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LadaDate Review

Hey there! I'd like to share my impressions of the online dating platform LadaDate. I'm too lazy to write reviews about the websites, limiting myself to clicking on a certain number of stars to add up rating points to the company I consider decent. So, how I happened to be here? Everything started with the Instagram recommendation. The reason is that I've already joined numerous groups with single girls willing to date. I've opened the recommended group and caught an image of a woman I want because those were the pictures of pretty Russian women. Some of them were Ukrainians. They looked sexy, but not vulgar. It was evident that the mediators of the group pick out only the classy ladies of different looks and body types, but it was evident that the ladies were to be in line with certain requirements. The link posted in the group led to the website. I opened the link.

LadaDate additional Review

LadaDate additional Review

Sign Up Process

I decided to try it because they didn't charge anything for the registration. I've started the account in seconds using Facebook, which took me a couple of seconds. However, I was a bit baffled when I started looking through the profiles of the drop-dead gorgeous ladies having no opportunity to get in touch with them. It turned out that sending letters and starting video chats is only possible for the authorized users with a pre-paid subscription. I decided to give it a go and realized that payments are explained by the fact that the administration works 24/7 verifying the accounts of new women and thoroughly checking each of them for the sake of the users' safety. There are no hidden prices, and LadaDate claims from the very beginning that you will HAVE TO invest money to make matchmaking work. Otherwise, you'll only have a possibility to browse the accounts. Thankfully, the price tags are affordable, and a couple of minutes after I paid and started getting in touch with many girls via messages and video chats.


It didn't take much time from the website to make me interested. I've been looking through the profiles of these beautiful ladies slowly realizing that it's impossible to pick out the one I want to see in my life, basing only on the pictures. All of them were gorgeous and classy. You know, a friend of mine has been living in St. Petersburg, Russia, for a couple of years, and he's sure he has never seen such grace, sexual appeal, and hospitality. All of them look so gentle, fragile, and powerful at the same time. In the process of communication with the women of all ages, I found out that they were also patient and mentally strong personalities who honestly told me that they decided to become a part of the online dating competitive market because they are interested in a better future for them and their potential kids. I liked this honesty, but I also understood that I need more tools to specify the partner I want. Spoiler: everything worked out better than I expected.

It's Not Sneaky

There's nothing mean in online dating and choosing a person of your liking in catalogs. It simply boosts up the same matchmaking process that you could start somewhere in the local bar with fewer chances for success. Submitting multiple virtual partners at a time helps you limit the circle, which has no connection with lies and shame. It's a win-win solution for both men and women because women do have the right to reject.


Unfortunately, some of the girls on the website are still struggling with their linguistic skills. Not all of them can express their ideas clearly. Nevertheless, all Russian girls on LadaDate are learning the languages, understanding that it's the only way out of the country. It looks like the administration of the agency encourages them to do it. Of course, no one is obliged to speak the second language, but sometimes, the language barrier prevented me from finding out more about the real qualities of a woman. Nevertheless, beauties like these deserve my patience, and I will gladly pay for some classes of English for her in my country, as well as for the Russian classes for me.

The Girls Are Real

Real girls interested in further communication ask a lot of questions, demonstrating their sincere interest and eagerness to know more about me. It's a rare behavior among the scammers. They openly speak out about the details of their lives and never answer the same questions differently. They are not robots, and there's always a possibility to start a video chat if you want to see her eyes, listen to her voice tone, and experience emotions that are close to reality.

Are There Any Scammers?

I know that it's one of the most painful questions concerning online dating and online socialization in general. Distant communication makes us less careful. I've been chatting with different women for about a year, and I am sure I know the difference between the scammers and real people. A real girl answers the questions in a thoughtful manner, and it's evident that she feels shy when you talk on camera. Scammers and money-hunters lack sincerity in conversations. Their answers an all questions sound like they've learned them by heart beforehand. Besides, LadaDate administration ensures the users that scamming is almost impossible because they verify the identity of every woman. They check whether the photos are real before uploading them and even ask for passport data.

Ok, it's time to talk about my luck.

Her name is Aleena, and I call her Leen. At the beginning of my acquaintance with this website, I didn't have enough time to read everything I received in my mailbox. Every evening I read the messages slowly trying to filter them from the ones that didn't interest me. It took me a bit more than a year to find out that a charming, magnetic girl from Russia wrote to me several times. I even felt ashamed of myself. Thank God, her knowledge of English was more than simply acceptable. It turned out that in Russia, she worked as an interpreter for one of the local IT companies with main offices in the USA. Leen was given a promotion and had to move to the USA. That's where I understood it was our destiny. We had many conversations, and in about a month, she told me her second name and the phone number. I don't need to tell you we are a happily married couple, do I?

Real Life First Date

Leen lived in one of the most beautiful Russian cities I've seen only on pictures – St. Petersburg. It's an amazing place that deserves a separate post. As you understand, I decided to come to her place and see her in reality. Besides, I was eager to learn more about her motherland while her VISA was being processed. At the airport, I felt so overwhelmed I could hardly stand on my feet. But when I saw her. Do you know how it feels when you reveal something so pleasant and so enjoyable that you could hardly breathe from rapture? I was trapped with her incredible eyes and a smile. Oh, gosh, I wish you knew how I wanted to kiss Leen, but my shyness was knocked down when she did it herself.

At that moment, I understood the meaning of that banal phrase, which sounded like 'It felt like we had already met before and knew each other all this time before the first encounter.'

Leen helped me make my first steps in her culture, cooked strange, but incredibly memorable foods, and let me understand that women can be more than just lovers. She's my everything at present, and I have no idea what my life would be without her. Nevertheless, I'm glad I've been through so many obstacles in my life, and I'm thankful for LadaDate. I've never thought that only a couple of clicks could separate me from the world of endless online possibilities.

Jamie, 40 years old, Chicago.

LadaDate Comprehensive Review

LadaDate Comprehensive Review

We don't want to claim that LadaDate is the best choice. Everything depends on the needs of single men going online and looking for their matches. The website mostly concentrates on Slavic women from the south-eastern part of Europe. These are mostly Ukrainians and Russians searching for husbands abroad.

Of course, judging by the catalogs of profiles, you can also find a single Asian or Canadian lady, but you'll have greater chances for a match if you are interested in the Slavic singles.

Here you can find women of different social circles and financial possibilities. More than a half of these women are professionally successful and merely don't want to waste time on casual dates and acquaintances in the local pubs and restaurants.

Last update: 02/03/2023