First Date Kiss: Is It a Good Idea?

Kiss on the First Date

First date kiss is a topic that's been discussed various times yet people still are not sure if kissing on the first date is right or not, especially if they date girl online for quite a long time before meeting her in person.

The first date is an exciting time. You are going to meet someone for the first time and you're not so sure what their expectations are. You don't only worry about the outfit or perfume but also about what you will do and how things will pan out. It isn't very uncommon for people to feel a little overwhelmed on the day as there are several thoughts running through their minds.

A lot of people do end up kissing on the first date. It's natural for two people to want to kiss, especially if the date is going well. But, hesitation is also normal because you can't always be sure what the other person is thinking. Any wrong step could ruin the day and spoil your chances of having a good relationship.

If you search the web, you will find different opinions on the topic. Some experts believe that kissing on the first date is a good idea and some think that you should never kiss on the first date. This varying opinion can put even more pressure on people who are ready to go on a date.

It's important that you know about different views and that you look at things from your own perspective to decide what you should and shouldn't do. Remember that experts don't personally know you or your date and we can't always predict your solution. What we can do is provide tips that we believe can help you make the right call.

Now without much ado, let's have a look at some great tips on what you should do on a first date and whether you should seal it with a kiss.

Men Usually Have More Pressure

Kissing on The First Date

This might sound a little odd but men usually face more 'kissing' pressure as they're still expected to make the first move. Things, however, are not changing and women are not afraid of taking the first step.

Still, if you're a guy, you will usually be expected to move first. This is why men don't only worry about it being the right time, they also have the pressure to ensure the first kiss is memorable.

Don't let this pressure ruin your date. Go with a fresh mind and enjoy what you have. It's believed that women usually prefer to wait before they're willing to land that first kiss, whereas men are more eager.

Women prefer to have an intimate connection as physical intimacy is often considered a first step to having sex. However, this rule does not apply to all situations.

Know That They're Thinking About It Too

You aren't the only one worried about a first date being the right time to kiss. Your partner is probably having similar thoughts. There are two possible scenarios:

  • They want it to happen
  • They are afraid it will happen

Now, they may not always explicitly tell you what they're thinking but they'll drop some hints here and there. It is your responsibility to catch these hints so that you can make the right move.

Also, you can be direct and ask if they're interested in kissing. Experts say that asking can make things easier but it might not always be the right question. You can start with a hug and see how they feel about physical intimacy.

Don't make the hug too intimate, however, as it shouldn't feel forced or too much. If your partner is firm while you're hugging them or they deliver a strong pat on your back then you should probably consider taking a step back. Whereas, if they embrace you and are as into the hug as you are then, maybe, it is time for the next logical step – a kiss.

Pay More Attention to Chemistry

First Date Kiss

The most important thing is to have chemistry. A kiss is said to be on the table if there's chemistry between two people. You don't need to get physical to gauge chemistry. See how the conversation is going.

  • Is your partner enjoying the chat?
  • Are they paying attention to you?
  • Are they complimenting you?
  • Is there physical touch such as them touching your hand?

Experts often suggest kissing on the first date as it can help build chemistry but you shouldn't go ahead with the idea if there is no chemistry, to begin with.

Also, kissing on your first date will allow you to understand how romantic your partner is and if you truly see a future with them. How intimately or passionately they kiss can tell a lot about them.

Remember that, in most cases, your partner will drop hints if they want you to kiss. See how enthusiastic they are. If they seem bored then they probably want the date to end as soon as possible and don't wish to move to the next step. Whereas, if they are very enthusiastic, then they probably want you to kiss them.

Make the Date Fun

Don't go on your first date with just the kiss on your mind. Take steps to make it entertaining and memorable but without being over the top.

People kiss because they want to have fun and what can be more entertaining than a good, passionate kiss? A kiss is often a good way to tell them that you enjoyed their company and had fun.

There can be a variety of kisses. You could just peck her on the cheeks or choose to get your tongue involved. Make sure to keep the kiss as interesting as possible if you get down to doing it. The kiss should be right for the two of you. The other person may have certain expectations so make sure to try and meet them. Don't be sloppy or overzealous. You should be very considerate because your partner will probably be as excited as you if not more.

It's Okay to Tempt a Little

A kiss usually happens when the other person gets 'into' you and a great way to do this is to leave them wanting for more. Think of what turns them on. Put your best foot forward and dress up well. Do not look too casual or be too prepared as it could turn some people off.

Most people will judge you based on how you communicate. Make sure to keep your feelings under control. Don't talk about your ex, for example. Give the other person an opportunity to speak.

You can either choose to leave them with a kiss that tempts them to try more, or not kiss them leaving them thinking how good of a kisser you are. Make the right move and you'd leave them hungry for more.

Do If It Feels Right

Kiss on Your First Date

Your heart always knows what's right so listen to your gut feeling and do as it says. A kiss cannot and should not always be planned and it should happen at the moment. Very few people pay attention to minute details and usually lock lips when they feel the energy.

Still, there are a few rules to follow. The first kiss, for example, should land when there aren't a lot of onlookers. Still, if you are surrounded by people and you feel it's the right time to kiss, then go ahead and do it unless there is a very strong reason not to.

Sometimes, the cupid plays. For example, the weather may suddenly get romantic. The key lies in going with your instinct and not stopping yourself from doing what you truly want to do. Similarly, if you feel that it is not the right time to kiss then show some restraint even if you feel that your partner wants to kiss.

Warning: A Kiss Doesn't Mean a Second Date and Vice Versa

So, you decided to kiss on the first date but now what? Remember these two rules:

  • A kiss doesn't mean there will be a second date
  • Just because they've agreed to meet again doesn't mean they're ready to kiss

A kiss does not always lead to a long-term relationship. They might not meet you again if they didn't like the kiss or if they didn't like any other part of your personality despite liking the way you smooch.

A kiss on a first date is often a goodbye kiss. You might not always say it but you know that you're not going to see the other person again. This may also happen because some people are not looking for long-term relationships and they only wish to have a good time.

Similarly, in some cases, that kiss may lead to you two ending up in the same room never meeting again. Respect the choices of the other person and mutually decide where you wish to take things after you kiss on the first date.

Last update: 02/03/2023