The recommendations for overcoming jealousy in romantic relationships

Overcoming jealousy

Jealousy in relationships is a destructive thing. Some people think that jealousy and love are the same. But it's not like that. Sometimes it's funny and intriguing to be jealous a bit and it makes your partner understand you are interested in them. But one day it will go too far. Your attitude and behavior will irritate them, it will be associated with violence and total control. It will lead to breakup sooner or later.

Dealing with jealousy is a good thing that shows you are a mature and serious person who is able to control themselves. Don't get into irrational paranoia. Try to handle yourself even if you are suspicious by your nature.

Jealousy in relationships in 2024

Jealousy in relationships

It's not so easy to stop being jealous, especially if you meet a beautiful woman who has a lot of admirers. For example, Russian single women are very pretty and friendly, so they can flirt with other men even without meaning anything bad. You should understand that you can't lock a person in a cage. You meet with adult and independent people and the only way to save the relationships is to trust them completely.

Overcoming jealousy isn't that easy. First, you need to understand the signs of this phenomenon.

  • You always think about your women hugging with another man. We can't control our thoughts completely and it's ok if you are suspicious and anxious from time to time. But if you are obsessed with it, you definitely have a problem.
  • You are not dealing with jealousy in a relationship if you ask your partner about their day in details all the time. It's fine to show your interest. But if you ask what she did from 1 to 2 p.m. and it makes you nervous, your jealousy isn't healthy.
  • You check her phone when she doesn't see it or you try to look at the screen when she is texting someone. If you are worried, better ask about it frankly but don't interfere in her private space.
  • You ask your partner to send the photos and videos to proof the location. It's not overcoming jealousy. If your partner agrees with it, they are getting in really abusive relationships.
  • You follow your loved one. Some people even hire a detective to do it. Remember that it's not only creepy, it's also illegal and if your partner reveals it, you will face some problems (let alone finishing your relationships).
  • You dictate what your loved one should wear and what is forbidden. Your girlfriend is an adult woman and she can wear whatever she likes even if it's a mini skirt. Long dresses and the absence of make up don't prevent cheating.
  • You forbid her to meet with her friends. In this case you definitely can't overcome jealousy and it's the first sign of violence in the relationships. You should know that Moldovan brides and other women are really sociable and have a lot of friends. Don't try to limit them.

If you have one or several signs that we listed, you should definitely overcome jealousy in a relationship, otherwise you can lose your soulmate. We will give you some tips that will be helpful.

Overcoming jealousy do's

Overcoming jealousy do's

What should you do to be calmer and to cope with your anxiety and the suspicious behavior? Let's talk about it.

Recognize the issue

Some people confuse jealousy with strong love. But when we love someone, we trust them. We want to make them happy. You should acknowledge you have the issue. You should realize your behavior is irrational and unfair towards another partner. After that you can make some steps for overcoming jealousy.

Trust your partner

Many people who are happy in a relationship still can be jealous. Ask yourself if you trust your loved one. If you don't, try to understand why you are so jealous. Do you have any reasons? More likely, you don't and it's a problem in your mind only. When you date single women, you can be jealous that they have other male friends. But it's ok if a person is single and completely free. Remember that you choose an equal partner, not a slave for yourself.

Keep yourself busy

Getting rid of jealousy is impossible if your thoughts are preoccupied with the possible infidelity of your spouse. If you have enough free time, you start tossing these thoughts in your head. Try to find something interesting for yourself. Keep yourself busy with work and new projects. Find a new hobby. Your partner can join it! Try to spend enough time together (this way you can be sure your partner is loyal and devoted to you).

Work on your self-esteem

Overcoming jealousy means working on your self-esteem. Confident people don't think about infidelity. They are busy with their own lives. If you are insecure and if you don't love yourself, you are jealous. You are afraid to lose your partner. And if you keep going with it, you will lose them. So try to love yourself. If it's too hard, you can go to a specialist.

Talk more with your partner

Do you want to get rid of jealousy? First, you should get rid of miscommunication and misunderstandings in your relationships. Talk with your loved one properly. Tell them about your worries. If you don't like something, talk about it too. Discuss your problem, it will help you to move away from irrational thoughts. At the same time try to control yourself. If you talk about your jealousy every day, sooner or later it will start offending your partner.

Work on your appearance

If you think your partner is too beautiful to you, get back to our point about self-esteem. But at the same time you can work on your appearance. Buy some new clothes and go to the gym (it will help you to find a new activity, by the way). Do some nice and pleasant procedures for your style.

Take a rest and do something separately

When you are jealous, it seems impossible to be apart from your partner. But in fact, we all need some rest. Take your time, let your loved one miss you. You can go to a separate trip or just spend some time with your friends and parents. Don't think about your partner activities these moments. Remember that it's your day and you should distract a bit.

Overcoming jealousy don'ts

Overcoming jealousy don'ts

Controlling jealousy is very important for relationships, but sometimes we make mistakes trying to do it. It's getting everything even worse. We want to let you know about some forbidden things that will kill your love.

Don't try to compare yourself with other people

Do you remember the self-esteem point? We are getting back to it again. All people are unique and different. Some of them have the better qualities than you and it's fine. But don't compare yourself with other men, it will encourage your jealous thoughts. There are some things your partner love about you. They chose you, not other people. Don't look at the social media influencers if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It's not a real life and all these people have their own drawbacks. Some of them aren't happy even, so don't compare yourself with more 'successful' people.

Don't make scenes

How to get over jealousy? First, make some peace with your partner if you have a lot of conflicts. They don't need to see your scenes, so hold back and control yourself. Don't raise your voice and don't insult your loved one. Sometimes jealousy can turn into a violence even, so be very careful about it. It's especially actual if you look for Belarus women for marriage, they don't like nervous and aggressive men.

Don't manipulate

When you are jealous, you feel bad. You feel tense and anxiety. And of course, you want your partner feel the same. But don't manipulate with their feelings! If you start flirting with other people out of spite, it won't lead to anything good. Don't try to make them feel guilty. Don't blame your loved one for your irrational thoughts.

Don't make your partner jealous

Don't create your profile on a dating site if you are in a relationship. Don't go on dates if you had a conflict with your soulmate. If you cheat out of spite, it will destroy your relationship.

Control your imagination

It's the most crucial point when overcoming jealousy. The problem of this phenomenon is in your head. It's based on irrational thoughts you can't get over. Don't let these thought overpower rationality. Try to think logically about the situation. You may think your partner loves someone else, but sometimes it's just your imagination. If you learn how to control your mind, your life will be much easier.

Don't follow your partner online

Online world is a very tricky thing. We can learn almost everything about people's lives thought their social media. But stalking is bad for your soul. Don't check the number of friends in her profile. Don't try to check her messages. It's easy to misinterpret some pictures or comments on the Internet and to jump into absurd conclusions. If you like a person, try to chat in reality as much as possible. Spend more time together and find interesting activities. In this case you won't think about online life.

Don't check her phone

If you want to get rid of jealousy, learn how to respect people's privacy. All people have the right for their own life. Don't check her messages and calls. If she notices it, she won't trust you anymore. Don't try to set up some spy soft on her computer. It's not only immoral, but also illegal. Don't read her personal diary, you will break her heart this way. If a person wants to cheat, they remove any prevocational messages and you can't prove anything. You should trust your partner.

Don't abuse

Jealousy is related to abuse, that's why it's so dangerous. Some guys require to give them passwords from all social media. Some of them control their partner's clothes (if a skirt is too short, they will make scenes). People can ask their loved ones to send their locations. All these things are strictly forbidden. Sooner or later your partner will be fed up with your control and will try to leave you.

Leave some space for your partner

Sometimes people want to stay a long for a while and it's absolutely normal. Don't be too intrusive and leave some private space for your girlfriend. She can walk with her friends or go to the dance class, but it doesn't mean she forgot about you. If you spend some days separately, it won't make your relationship worse.

Don't watch movies about infidelity

There are a lot of dramas about cheating. They are tragic and passionate, but most of them are far from the real life. Moreover, if you watch these movies regularly, you will get obsessed with infidelity thing. Don't romanticize cheating. Try to get some positive emotions from good movies and books.

Controlling jealousy

Controlling jealousy

So, we made a conclusion that jealousy is destructive. You can't build healthy relationships if you always think about the possible infidelity. Also, it's impossible to get rid of jealousy for the one day. But you can control your feeling. We will give you some tips how to do it:

  • Spend some happy time with your loved one. Try to diversify your leisure, don't stay home all the time. Go to the cinema or to the theater. Organize a dinner. Think about something not very banal to attract your partner.
  • Don't lose romance. Sometimes we have irrational thoughts because we realize that we don't have anything romantic in a relationship. Give some flowers to your partner. Organize a romantic dinner with wine and candles. Think about a movie for you two.
  • Pay attention to your self-development. Read and watch a lot, go to the gym and try to learn something new every day. If you both are from different countries, start learning another language, your partner will be pleased. This way you will become more confident and you won't have any time for irrational thoughts.
  • Try to get out of long-distance relationships. When you both don't see each other, it's easy to get jealous. It's easy to cheat as well. Long-distance relationships are fine, but you should know that sooner or later you both will be together. Work on it every day. Make sure your partner wants the same, otherwise you will sink into your jealousy and suspicions.
  • Work on your sex life. If people meet for a long time, sex is getting banal and boring. Some pairs can't put up with it, they start looking for other people for sexual experiments. Think about your intimate life. You can buy some sex toys or sexy lingerie to attract your partner. Try new positions or watch an erotic movie. Remember that your sex should be regular. It will help you to get even closer. Speak frankly. If you have some preferences, don't hide them. Who knows, maybe your partner will accept them and will agree to try something new!
  • Think about your future. When your relationships don't develop, it's easy to be jealous and obsessed with negative thoughts. Think about what you can improve to make your life better. If your intentions are serious enough, talk with your partner about the wedding or living together. This way you will get to another level and you will be closer.

What if your partner cheats you

Sometimes jealousy is reasonable, not irrational. What if you found out your loved one is interested in another person? You can read some spicy messages or see her profile on a dating website. In this case you will have to make a decision about your future relationships. We know how much it hurts but try to be rational even in this situation. We will give you some tips about it.

  • Don't make scenes and don't be violent. These things will lead to tragic results.
  • You have the right to be angry. Of course, you can cry and reproach your partner. Let your emotions out. Don't hide them, otherwise you will get a serious mental trauma.
  • After you calmed down a bit, you can talk frankly with your partner. Try to understand the reasons of this behavior. Many people make mistakes. Your partner may love you, but one day they did something wrong.
  • Make a decision about your future relationship. Think about if you are ready to forgive your loved one. Sometimes it's impossible after cheating.
  • If you forgive them, remember that this step is over. Don't remind your partner about their mistake. Try to have your regular life. Make sure your partner won't cheat you again. They should feel really sorry for what they did. If they don't feel any remorse, better stop these toxic relationships.
  • Bear in mind it's not your fault. All people aren't perfect. But it doesn't give any right for cheating. If a partner reproach you, don't even listen to it and stop the communication. At the same time, if you see your loved one is really sorry for it, you can talk about the reasons. Maybe you weren't romantic enough or your partner didn't feel any warm. Make some conclusions from this situation.

Thus, jealousy isn't good for healthy relationships and for building something substantial. If you want to get rid of it, but you can't handle yourself, go to a specialist. They will help you to analyze the situation and to find some ways to control it.

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Last update: 02/03/2023