How to Flirt in 2024

How to Flirt

Flirting should be as easy and natural as answering the call of nature. Unfortunately, it is not as easy for most people as you would expect. It is even worse for the modern man because of how things have evolved.

In the heydays, people enjoyed social chats in social places like pubs as they enjoyed the best beer available. When some became tipsy, they could become the loudest version of themselves and boldly express themselves.

But today, the medium that brings people together is a software company. Although it helps you connect with many people within minutes, you miss the most important quality when connecting with people – body language.

According to researchers, a lack of physical meet-ups can create confusing situations. For example, if someone you really like sends you their photo through the communication app, your brain can go wild. But because the person is not there, you are left wondering if they want to have sex with you or not. This is when you find people sending each other funny emoticons, hoping to find out more.

Accessing many people instantly makes it challenging to make your intentions clear. Unfortunately, there are thousands of videos with 'expert advice' on making a kill on your first encounter. These, together with the porn culture, create a notion that one can pick a person they like and successfully flirt with them.

When people who consume such content try applying it in real life, they become frustrated. No one wants to open up immediately to a random stranger they meet online. People tend to be more careful, and when you ambush them with the fake tips you learn from these online pieces of advice, they will reject and even block you from contacting them.

According to Dr. Hogan, there are more single people who have not had sex than at any other time in the history of sex studies.

Although flirting has been affected by the introduction of software, all is not lost. You should use this technology to your advantage. But, do not overly depend on it as it won't give you the results your crotch can!

A Modern Manual on How to Flirt

How to Flirt

If you are tired of all the unrealistic advice available online and want a better experience, here is how to flirt in 2024:

Take Flirtation Offline

Do not hide behind your keyboard. It is a grave mistake most men make nowadays. They want to keep sending photos, and texts and having face times. Dude! That's tragic. According to Dr. Hogan, once you have created a connection online who you'd love to flirt with, consider meeting her in person.

It does not have to be an expensive meet-up. Public places such as parks, coffee points, and restaurants are the best places to hold such meetings. Both parties will feel comfortable and safe. Taking your flirtation offline allows you to learn the girl through her body cues. Physical chats also help you know your compatibility. If you have those awkward silences and glances, you might want to reconsider.

Although flirting online may seem practical and harmless, it might end up wasting your time. The girl you are pursuing can be flirting with several other guys simultaneously, and making physical contact creates a difference. You become close and open with each other.

Avoid Bombarding Her Social Channels

Social media has made us the luckiest yet the laziest generation. With these social channels, you can connect with millions of people globally, provided you have the internet. People post images of themselves daily, and it is easy to follow, connect with a person and enjoy casual conversations.

Yet, people want to create profiles on dating apps instead of utilizing social channels. They just want to 'swipe and tap' profiles.

According to Dr. Hogan, the success in using dating apps is heavily dependent on cultures. For example, like those in the Nordic countries, quiet cultures tend to be more reserved. They prefer living 'private' lives, so it is rare to contribute to social channels. In such countries, flirting on dating apps has more success.

But other cultures that can be considered 'loud' like Italy, Brazil, Spain, and others, have more success in social channels. People from these places like flaunting their lives online, and you can learn about their personalities even before you make contact.

Some social channels like LinkedIn, however, cannot be used for flirtation. The community is more reserved and interested in networking for business. So, if you attempt sliding to a girl's inbox commenting about her cute photo, she feels disrespected and can instantly block you.

Channels like Instagram are image-heavy platforms. Users upload hundreds of photos and receive hundreds and thousands of likes. It's like a competition of who has the best photography skills. And because the uploads are mostly irresistible, you can be tempested to bombard the girl's inbox with flirtation messages. When using social platforms, here is how to flirt with a girl:

Avoid liking, commenting, and inboxing her each time she posts something. She may feel stalked and, at the same time, scared. At least make use of one or two channels and create a meaningful connection before flirting with her wildly.

With an intelligent approach, you can actually win a date with her and have a chance to know her individually. Otherwise, bombarding her with comments and DMs will reward you with a block.

Pay Attention to Feedback

When thinking about how to flirt with girls, avoid taking non-verbal cues lightly. Sometimes, they will use the F-word to tell you to leave them alone. Other times, they just ignore you, probably because you are not a vibe to them.

The F-word is the most direct and honest feedback you can get. This way, you do not have to persuade someone who is not into you.

With non-verbal cues, you will notice some disinterest in how a woman speaks to you. She may refuse to respond to your messages or even continually ignore your calls. When this happens, it is time for you to invest your time in someone who reciprocates the same to you.

Avoid Getting Graphic with Comments

Using comments when flirting with someone is natural. It makes conversations lively. It is what makes people want to stick around, depending on how you praise them. Some comments may seem invasive and can chase away your potential suitor.

Instead of commenting about their body, use a comment that implies attraction. For example, 'I had missed you so much and couldn't get to my house before seeing you.' This comment is sweet and does not show any form of lust. The person being addressed would feel valued and cared for.

Another tip on how to flirt in 2024 while avoiding graphic comments is keeping it simple. Although many people would like to use big and complicated words while flirting, it does not work that way.

Instead of being too intense, you can use simple comments that compliment the person. For example, 'you have a beautiful smile' feels more comfortable than 'I love your well-endowed butt.' Most people find comfort and confidence in the validation rather than how they look.


According to Hayley Quinn, a dating expert, touching is an effective communication tool between two people. It is one of the body cues you should focus on when on a physical date. Touch the girl you are flirting with and wait for their response. If they reciprocate the gesture, it's a sign that she likes you.

Quinn notes that touching is not about a man caressing a woman, hoping to turn her on. It can start with touching her arm, and when she touches you back, you can consider moving closer or holding the touch longer. It will start getting comfortable, and the company will start becoming enjoyable.

Also, instead of assuming that she would be interested in hugging, consider asking if she is comfortable if you hug her. It can be embarrassing to stretch your arms for a hug only to realize that she does not like how you smell and would rather not touch. A reciprocation of a hug boosts trust and connection.

While touching, do not force the other person to touch you back. If they lack interest, leave it at that.

Don't Say 'Hey'

The CEOs of the dating apps have observed that most people flirting online often start their chats with 'hey.' What such people do not understand is that 'hey' is a word that is not loved by many, and they end up being ghosted, most of the time.

A good conversation should not start with one word. It limits the recipient what to say because they cannot understand the type of person you are. Users of one-words assume all people rush to their profiles, analyze their bios, and scroll through their photos.

Wrong! Although people would be interested in your profile, making great starts leads to great things. Otherwise, one word will result in a one-word response, or even worse, an emoji. Quite a turn-off!

To assure the person you have gone through their bio and are not sending spam messages to different profiles, consider personalizing your message. For example, you can choose to talk about her hobby or her career. This approach will definitely keep her hooked and make her want to engage in the conversation.

Some dating apps have question prompts that help users start conversations more meaningfully. But before you use such prompts, ensure you go through the person's profile and ensure it makes sense.

For example, if a person has stated they love cats in their profile, you cannot start with a dog-related prompt. It will be an epic fail. Imagine using something like 'Hello xxx, I see you are a pet lover. I am a huge lover of pets. What's your favorite dog breed?' You will be ignored or even blocked.

People share their information on their profiles for a reason. So, don't bore them with some generic conversations. And because you are not the only person using the platform, be smart and creative while sliding to women's DMs.

React to Social Media Stories

Social media channels have created a feature where users share their stories. These are only available for 24 hours. Most users use stories to express their emotions. To them, the stories are so personal.

Utilize this feature to your advantage. When a person you are interested in posts a story, react and reply to such. It is easier to create valuable connections by engaging with stories.

When reacting to the stories, avoid being intense. Otherwise, you will look like a sex-hungry maniac. Remain casual and comment on general stuff, such as what you have in common. For example, if they talk of a particular food you love, you can tell them you love it. Adding how you like it served adds the juice. This approach will make the woman comfortable and look forward to catching up with you.

Putting too many comments on a single story can scare a person. Avoid being obsessed with their stories and do everything in moderation.

Don't Get Naked

Your nude photos should not be shared with everyone when online dating Ukraine. Although most people are doing it nowadays to get more 'likes' and comments on their social channels, it should never happen. Nudes are meant for sharing by people in a relationship and are comfortable sharing privately with each other.

You will be mistaken to think that girls will be interested in getting photos of your dick. According to relationship experts, such photos are explicit and turn off many people. How do you even start sending nudes to a stranger in their private messenger?

To avoid offending the other person, don't be a dick by not sending one. It is often against their beliefs and moral values. You will actually find that some people are not comfortable sharing nudes even when they are in a stable relationship. So, don't!

Last update: 02/07/2023