Here's Why It Might be a Good Idea to Date a Fit Chick

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Back in the day, when we thought about the gym and fitness, we often thought of men with bulging biceps and washboard abs. Things, however, are now changing and women are giving tough competition to men.

More and more women are getting gym memberships and sweating it out in the club. Instagram is full of fit chicks who love to show off and motivate others. They look great but that isn't the only reason why we encourage people to date fit chicks. There are several other benefits as well.

In this article, we'll cover why you should look for fitness singles and answer all questions you may have about dating a fit chick.

Now, without much ado, let's get started:

Who is a Fit Chick?

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Let's set the record straight. A fit chick isn't someone who has 10 percent body fat and 8 pack abs. A fit chick is someone who enjoys working out and takes very good care of her health.

There is no definition as such and a girl doesn't have to go to the gym to be considered a fit chick. Women who live an active lifestyle, exercise at home, avoid junk food, and take part in activities such as hiking and yoga can be considered fit.

It's also about the mindset. Someone who feels fit is fit. A lot, however, does depend on how someone looks. Generally, we consider women fit when they look a certain way, i.e.: are not chubby or overweight. This is why it is common to gauge someone's fitness level just by looking at them.

Where Can I Find a Fit Chick?

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This is a commonly asked question because not all women can be considered fit. Here is how you can find some fit chicks:

Try Dating Sites

Dating sites like Tinder and Bumble can prove to be very beneficial. They house millions of women and allow users to find interested women in their area. You can even set filters such as ‘exercise: active' to find women that are into working out among Russian brides online.

Most women even write bios and post pictures that can help you know exactly who they are. However, remember that the opinion on dating girls online sites isn't very positive due to the presence of fake profiles. Plus, people on dating profiles also ghost each other and there might even be scammers.

If you want to try this option, then be careful and avoid sharing personal information with women you do not know or trust. Also, remember that you might not match with everyone out there so get ready to lose some.

Look at Social Media

Turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find a gym bunny. You can join pages that promote fitness or even use hashtags such as #fitgirl to find women that enjoy working out among Ukrainian women brides.

The best thing about social media is that it allows people to know who the other person is without initiating a conversation. You can view their profile (if public) and gauge who they are before dropping a hi. However, again, be careful because you may not always get a response and some of your messages may even go to the same folder.

It might be a good idea to do a bit of homework and only approach people you have a chance with, i.e.: single women. It might also be a good idea to stay away from influencers (mini celebs) as they can be a little hard to win but go for it if you have confidence in your abilities.

Find Someone in Your Gym

What better place to find a fit chick than a gym? Join a gym that welcomes both men and women and start mingling with other visitors. But, make sure to not come out standing like a sore thumb. People don't always enjoy being approached during sets. They find it irritating when someone drops by to say hi while they're busy counting reps so only approach people when they're free.

In fact, talk to them outside of the gym. We're not asking you to stalk them, just catch them when they're free and strike up a conversation. Some people like to get to the point and some take time to open up. Pick the option that works for you and try your luck.

Keep an Eye on the Road

The world is full of beautiful women, so keep your eyes open for a fit chick and approach her when you come across one. Again, you have to be careful because the women you approach might not always be interested.

Learn to break the ice in a neat manner without coming too strong. You need to be nice. Start by exchanging numbers or social media profiles and move from there.

Ask Friends for Help

Let your friends know you're interested in dating fit women and ask them for help. They could be your wingman and introduce you to their friends. Since your friends are aware of your likes and dislikes, they can do a very good job of finding someone suitable for you.

But, remember to not blindly trust their preferences and give it a try before you go all in. Remember that the job of a friend is only to be a bridge and introduce you two, you will have to manage the rest.

A Fit Chick is More Than Just a Fit Chick

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Contrary to popular belief, a fit chick is more than just a woman who enjoys fitness. They're like any other girl and have dreams, goals, and ambitions that do not always revolve around fitness.

They enjoy make up, travel, food, movies, and whatnot. Just because someone's into fitness doesn't mean their entire life revolves around the gym or protein shake.

Remember this when you meet fitness singles and make sure to not only talk about fitness. Show all your sides and let them know you're capable of a lot more than the basic stuff.

Why Think of Dating Fit Women?

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Still not sold on the idea? Here are some reasons why you should consider dating fit women:

They Look Good

We cannot decline the fact that women who work out look great no matter what they wear. Ask any man and he'd tell you that the body is usually the first thing they notice about a woman. Working out doesn't only make people feel good from the inside but also look good from the outside.

Women who work out also tend to be very confident. They know that they look good and are not afraid of speaking their mind.

They Can Make You Look Good

Again, just like women, men tend to look better when they have a fit body. A fit woman will make you follow a healthy routine, which will impact how you feel, look, and think. You will end up looking good with and without your shirt.

This can make you more confident and even open new avenues for you. However, this can take a while as the journey can often be difficult but with a partner as your support system, things will definitely seem easier.

They've Got Knowledge to Share

Fit women are well aware of health and nutrition. Some might even be able to prepare your gym routine and ensure you eat well. They can help you calculate macros and calories and even suggest the right pre-workout for you.

You'll be getting your own personal trainer without having to worry about anything. Sharing the same interests can also be great as it will give you a lot to discuss and talk about. Also, fit women are not only into the gym but other things as well and are usually knowledgeable in other areas too.

Sex and Life Gonna Be Great

The fitter you are, the better you will be in bed. Fit people can do exciting things in and outside of the bedroom. They have good cardiovascular health, which allows them to try new things.

Plus, women who do yoga and other such exercises tend to be more flexible and hence more fun. Also, fit women tend to be happier as exercise results in the release of endorphins that reduce pain and make people feel better. This is why living with a fit woman can be better as they are less likely to go through mood swings and feel irritated. In fact, they may vent their anger out at the gym and not on you.

She Can Make You Live Longer

This might come as a surprise to some but science has proven that eating unhealthy meals and gaining unhealthy weight can reduce life span and increase the risk of health issues including cardiac problems.

Leading a fit and healthy life is a great way to reduce the risk of certain illnesses and ensure you live longer. Japan is said to have the longest life span as obesity in the country is very low at under 4 percent for both men and women. On the other hand, it is above 40 percent in the US. Hence, it doesn't come as a surprise that life expectancy in the US is 78 years, whereas it goes to 84 in Japan.

Being with a fit woman means eating healthy meals, staying away from unhealthy habits like munching unhealthy snacks, consuming alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. With these things out of your life, you'll feel happier and live longer.

Good for Your Kids

Assuming you decide to settle down with your partner, you can rest assured that you will have very healthy kids. Fit women give birth to fit kids and instill healthy habits in them.

This is a great benefit because obesity is prevalent in about 19.3 percent of children in the US. This is a huge number and a great way to reduce this is to ensure your children consume healthy meals and take part in good activities.

You'll Get to Know New Foods

Sick and tired of eating the same thing? Dating a fit chick means getting introduced to a new set of meals. They don't only try unique recipes but some even have their own secret restaurants and meals that you might love. Plus, they are always aware of what they want to eat and your date nights will be exciting as there will be less thinking and more doing.

Can I Find a Fit Girl if I Do Not Work out?

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The answer cannot be a straight yes or no here because preferences change from person to person. Technically speaking, women who work out tend to prefer men who work out but you will also find women who enjoy dad bods.

Still, it can be a little hard to date fit women if you look unhealthy or unfit. But, if you look around you will find cases where a fit woman helped an unfit partner lose weight and start a new life. So, we can say that everything is possible and you should not give up.

This is why it might be a good idea to get ready to change your lifestyle a little when you go out to meet fitness singles.

Is It Boring to Date a Gym Bunny?

It might sound boring on paper but being with a gym bunny can be very exciting. You will be able to do a lot of things together from trying new couple workouts to setting up weight loss or weight gain goals. Plus, you might get to experience things you never experienced in life such as rock climbing and hiking.

Also, women who work out tend to enjoy other things as well and they even attend parties and go to clubs. It's just that they usually do it in a proper manner and stay away from unhealthy things, i.e.: drinking too much when they're at the bar.

So, get ready to have some fun with your gym bunny. They will not force you to live your life their way but may motivate you to move in the right direction.

Last update: 02/03/2023