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So, I've recently tried out the popular online data site LadaDate, and here is an official 2024 Lada Date review. This review is short but sweet. I've never been one to try online dating. I've never found the appeal of meeting a stranger online, not knowing if they are real, and not knowing if I will find a long-lasting relationship from it.

I'm a busy guy with a family, children, and a career, and I run my household. As a single parent, I never considered dating much, let alone ever getting married.

However, my best friend met his wife through an online marriage agency one day. She is wonderful, a caring mother, a thoughtful friend, and an all-around great person. Seeing my friend's experience, I considered the same path and investigated online dating platforms. After searching for a while, I came across LadaDate reviews online, with now married people raving about their experience and how they met the love of their life – and I was convinced.

I joined LadaDate and began my search for love. Although you must pay for some functions, it is worth the price. After making a few connections, I matched with a wonderful woman. She is older than me by a few years, but she is flawless. We are now one month of living together, and it couldn't be going better! We are both matched in personality; we both speak German, which is my native language. I would never have thought I could meet such a kind and loving person through online dating.

She is gorgeous, and my children love her so much. It was love at first sight. I'm writing this Lada Date review because not only do we live together, but we are also engaged! I am happier than I have ever been before, all thanks to LadaDate online dating.

Struan, 35 years old, Chicago.

LadaDate Review 2024: Modern and Real As It Sounds

LadaDate Review

Hey there! I had an opportunity to use LadaDate, and I would like to give my honest LadaDate review based on my experience.

Honestly, I am not the kind of person who enjoys writing reviews. Often, I found myself just clicking on a specific number of stars to boost the rating of the online dating company I deem descent. Something must have happened for me to be here; what is it? Well, the whole thing can be traced back to an Instagram recommendation. I am a member of several single girls groups on Instagram, ready to date.

So, I opened the recommended group, and voila! There was a beautiful Russian woman. There were Ukrainian beaus too, and they all appeared sexy but not vulgar. It was immediately apparent that the ladies here had common looks and body types characteristics. However, looking at all the ladies here, one thing was even more straightforward; besides the looks and body types, it seemed they were all in line with specific requirements. What followed would be a game-changer in my journey to look for my significant other. I clicked on the link, and it directed me to the website, which I hurriedly opened…

LadaDate Additional Review

I was eager to explore the website, and therefore I signed up right away. The registration was free, and in a few seconds, I was in. However, I was perplexed when I started browsing hundreds of amazingly sexy and dazzling ladies with no way to reach out to them.

I later realized that only authorized users with a prepaid subscription could send messages and initiate video chats. I wasn't going to let this stand between me and my goal of finding my love on the site, so I decided to subscribe. Given the amount of work verifying the new accounts of women registering on the platform, my subscription is justified. Checking the accounts undoubtedly ensures the safety of all the users on the platform.

There are no price surprises at all, and the platform openly claims that investing money is one of the things you can do to increase your chances of getting your perfect match. Otherwise, all you can do on the platform without a subscription is browse the accounts.

However, the subscriptions are affordable, and I paid immediately, messages from beautiful beaus started flooding my inbox!


I got immediately interested in what I saw on the platform. Looking through all the profiles of these stunning ladies, I discovered it is challenging to choose one, considering pictures only. They all looked gorgeous, gentle, sexy, fragile, but strong at the same time.

So, I randomly picked several ladies and initiated a chat with them. I realized that they have mentally solid personalities and are patient in my communication with them. They are also honest. Some hinted that they opted to sign up to the online dating site because they were looking for someone they could build a better future together for themselves and their children. I was particularly amazed by their level of honesty. Still, given their overriding personalities, I understood that more tools would come in handy if I were to get the partner I was looking for. Everything exceeded my expectations, and it worked out better than I had thought!


Unfortunately, the Ukrainian and Russian ladies on LadaDate are still trying to iron out their linguistic skills. Some had challenges expressing their ideas precisely. Luckily, most of them, especially the Ukrainian girls on LadaDate, are trying to learn English, bearing in mind that it is only their ticket to leave their country.

It seems like the dating site encourages them to do so to increase their chances of getting English-speaking men, especially from the UK, which is a desired destination for most Russians. Of course, no one would force you to speak a second language, but being able to speak and understand it opens more doors for you. I remember the language barrier denied me a chance to date a lady I liked since I couldn't understand her better. Given this opportunity again, I would gladly take Ukrainian classes and encourage her to learn English in my country.

No Fakes

You will immediately notice a scammer when you start the communication with her. Real girls are interested in understanding you better, and therefore, they will ask a lot of questions, showing their sincere interest and eagerness to know you. I experienced this with the girls I was chatting with on LadaDate. They openly told me everything about their lives and were logical in answering their questions.

They are not robots, and there is an option to video call if you want to have a more personal touch through hearing her voice tone and seeing her eyes. That is something scammers rarely do.

Gordon, 39 years old, Tel Aviv.

Real Life First Date

First Date

How best can you describe your first date? Well, it is all lovely, bewildering, and emotional at the same time. It is even more beautiful when you meet in a different country you have never been to. This is exactly what my experience with Karina was.

Karina lived in one of the most beautiful Russian cities - St. Petersburg. As you would expect, after a few months of chatting online, I decided to come and see her in person. Moreover, I was interested to discover more about her country as we waited for her VISA to be processed.

That long-awaited precious moment happened at the airport. I hardly stood on my feet as I waited for her to come and pick me up. The few minutes of waiting felt like a whole day! Finally, I saw her, and at that moment, the meaning of the banal phrase ‘it felt like we had already met before and known each other all this time before the first encounter' became even more evident to me!

I was strongly attracted to her and wanted to kiss her, but my shyness couldn't let my wishes be. Fortunately, she did it herself, and my shyness had no chance anymore between us!

Karina was welcoming, attractive, and lovely. She guided me in understanding her culture and what women can achieve besides being just lovers. She is my wife and confidant now; she's my everything, and I have no idea what direction my life would have taken without her.

Nevertheless, I appreciate all the challenges I have been through, and I am grateful for LadaDate. I am astounded by how a few clicks on the platform helped me change my love story…for the better!

Jonathan, 45 years old, London.

Last update: 02/06/2023