Dating a Farmer: Farmers Talk Pros and Cons of Dating a Farmer

Dating a Farmer

This season's program follows Chris Soules, a fourth-generation Iowan farmer who runs a reality show and a 6,000-acre field of various crops when he isn't filming. So far, we've seen gorgeous Chris looking across lovely pastures, performing push-ups on bales of hay, and organizing bikini-styled tractor competitions on Los Angeles streets.

Participating women shucked corn, battled pigs, and milked goats in last night's show, which came complete with a "Hoedown Throwdown."

But, is that the fastest or best way to a farmer's heart? spoke with three Iowan farmers on the benefits and drawbacks of meeting Prince Farming, two of whom had watched the show and one who maintains he doesn't have the time to see it.

Jordan Clasen, 27 years old, lives in Grade A Gardens

Farmer Dating

Jordan is a first-generation farmer who runs a small farm west of Des Moines. His farm grows 60 to 70 crop varieties, including garlic, zucchini, and apple. He is the head of CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] with around 100 members and supplies to high-end restaurants as well as a farmers' market on weekends.

What's the best reason for dating a farmer?

You get to have the greatest darn meal you could eat. If a guy can cook a female breakfast, that's a win — but if a dude can go out and fetch freshly laid eggs, you're truly lucky. I always have grimy nails and a tear or two on my shirt. That is all it takes for the ideal individual to find me appealing.

What is the most challenging aspect of dating a farmer?

The time. When May arrives, it's somewhat of a bummer. Friday, I'm up almost all night ensuring that everything is prepared for the farmers' market, and we have to get up early to get downtown by six o'clock. Many women enjoy going out on weekends, and it's challenging to have a weekend away when the farmer's market is waiting.

Is it difficult to meet ladies with such a busy schedule?

I've discovered that girls, like plants, require water and nurturing. And while farming may often feel like a never-ending job, which makes it feel like I'm out here all the time. As a result, yes and no. I don't believe it's impossible for me to meet people, but finding a partner — a like-minded, caring individual — may be challenging. I'm not hoping for someone who will go out on the farms with me, but someone appreciative of my interest would be fantastic.

What are your thoughts about Chris?

He's a genuine Iowan. I spoke with my mother, who is a fan of the show. "Oh, he's the loveliest man, he appeared on the previous female version of the show," she said. She's madly in love with him.

Do you believe the show portrays what it's genuinely like to be a farmer?

I can't think of any farmers who would jump at the chance to appear on a national television show like that. But he's a great man, gorgeous, and courteous, so I believe they did a fantastic job representing an Iowa farmer.

To appear on the show, I think you have to be hunting for an unusual type of love. I'm simply a different individual. I imagine I'm going to run into my dream girl in a Target parking area or something.

Do you have any advice for the show's female contestants competing for Chris' love?

I'm sure he works long hours, and Mother Nature is unpredictable enough that if he has a date night for next Weekend and it pours, and he has to repair equipment and can't attend, they have to be accommodating.

When you arrive home, and your other half complains about you being delayed, it makes for a problematic relationship.

Is it vital that the lady you're dating has agricultural experience?

Farming abilities aren't as vital to me as a desire to learn and frolic in the mud. It's significant that she likes to be outside rather than indoors. I picked farming as a job because I had the luxury of working outdoors. If I wanted to be rich, I might well have trained to be a computer programmer.

I always aspired to be a millionaire since I was a child. I'm seeking a woman who responds favorably if I tell them I'm a farmer than if I were to say I'm a billionaire.

Have you ever encountered a lady who has a thing for farmers?

I've encountered ladies who believe that being a farmer is the most astounding profession in the world – whether or not this is a fetish, I really can't tell.

Have you ever had sex on a farm?

That question brings a grin to my face. Yes, all you need is a meadow or just grass and a bright shiny moon.

How long has it been since you've been on a date? What happened on that date?

I'm not sure what constitutes a date nowadays. I recently saw Boyhood with a female friend after supper. It was a chilly winter day. I lit up the grill and made burgers and fries. It seemed like a date to me.

When was the last time you were in a serious relationship? Why did you two split up?

I was in a relationship for a little more than five years. We split up a little more than a year ago. We split up since it was my first year of full-time farming. I worked on the farms till dark, grew out most of my hair, didn't apply antiperspirant, and she regularly discovered dirt in the laundry since I didn't clean my pants thoroughly enough.

Will your wedding be held on a farm?

Provided my soul partner, family, and close friends are with me, I'll be happy to have the wedding anywhere.

Grant Schultz, 33, from Versaland

Farmers Dating

Versaland is a 145-acre farm that combines fruit, nut, and wood trees with vegetables and multi-species grazing. Grant doesn't watch the show, but he volunteered to respond to some dating-related questions by email.

What are the advantages of dating a farmer?

I have complete freedom to do anything I want, whenever I want. There are no managers, no sales objectives, and limitless vacation days.

What's so tricky about dating a farmer?

In harvesting periods, the hours might be lengthy. But there are sometimes significant stretches of leisure time - it all depends on the type of business you run. Row-crop producers can labor for just several weeks out of the year if they choose; I know dairy farmers dating and who have never been absent from work for more than two days. I always get to take the entire winter off to chill around, write, or visit pals worldwide. It's pretty incredible.

What qualities do you want in a woman?

Intelligence comes first, then autonomy and physical wellbeing. Kiwi ladies should spend more time in the United States!

Is it critical that your partner has agricultural experience?

A woman doesn't need to have agricultural skills, but it is necessary for her to have a relationship with what the environment is like. I've dated physicians and lawyers; mutual admiration does not need us to know one other's trade in detail.

Have you ever tried to show a lady how to farm but been put off because she simply couldn't do it?

No, but I once started teaching a woman to ski on a date, and it was a catastrophe.

Have you ever encountered a lady who has a thing for farmers?

Every 20-to-30-year-old hipster woman in America has a concealed farmer fetish. I try not to bring up my job. I'm not interested in dating vegans. With an omnivore, it may succeed.

Are you a skilled cook?

I am a competent cook but benefit from having a diverse farm of cattle and veggies, so I have enough fresh produce to work with. Today, farmers usually cook off boxes. It's insane.

What are some of the most prevalent misunderstandings about your career that you encounter?

Pigs do not smell unless they are locked in confinement all day. My animals are raised in pasture.

Do you believe a decent farmer is a perfect fit for the show?

On that program, you're witnessing a parody of a part-time farmer. A true farmer does not want to live in Los Angeles for 11 months of the year. You may quote me on it.

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Writing, weight lifting, and working on equipment are all options. In my previous life, I worked in startups. When you go far enough into wellness, you understand that the only way to ensure food diversity and quality is to cultivate it yourself. I basically sold my business (a real estate firm) and began a farm from the ground up.

How long has it been since you've been on a date? What exactly did you do?

The previous week. Coffee and a bike ride - pretty much what you'd do in Brooklyn; the only difference is that the air is fresher here. I'm fortunate to live eight miles from a university, so there are lots of dates going on, generally with non-farming ladies. Some people were raised on farms, although this is uncommon.

FarmersOnly is a farmers' online dating site similar to OkCupid. Do you find that intriguing?

Why would you restrict yourself to farmers only? Is a DoctorsOnly available? I'm with OKC and like meeting diverse people.

Will your wedding be held on a farm?

I see a springtime celebration on the farm, with the apples in full blossom. We'll have to wait and see what the future has in store.

Andrew Edson (24), Edson Acres

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Andrew is a sixth-generation farmer brought up on a soy and corn farm in Iowa. While still in high school, he began producing his own soy and corn crops and worked as a full-time farmer while attending Iowa State. He currently has about 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans, as well as 15 cattle. He was transporting maize on the highway when met him. He generously stopped to talk.

Is it difficult to meet ladies when you have a farmer's schedule?

Without a doubt. Not only must they be met, but they must also be maintained. For a year and a half, I was seeing a lady in college, and I could sense the moments we were by far the most anxious during harvesting season, which cut back the amount of time I could spend with her, given we were in a long-distance relationship. She was attending Iowa State University, about two and a half hours away.

What is the best thing about dating a farmer?

Dating a farmer can mean you have an enthusiastic person, not only about farming but also about family. [Farmers] put in their best effort and passion. They're 100% committed to what they do.

What is the most difficult aspect of dating a farmer?

Having to adapt and understand when things don't always go as planned or hours are long. Because we are confined by weather conditions as farmers, we naturally learn to and have to adapt to the changes. It may be more difficult for girls who weren't raised on a farm to understand.

What are your thoughts about Chris?

They've done an excellent job with him. His compassionate nature and concern for others have truly shone through. To me, he rings true as an Iowan farmer.

Do you believe the show portrays what it's truly like to be a farmer well?

There's a considerable separation when comparing the urban demographic and farmers, so I'm glad they've found a way to bridge the gap. It's reality TV, so I'm probably not going to see riding tractors in bikinis in real life as they did in the last episode.

Is it necessary for a lady you date to be "outdoorsy"?

She is not required to dress like a farmer or enjoy hunting and fishing. However, because most farming is done outside, she probably should like being outdoors and not balk at getting some dirt on her hands.

Have you ever encountered a lady who has a thing for farmers?


How do women respond when you say to them you are a farmer – is it a turn-on for them?

Farming frequently elicits ecstatic responses from women. In a place like Iowa, being a farmer carries favorable implications. We're practical, down-to-earth people who like being outside and taking care of what has been given to us.

How long has it been since you've been on a date? What exactly did you do?

I haven't been on a date in approximately 8 months, and I have forgotten what we did. I particularly remember a date when we visited a nearby town looking for exciting "photo ops." The aim was to capture seven images, each of which featured a different rainbow hue. When it comes to dating, a little bit of imagination pushes things further.

Will your wedding be held on a farm?

That is all up to my future bride. The farm might be a nice background, but it's not obligatory.

So, if you are a farmer, you can easily find women online and be happy together.

Last update: 02/03/2023