How to Make a Girl Laugh: Sure-fire Ways to Try

How To Make A Girl Laugh

If you research or listen to many dating advice, you'll eventually come across a piece of advice around humor. Usually, this advice goes thus, 'Make a girl laugh, and she'll be more open to you.'

Presently, making a girl laugh has become such a standard piece of dating advice that it's almost a cliché. Yet, it's on practically every list of how to find a girl online, make a woman like you, get her attention, or make her fall in love with you.

However, why learn how to make a girl laugh if you're only looking to date and not start a comedy show? We'll answer that question.

From personal successful dating experiences and my work as a dating coach, I can guarantee that laughter can be magical when it comes to women. So yes, you'll attract a lot of attention if you can make a woman laugh.

Although it may not be enough to start a love affair right away, your chances of success will be greatly increased by this.

Knowing the importance of making a woman laugh is one thing; getting women to laugh at your jokes is another. I used to have a hard time with this, to be honest. But, I've always been a natural comedian when I'm in a good mood.

However, my problem with ladies was that I was generally unable to relax until we were extremely close together. I fought hard to overcome the anxiety using some tips I'll share here. You'll learn some tips, methods, and ways to make a girl laugh right away in this article.

Why is it important to make a girl laugh?

Make a Girl laugh

It's safe to say that women are drawn to males who can make them laugh. Ladies prefer partners who are spontaneously funny and witty.

Suppose you wonder why the reasons are simple. According to famous psychologist David M. Buss, we'll explore two ideas to explain why men who can make women laugh are attractive to women, according to famous psychologist David M. Buss. David is a pioneer in evolutionary psychology and human mating behavior.

According to David Buss's hypotheses:

  • Commitment signals can be sent through the use of humor.
  • Having a sense of humor is a sign of good genes and a way to show off a high level of cognitive function.

In Geoffrey Miller's Evolution of Desire: Strategies for Human Mating, he says: 'A partner's suitability for a possible mate can be judged by their ability to laugh.'

The importance of humor can't be overstated, and you now have a good understanding of why.

To increase your chances of dating success with women, let's look at some specific methods in which you might use comedy in the next section.

How to make a girl laugh: 10 surefire ways

How to make a Girl laugh

Once you are set to make a girl laugh, there are several things you can do. Importantly, do not read jokes off the internet, as they may sound boring and forced. Use any of these tips:


Basically, teasing is pointing something out about a woman and making either an illogical inference based on it or making fun of anything she's doing, stating, or representing.

When teasing, keep in mind that you don't want to come across as cruel or serious. However, you do need to take a few risks or get a little sexual. It's important to make the girl feel something as well.

Making her feel something for you is where the right kind of teasing comes in handy. It's impossible to list all the possible ways to tease, but you can try these:

  • Don't take her words at face value;
  • Based on what she says, make ludicrous judgments;
  • Give her a funny pet name or a nickname;
  • Pretend you know something about her that you don't.

It doesn't matter how you tease her; the idea is to make her laugh, not make her feel horrible about herself or make her self-conscious.

Is There a Method to the Madness? Yes, the secret to getting a girl to laugh through teasing is to keep it upbeat, lighthearted, and clearly funny. In addition, you need to be able to venture into territory that is a bit riskier.

Start conversations with humor

Few guys can match Craig Ferguson's ability to engage and hold his own with some of the world's most gorgeous and high-profile women.

One of his trademark maneuvers is starting convos with a joke. Unfortunately, most individuals get into the habit of starting discussions with a dry, dreary vibe and then wait for the chance to take humor into it.

On the other hand, Craig Ferguson is an expert at avoiding this kind of blunder. Every interaction he has begins with a chuckle, a smile, or a wry remark.

Exactly What Is the Secret here?

When it comes to this one, the key is to pay attention to the way you begin each conversation. This is critical at the start of a discussion and whenever you switch topics.

This makes the encounter more enjoyable and enhances the humor of your jokes when you drop them.

Be witty

Wit is the capacity to make connections or distinctions between seemingly unconnected ideas or events by saying or writing something cleverly.

Wit necessitates both spontaneity and creativity. The only way to 'learn' it is to really practice. To be funny, you must be able to think quickly and creatively outside the box.

Here, she wasn't referring to your nationality, but you found a way of making a witty joke. Watching stand-up comedy can help you improve your wit and sense of humor. Bo Burnham, in my opinion, is a master of wit and quick-fire delivery.

Be relaxed and ready to share a laugh

Getting a girl to laugh is a combination of your words and your body language. To get crack a funny joke and get a smile or laugh, you need to prove to her that you are at ease.

The first step is to show her through your body language that you expect her to feel comfortable and ready for some lighthearted fun. Also, prepare yourself to laugh at her jokes or share a laugh at something funny.

Never forget to wear a smile while talking, make eye contact, and let loose.

Make jokes about yourself

Self-deprecation, basically making fun of yourself. To learn how to make a girl laugh, you should try to make light of your own flaws.

It's good to use past experiences or silly mistakes as an inspiration for jokes. The chances are that you'll gesticulate and make faces naturally. These expressions are sure to make the joke even more hilarious.

As an example, you can be honest with yourself about your lousy wardrobe choices or your terrible essay answer back in school. If you are out for drinks, you can make light of your poor drinking abilities.

Hilarious pop culture references

Being able to make references to pop culture shows a woman that you are well-versed in the society in which we all live. But if you manage to make her giggle while using those pop culture references, that takes it to another level.

Pop culture comedy relies on your knowledge of allusions that the woman with whom you're flirting is also familiar. On the other hand, pop culture references only work in certain contexts.

For ladies who are interested in religious, cultural, or political subjects or cliches or tropes, you may have to take some risks when making references. However, there is a significant financial reward to be had by exploring these contentious areas.

What's the secret?

With pop culture references, the trick is to start out with a small amount of caution and then gradually increase your risk as you get to know her better.

A dark pop-culture Hail Mary that incorporates both politics and religion could pay off handsomely. However, it could also get you a dead-pan stare or cause major offense to the woman you're trying to flirt with, so tread carefully.

Comedic storytelling

You may get people to laugh by telling ridiculous stories that are out of this world.

This is one of my favorite methods of flirting with ladies. This is also one of the simplest techniques to elicit laughter without putting oneself in danger.


Because even if you tell a fascinating story, and it doesn't wind up being hilarious, at least you have a narrative to tell. If you can manage to get a few chuckles out of your audience, all the better.

Exactly how do you pull this off?

It's important to create a story that has the potential to be both engaging and humorous to pull this off. Choosing a good story is, thus, the first step in the process.

The next step is to add a dash of your own comedy to the narrative. You could take things to outrageous heights, draw obvious/funny conclusions, impersonate the characters, or even reenact/roleplay a portion of it.

Call out the absurdity

A woman's laughter is guaranteed when she hears a joke about something obvious or stupid with the proper timing and execution. It doesn't even matter if the 'absurd thing' you're referring to is real or not.

In this case, you're trying to push the boundaries of 'regular discussion' by taking things over the top. You could call her out on something she probably didn't mean, or even hype up an answer that should be 'natural.'

Exactly what is the secret to success?

It's important to know when to use this form of humor and how to do so effectively. For example, a poorly timed call-out can come off as awkward and even embarrassing.

Be unpredictable

The essence of comedy is that it's unpredictable. It's fun because things are close enough to 'normal' to be relatable, yet just 'at the edge' enough that we find them hilarious.

You can refer to it as surreal humor because it is based on deliberate infractions of causal reasoning, producing somewhat nonsensical behaviors.

What's the secret?

The trick to pulling this off is to be unpredictable in a way that your audience finds amusing. Out of context, unanticipated actions can fall flat and make you appear socially awkward or stupid. Being spontaneous, however, will always keep the lady on her toes if it is given smartly.

Use funny voice inflections

Certain persons have a knack for using voice inflection for humorous effect. To do this would mean making fluctuations in your voice's tone, pitch, tempo, modulation, and intonation.

Simply put, funny voice inflection is the technique of making your voice sound weird or absurd to make a funny point.

Some people's jokes and wit are made more hilarious by the inclusion of unexpected voice inflections. This is especially true if the inflections are made to sound relatable.

What's the catch?

Inflections of the voice may be a lot of fun. However, there's the possibility that they won't be funny if they sound forced. Also, if they aren't done correctly, they might actually make you look weird.

You must make them relatable to your target audience (in this example, the pretty girl you're trying to approach).

I believe that Jerry Seinfeld is a true master when it comes to voice modulation. You could watch a few videos of his to learn more.

Examples of how to get a girl to laugh over text

Ways to make a Girl laugh

Try to tease, use wit, include hilarious pop-culture allusions, or share comedic stories to make a girl giggle over text. Don't forget that you can't use your voice or body language over text. Because of this, your top option is to use clever wordplay.

In the past, I've been able to lighten the moods of women by sending them amusing text messages. You can try out the options below:

Dark humor

Having a sweet sense of humor is a subjective matter. Laughter is subjective, and what one person finds humorous may be a bore to another. You must parody the darkest aspects of life in your jokes to make dark humor.

Let's say you were to text a girl using dark humor; an example of a joke would be: One heart is all that a person has; do not crush someone's heart! Instead, break a few bones; they've got 206 of them.

Give her a hard time

This is a form of taunting but done through the written word. You can make fun of a woman's beverage choice or something else via text. When trying to give someone a hard time, ensure to be careful not to come across as offensive.

Flirt in a teasing, comedic manner

With these jokes, you'll want to exercise caution. To avoid looking like a horny schoolboy, plan them carefully. They can be humorous if timed well and initiated by her. Here's an example text to try:

'You're a magician, aren't you? Every time I stare at you, something odd happens: everyone else vanishes before my very eyes.'

Take her jokes a step further by adding to them

This kind of joke plays off a girl's humor attempts, and it accomplishes two great things at once. First, it's a positive thing because it helps a girl feel like you think her jokes are amusing. Also, It'll make her laugh because it's now an inside joke that the two of you share, and that elevates its value for her.

How to make a girl laugh on the phone

You can virtually make a female laugh over the phone in the exact way to make her laugh through texting. Also, you can employ voice inflection, mimicry, tone, and a slew of other vocalizations, just as in real life.

On the other hand, the text lacks body language, physical expression, the ability to produce facial expressions to convey a message, and so on.

In other words, if you want to get a girl to laugh over the phone, you need to use a lot more vocalization. It's normally advisable to use comedy wit, anecdotes, or imitation, tell jokes, and make sure to exaggerate your voice inflections.

Making a girl laugh could easy

When it comes to making your long-term girlfriend or wife laugh, you have a lot more material at your disposal than when it comes to making any woman laugh.

As far as I know, making your long-term partner laugh is a lot easier than making a new one laugh. There is a deal of common ground in terms of life experience, cross-references between cultures, and more.

When it comes to particular themes, you both may hold similar political or religious viewpoints or preferences.

You can take larger risks with your humor if you have a setting ripe for laughter and pleasure and a positive outlook. You must, however, maintain your efforts to amuse her.

It's common for men to cease making an effort in a long-term relationship after a while. However, it's critical to remain the charming, amusing man she was initially drawn to. That's exactly what she needs.

In addition, the effort is well worth it.

How to make a cute woman laugh

There are several ways to make an attractive woman laugh, including using various forms of humor and comedy. You have a chance to tell her humorous jokes, stories, or one-liners. If you're lucky enough, they would 'tickle' her funny bone and strike a laughter chord in her heart.

But here's the thing: gorgeous, good-looking men are always hitting on and teasing cute girls, so you need to be on your game with them. In this case, the stakes are extremely high.

Final thoughts

Learning to make a girl laugh is one of the most important phases in obtaining a partner. Also, one of the sweetest ways to build trust and interest is to laugh at one another. So make use of your ability to laugh as a selling point.


Are you more attractive if you make a girl laugh?

Even if you can make a female laugh, that doesn't mean she'll be interested in you. Yet, it'll be beneficial. But, in addition, there are a few additional things you must get right.

Last update: 02/07/2023