physique. But women also seemed to appreciate a wide range of body types, so long as they had curves. So, it seems that girls with nice ass have more chances for the development of a potential relationship.

Bottom Line

Remember this once and for all: a nice butt is a symbol of health and moral strength. A girl like this will become your muse and inspiration in all spheres of life. She is touching in romance, she's persistent in a relationship, and she's caring and thoughtful in matters of upbringing. Your kids will be taken care of, you will have a perfect lover in bed, and your family will become her main objective. Be nice to her and you'll get so much in return that you'll forget you've ever fallen in love with her because of her nice butt!

Last update: 05/29/2023