Infatuation vs love in relationships

Infatuation vs love

Infatuation and love are similar feelings when it comes to romantic relationships. Some people confuse these feelings but they have different intensity and final outcome.

Infatuation vs love are feelings that everyone has had in your life. The first one is an addiction. Infatuation occurs when we get carried away by our passion. It's not always good, sometimes this feeling is destructive. Love is intense affection for another person. Love is genuine and noble. When we are in love, we aren't addicted.

If you need Ukrainian women looking for marriage, you will have to learn how to differ these feelings. A marriage is a serious step, so make sure it's true love.

Infatuation and love

Infatuation and love

Love vs infatuation are very similar but the first one is a deep and serious feeling. We love not only our partner, but our parents and friends. These are different kinds of love. Sometimes love is related with sexual desire. Love infatuation makes us want to have sex with only one person. That's why most of people are monogamous. Even if we are strong and independent, deep inside we would like to meet a perfect partner to stay with them forever. We all seek true love.

Infatuation in relationships is foolish and sometimes extravagant. Some experts say that infatuation is temporary love. When we are in passion, we believe we love this person. But over time we start realizing we don't feel anything and we need this person just for fun. Infatuation in religions is forbidden. It's crucial to control our feelings and to look for something more profound.

Similarities between love and infatuation

Similarities between love and infatuation

When you meet single Russian women, you can't say is it infatuation or love. They all are pretty and nice and you want to chat with them, to have something intimate. But love develops much later. Infatuation vs love are similar. Let's talk about these similarities.

  • You feel like you can't live without this person, you need to meet them every single day. If you feel fine without him or her for a week, it's not love neither even infatuation. You are just not interested in them.
  • In both cases you have physical attraction. You want to have sex with this person. You want to touch them every minute. You aren't satisfied with long-distance relationships because you can't feel this type of closeness online.
  • You are feel happy when you see your crush.
  • You think about them all the time and sometimes you have even dream with them.

Infatuation vs love are similar, but love is more wide and profound. Let's talk about their differences.

What is the difference between love and infatuation

What is the difference between love and infatuation

Don't confuse these feelings, otherwise you can miss something important in your life. It's especially actual when you are looking for serious relationships. Being in lust it's easy to tie your life with a wrong person.

Infatuation means an unreasoning desire

What's difference between infatuation and love? When we are in passion, you have a burning and uncontrolled desire. When we are in love, our feeling is deep, mature and quiet. Often a person can explain why they love their partners. We weight pros and cons when we decide to start long-term relationships.

Lust is like drug use

There are some infatuation signs. One of them is addiction. At the beginning you feel euphoria. But if you don't get enough, you have an almost physical pain. You literally can't live without a person. Some emotional people can even commit suicide.

Infatuation gets weaker over time

Asian women looking for marriage want to find a reliable man who knows what profound love means. When you believe you are in love, think about it more thoroughly. Some feelings get weaker during months or even years. A close person starts being irritating for us. Then we want new feelings and new impressions. It's not love, it's just infatuation.

Love means peace and confidence

One of the difference between love and infatuation is our comfort. When we are in love, we feel safe and peace. We are comfortable and protected. We trust another person completely. Infatuation doesn't mean anything. Sometimes we are in jealous and we try to control the partner. We don't feel in safe, we are afraid that a person will leave us.

Love means planning future together

When we love someone, we want to stay together forever. In this case people start long-term relationships and think about living together over time. If they both want kids, they discuss it. If people are in long-distance relationships, they do their best to get rid of this distance. But infatuation doesn't imply any serious intentions. You don't think about the future at all. Sometimes you aren't going to live with your partner together. All you want is just to have fun.

When does infatuation become love

When does infatuation become love

At the beginning of relationships we don't know if it's love or infatuation. When we fall in love, we think we met the best person in the world. But sometimes it's just lust and a foolish feeling. The thing is our hormones are very active when we meet someone we like. Over time, it will pass and in this situation either we break up or build something new, more profound and meaningful.

When does infatuation become love? It depends on a person. Some people realize it in several weeks already and for some people it takes for months. If you want to build something serious, try to meet with a person often enough. This way you will get to know them better. We will give you some rules for developing love but remember that you can't make your heart love someone. If you don't feel any desire to stay with person for a long time, you aren't compatible with them.

  • Don't rush with sex. Sometimes it's difficult when we are in infatuation. But try to stretch your pleasure. This way you will understand if you are interested in your partner or you just want to sleep with them.
  • Make up more activities. If you walk in the park every time, you can't get to know each other from different sides. You can try a picnic or a trip to an interesting place. This way you also can fresh up your relationships.
  • Don't idealize your partner. At the beginning of relationships you may think they are perfect but it's not like that. Over time you start noticing some minuses. Think about if you can put up with them. If they are crucial for you, better to talk about it or to finish your communication if the partner doesn't want to make a compromise.
  • Don't be intrusive. Infatuation means you want to see your loved one every day and every hour. But for some people it's quite tiresome. As a result, you both will be fed up with such communication and you can't build love. Leave some private space for another person. Respect their hobbies and other activities. Sometimes better to stay separate for a while.
  • You will have to support your partner. If infatuation doesn't mean anything serious, love is different. Love has a lot of obligations. You need to support your loved one when they are sick or have other problems. Be ready to put some efforts to it. If you don't want to do it at all, you will never love this person.

Infatuation vs love are things that bring a lot of positive emotions if another person feels the same. But sooner or later everyone will want to find true love and serious relationships. You can do it on our website. There are a lot of pretty girls on our dating platform who will want to meet a nice and loyal man. Chat with them to find someone the most compatible. You can use text and video chat for that, send virtual gifts and have fun of this conversation.

Last update: 02/03/2023