Types of Kisses: 20 Types with Explanations

Types of Kisses

A kiss is one of the most gentle and touching ways to express your attitude. A mother's kiss is one of the most soothing and pleasant caresses a person gets on the start of life. A lover's first kiss is one of the magical times in lives of most human beings. This type of caress emphasizes a specific level of connection to a person you love.

We all know that love is everywhere: love for your parents, kids, friends, lovers, co-workers, and pets. You either love someone or not. These types of love are different and imply similar and at the same time various emotions that you express through your body language. When words are not enough to reveal your affection for a person you fancy. A kiss is always a perfect solution.

There's a plenty of zones in a human body acceptable for kissing. Let's get deeper into it and find out more about this basic type of caress.

Types of Kissing and What They Mean

Types of Kissing

The following list includes basic and habitual ways to express your fondness as well as non-classic types that can be unpleasant to some people. We're sure you'll find your preference.


A kiss in the forehead is a very soft and innocent way to show that you care for a person. It's acceptable for anyone: close friends, relatives and lovers both in the very beginning of their relationship and later. This act demonstrate that you care for the one you kiss and you admire him/her. It can also be used as a hint destined to note that you're up to a deeper romantic communication.


A kiss on the hand implies either respect or admiration. You gently take a woman's hand, lean towards it, and draw it closer to your lips. It's one of the types of kisses that can demonstrate a respectful formal attitude or a deep passion you're trying to hide behind your reserved and polite nature. Look your potential partner in the eyes while kissing her hand to make her feel those exciting goosebumps down her spine!

Eskimo Kiss

That's one of the most affectionate types of kisses when two people rub noses. People living in cold climates were used to rub noses together while being sick not to make their partners catch a cold from them. Nowadays, kisses like these are mostly shared between the mothers and their kids or between affectionate lovers on all stages of their relationship. It's one of the greatest substitutes to regular kisses in cold weather – your lips won't get dry or chapped.

French Way

That's one of the deepest and most passionate types of kisses. I certainly needs some skill because it includes your tongue. However, you don't have to be a master when you do this intuitively. Passion does it on its own. Just relax and stay in line with your emotions in case if your partner feels the same.

Lips Only

A kiss like this can be shared between partners in romance both at the very beginning of their relationship or in the process. It can express you gentle attachment to each other. It can also be used to hint at your playful attitude. Perfect for experienced couples teasing each other before the intimacy. It's also useful in the beginning of your romance – you share a kiss like this to demonstrate your willing to get closer to each other.


That's a playful way to attract your partner. The thing is that it is targeted at the erogenous zone. It's gentle, sexy, and cute at the same time. You simply thrust an earlobe of your partner between your lips or teeth for mutual intimacy. There are different types of hot kisses, and this one is the first in the list. It's innocent and horny at a time.


That's a playful way to express your affection. Touch a tip of the nose with your lips. That's also a goof way to make a child laugh.


You kiss each other while making your eyelashes touch like wings of the butterfly. That's an intimate sign which is very popular among devoted lovers keen on romance.

Spiderman Style

Anyone fond of Spiderman movie remembers this scene. You face each other while one of you is in the upside down position. Of course, copying the action right from the film is traumatic. But as soon as both of you lay in the sand on the beach or on a cozy blanket while having a picnic, this sweet type of kissing may be very cute and appealing.

Linger to Each Other

Lingering means hugging and kissing each other in the lips for a long period of time. It's intense, emotional, and deep. It involves a lot of cuddling and it's generally shared between passionate lovers. You'll experience this when you mutually fall in love for the first time.


It's soft, affectionate, and tender. This soft lip touch on the cheek is usually combined with an embrace. Popular among friends, family members and lovers. It doesn't imply sexual pretext. It shows that you care for a person you're close to. It demonstrates care and concern in any age and with any human being. It is also used in order to greet each other or say goodbye.

Lipstick Kiss

Leaving a mark on your partner/friend/kid/family member is just an amusing affair that n most cases implies no specific undertones. It's just a way to make fun.


It's shared between individuals in love. You kiss each other in a very peculiar way showing that it means something that only two of you can know.


Kiss each other like lizards. Use quick tongue strokes to emphasize you've got a hot and passionate connection to each other. It's a sort of a bridge of passion between you and your lover. This caress is not appropriate for the public and it's perfect for the expression of your obsession.


This kiss is non-romantic. It's when you press your cheek against the cheek of someone you're in friendly relationship with and produce the sound of kissing without touching the skin with your lips. That's a warm playful gesture often used to greet or say goodbye.


Kiss someone's eyelid to reveal your sweet attitude to your partner. There are different types of hot kisses that can be shared between the two people obsessed with each other physically and mentally. This one is also more appropriate for a couple in romance. The gesture speaks of how you appreciate your intimacy, you mutual affection, you desire to be supportive whatever happens.


It's close to a French kiss, but it doesn't imply so much action. It's very soft and inviting. You don't have to do it too intensive and involve too much of your tongue, because you know what's going to happen after your partner accepts your seductive caress.


You should be in a very deep and mutual romance to accept that you can erotically bite your partner's body. These gentle bites are provocative and seductive. Lovers can share them for fun biting each other's noses and earlobes. Nevertheless, sharing a caress like that with your friend can be misinterpreted.


When kissing your partner in the jaw, you accept your strong sensuality and deep affection for you partner. People kissing like this have already developed a firm and intimate bond between each other. It's absolutely acceptable for the public, though it definitely demonstrated that both of you have a lot more to do on private in addition to holding hands and looking each other in the eyes.


Use it as a part of your intimacy. Kiss and softly bite your significant other's neck while cuddling to show that you're in playful mood or do it rough while having sex to start a fire in your bedroom!


Regard it as a sort of foreplay. Most devoted lovers share kisses like this before they proceed with the sexual intercourse. These are relaxing touches with your lips that you make gradually while exploring the most sensitive areas of the body.

More Types of Kissing and What They Mean

More Types of Kissing and What They Mean

Let's talk about more weird or unexpected types of kisses to share with your nearest and dearest.

One Lip

Press your partner's lower or upper lip in between your lips and teeth and tease it with your tongue. Sucking a lip like this is a sort of a romantic sign, a sexual signal you send to your beloved, your way to show that you need more intimacy now.


This way of kissing is popular in Asian cultures were showing affection on public is not acceptable. Get closer to the cheek or hair of you beloved one and sniff his or her smell to express your fondness. It's a very touching and cute act.


Have classic French kiss with a piece of chocolate, a cherry, or a candy in mouth. Try to exchange a tasty liquid with your partner: drink half a sip of champagne, keep it in your mouth, and share it with your beloved while kissing.


When your lips are pressed together hard, try to breath the air the into the mouth of the one you kiss and suck it in afterwards.

No Touching

Tease each other with a very special and light rubbing kiss when your lips almost don't touch. Feel the smell of your partner and get warmed by each other's breath. It's very romantic, delicate, and sensual at a time.


It's not a kiss from the technical point of view. Nevertheless, it's considered one of the most passionate and exciting types of kisses. A hickey is when you suck in someone's skins long enough to leave a mark partially looking like a bruise. Quite a lot of people lave getting hickeys and wear them to show off that they do have someone to entertain with. Nevertheless, never leave a hickey in case if you're not sure about how the other person will react to it.


Some people think it's disturbing and unpleasant. Being covered with saliva all over your face can really feel uncomfortable because of the tackiness. However, licking lips and face of the one you love can provoke sexual excitement especially if you're already in the process of preliminary sexual caress.


Get some chills down your spine while touching each other's lips holding a cube of ice. This can become your most preferable way of kissing in hot and stuffy days.


Create vacuum in your moth ad suck in your cheeks to make you lips look like the ones of a fish. Try to exchange a kiss and burst out laughing. Repeat.


These are repeating peck-like motions that can be shared with your significant other even if you're on public. They look childish and can be shared even between the kids or between the kids and their parents.


It sometimes happens that your partner is taller than you are, and if you're willing to get an unusual feel, try to kiss him (or her) standing on a high surface. This way you'll see what your lover feels kissing you habitually.

Fun Facts to Follow

Fun Facts to Follow

  • In 2013, a Thai couple kissed for more than 58 hours.
  • The longest kiss ever found in a movie lasted for three minutes and a half. The name of the movie is Elena Undone.
  • There's a statistically proven fact that you acquire the way you kiss genetically from your parents.
  • There's a phobia common for most inexperienced lovers and teenagers – it's called philemaphobia. That's a fear of kissing and being kissed.
  • Kisses can strengthen you immunity. Some people have certain useful germs in their body protecting their health from unwanted bacteria from the outside world. You'll get a bit healthier in case if the one you kiss shares these germs with you.
  • Kissing provokes burst outs of chemicals into your brain, which are able to improve your mood and make you feel significantly happier. This is caused by the increased amounts of oxytocin.
  • When you kiss, you decrease your levels of cholesterol as well as blood pressure. You relax, your blood vessels get wider letting your blood run faster through your body.
  • You'll feel whether you're sexually compatible through a kiss. You'll literally feel if your partner is biologically comfortable for you.
  • Kissing burns calories – about 25 per minutes. The reason is that this process involves quite a lot of muscles. It's like a regular physical exercise for your face that helps you deal with wrinkles smoothing the blood circulation in your face. It makes you look healthier and better.
  • Kissing on public is officially not allowed in some cities in Colorado.

More Types of Kisses to Try

More Types of Kisses to Try

Single Lip Kiss. It's a beautiful warm-up gesture. Gently bite your partner's lower or upper lip for a playful tease. You can even do this in public because it's unlikely that someone will notice this weightless seduction act.

Bite Kiss.This one is more tantalizing and intimate, which won't look acceptable in a public place. Lightweight bites will do not only for the lips, but for the jawline, cheeks, collarbone, or neck.

Last update: 02/07/2023