11 Obvious Hints She's Faking Orgasms

Women Having Orgasms

Even the most abled men between the sheets have endured fake orgasms from their partners without suspecting anything. It is rightfully okay to know whether you are giving sex your best shot or your girl is staging a show to stroke your ego.

While a fake orgasmic act can seem harmless, it causes irreversible effects on your sex life. The truth will help you up your game, thereby satisfying your woman. Finding out the facts can be tricky, especially if you aren't keen, but we have a few tips that can help you decipher between authentic and fake orgasms.

And while they are eye-opening, you need to brace yourself for the reality that awaits you once you're aware of your ability or inability to make your woman cum. Take a look at the characters that show your girl is cheating orgasms. You might simply not match each other, and you need to consider the necessity to meet women online.

She's Making Calculated Moves

Making Calculated Moves

Orgasmic faces aren't always the prettiest. Rolled eyes, uneven panting or held breath, and other unsightly expressions are the familiar sights you encounter when your partner is at the peak of their orgasm. Essentially, your cutie pie shouldn't be adorable at that moment.

Anything other than that is an indicator that she's falsifying the act. Extra loud moans are the first indicator that she's faking things. Putting up a show, especially packed with some of your most desired fantasies and making calculated moves, demonstrates she's playing you.

If she does anything unusual that makes you second-guess your performance in bed, it means your girl can't wait for you to have your fun and get off her.

Radio Silence After Making Love

Sex is powerful, and the point of having it is to release the built-up tension. Generally, ladies that have just had a good session can't stop yapping about it. They give you details of everything you did that rocked their world without sparing any details.

So, if your woman lies in bed without saying anything, you know you're in trouble. Ladies understand the importance of stroking their men's fragile egos, and not mentioning anything negative concerning their lack of tactics in bed is one of the ways they do this.

In most cases, they keep their lips shut because they know the danger of talking about your sexual abilities or lack thereof. If you notice her being quieter than usual, it's time to pry into the matter.

Awkward Smiles

Awkward Smiles

There's something about orgasms that make both parties grin sheepishly. You can't stop smiling at her, and neither can she. But if you finish your job and smile at her with an expectant look on your face only to receive a blank stare from a woman wondering why you are happy with your failure, you're in for a rude shock.

She reluctantly smiles back at you, and you can tell that their smile isn't genuine. And even when she does smile, it is only to keep your spirits high, but only for a short while. From the confused look she has, you can tell that there is a disconnect between your performance and her expectations.

If she's not savoring the moment and soaking in the joy of having the big o, brother, she's hoping you can read between the lines and do something about it.

She Evades Eye Contact

Nothing is as challenging as satisfying a woman's sexual nudge, so when you've had a streak of success in this department, it is only natural that you expect a confirmation from your girl that you nailed it. Usually, this comes from her, and she readily tells you how you've done a great job.

She's not shy about affirming your suspicion when you hit her g-spot and can't help but say it aloud. However, you know things aren't as glossy as you perceive when you look into her eyes and mention that the sex was great, and you receive avoidance.

You need to evaluate your performance if you think she's doing this because she's coy. She's avoiding eye contact because she's aware she can't fib while gazing into the eyes of the man who knows her too well. Your gaze would quickly unravel the lies in the compliment she mumbles when you ask her opinion about your show.

She Gets Pre-Game Goodies

It takes a lot of skill to turn a woman on, but you finally master the art with practice. While you're busy celebrating your victory, you discover she's been tagging along with her newfound friends, alcohol, weed, and the blue pill whenever she comes to get some.

You dismiss her behavior, telling yourself she's probably tense and needs something to loosen up (as if the sex won't be enough), or she's been invited to a party later in the evening. But, she's not excited about the event and is busy downing tequila shots in the kitchen.

Red alert! You may have done a few things that killed her buzz the last time you went downtown.

The Girl's Overly Vocal

Unless you're good at making her cum and shake fervently like a broken washing machine, you should worry if she suddenly moans too loud and writhing like a dying snake. You know she's a shy woman who moans softly and holds you tight when you're hammering her. Her movements during the act are limited to kissing your lips, digging into your back, or arching her back.

Suddenly, she becomes wild and asks you to bang her kitty until it lights up. Bruh, you're being played. Do not deceive yourself that all your hard work and late nights watching bedroom talks have instantly turned you into a Kamasutra guru. The girl is playing into a trap that will have you climax as quickly as possible.

And not unless you've altered a significant number of tactics in how you approach the game, nothing warrants the instant change in her reaction. Talk to her about it, or get going if you feel betrayed.

She Wants an Overhaul in Your Approach

You've repeatedly given her your most special moves for a while now, and she's been giving you the same reaction. You are over the moon knowing your girl enjoys your work and can't wait for the next to make your show more elaborate.

It's normal for you to think your act is stellar in such cases, but she gives you a stopper that almost leaves you breathless. You've been rubbing the bean too hard, twisting the nipples like someone trying to tune a radio, or biting her lips too hard.

The hard truth is that your girl is tired of the pretense and can't take the unsatisfying sex. She is willing to do anything to get an orgasm, even if it means getting you a hard copy of the notes you need to read.

She may have chosen the wrong time to make blatant hints, but go with the play if you want to see her in her element or ever again, for that matter.

She Avoids Conversations About Faking Orgasms

About Faking Orgasms

You plan for a double date with your friends and have honest conversations while sipping on drinks as you wait for your order. Someone brings up a topic on faking orgasms, and your beau's cheeks change to a deep-pink hue.

You're busy boasting about your prowess in the bedroom, and you turn to get her reaction, only to meet a stone-cold stare. The sudden change is evident. Her laughter subsides, movements are minimal, and she's not making those nasty comments and subtle connotations that make you feel like a king in bed.

Instead, she's cold, her lips are pressed together, and her quickly drying throat doesn't allow her to make even the slightest sound. Worst of all, she's avoiding eye contact, which indicates she's trying to keep you from reading through her lies.

This is your cue to change your moves and make an extra effort to learn what she likes and what kills her joy when you get down to business.

You Get a Pat on the Back after the Game

A bland look on the face, some encouragement quote, and a pat on the back are what you get once you heavily climax. If you're already in the dark concerning the meaning of these actions, she's trying to encourage you to do better the next time you're banging her.

It almost feels like she's giving you special treatment to keep your ego from hurting. You can practically smell pity in her actions. She behaves like a parent consoling their non-athletic child for being the last one in the race.

Your actions were far from what she expects of you, so she's doing everything to console and encourage you. If this is your case, do not miss out on this chance to sign up for the workshop on the Kama sutra. It could save your relationship and never-dying flame in the bedroom.

Her Orgasmic Friend Is Always the Topic in Your Sex Talks

You've tried having a heart-to-heart about the state of your life in the bedroom, but one thing is constant. She keeps bringing up her friend that hits the big o each time this girl is with her man. She tells you in detail the things her pal's man does to make her climax.

If you haven't gotten the hint, your woman is trying to tell you to change your moves and try new ones. She's probably tired of the fake acts but is afraid of retracing her tracks now that she's already in deep. On the other hand, she's faced with the pain of living with a man that thinks his game is unmatched.

Confessing that you're not giving her what she wants is out of the question, so she hides behind an additional orgasm when all she wants is one. If you've heard this story more than once, give the girl what she wants. For once, let her have the happy ending she deserves.

Sex Isn't Her Favorite Thing to Do with You Anymore

A Girl is Faking Orgasms

You've been enjoying your bedroom sessions, and she couldn't wait for you to get home, so she jumps on you like a ravenous tiger. However, her demeanor towards sex has changed recently, and you don't get why.

She avoids coming to your place (or leaves before you make any move on her), detests any attempts to initiate sex, and doesn't light up when you tell her you're anticipating getting freaky. She shoots down any conversation about sex or tries to change the subject.

If your relationship is at these crossroads, it's evident your girl has been receiving the short end of the stick and can't stand the faking anymore.

When thinking of how to know if a girl is faking orgasms, take the posture of a person in an unsatisfying relationship. You'd be surprised how many cues you've missed by giving her credit.

Last update: 01/30/2023