Sure-fire Tips on How to Make a Girl Like You

How to Make a Girl Like You

Getting a girl to like you isn't something that guys take lightly. Most men believe that girls are demanding, making it difficult to impress them. Unfortunately, these negative thoughts keep a significant chunk of gentlemen from asking a woman out.

Instead of losing hope and accepting a lonely fate, we've come up with tips that will boost your confidence, keep you and the girl relaxed, help you take a step at a time, and win over a girl's heart. Here's what to do to make a girl love you.

Make Eye Contact the Primary Move

What to do to make a Girl Love you

Most men indeed take time to prepare themselves before approaching a girl. A short rehearsal of what they will say is the norm. Sadly, gents forget the essence of eye contact in any conversation. Walking up to a girl and introducing yourself even before she gets a chance to see who's trying to get her attention can seem scary or, worse, intrusive.

You want to make sure the girl sees you approaching her before moving. Take your time and wait for her to look around and lock eyes with her at that moment. Eye contact makes her warm up to the idea of talking to you. A smile will go a long way in making your pursuit successful.

Be Simple

Finding someone you're attracted to isn't an everyday thing, so men feel the need to do something extraordinary when approaching a girl. While that is a great idea, there is a flip side to it.

Girls have an innate feeling that tells them when a guy is trying too hard, and sometimes your extra effort may come off as a red flag to her. Get rid of the theatrics and say something simple that won't have you looking stupid. Hey or hello suffice to get her attention.

Mind Your Posture

Your posture determines whether you receive a warm welcome or not. An upright posture does two things for you when you're hitting on a girl. First, it makes you look confident. With little required of you to achieve an upright posture, you should keep your head high throughout the conversation.

The proper posture also radiates attractiveness. Ladies have a thing for confident men. It's a trait they find irresistible. How the girl sees you determines if you will get a pass or a curb to the bench.

Find Common Ground

It is easy to talk about yourself and things you like when you meet a new girl. Unfortunately, it makes you look self-centered. At some point, the poor girl will try to find ways of escaping your grip if you don't change tact. Look for common interests you can talk about.

The aim is to make the conversation lively and open for everyone to contribute. Depending on where you meet, you can base the discussion on the location or activities in your surrounding and move forward to others as the girl opens up to you.

Do Pay Attention to Her Body Language

Learning a person's body language takes time, and it is only appropriate to give it a rest until you meet for subsequent dates. However, you can get acquainted with a few basics that will help you know if you have a chance with her or if she's trying to get away from you.

Ladies have a few tales to tell they exhibit through their non-verbal cues when they like a guy. Mimicking your body actions, a loud pitch, talking fast, and making eye contact are the most prevalent actions that tell you she's interested in where the conversation's headed.

Giving the same energy she's producing lets her know you're on the same page, making it easier for you to hit the nail home.

Be Impressive

Girls may not say this out loud, but they enjoy it when guys do things intentionally to impress them. It may not be something significant, but they will notice your efforts. Your first impression matters to her, so dress to impress her.

Keep your body and surroundings clean, help her when she has needs, show kindness to other people and be a bold man. While at it, try not to be pushy because it makes you annoying. A man with ambition is attractive, so pursue your goals if you want her to find you irresistible.

Crack Jokes for Her

One of the best tips to get a girl to like you is to make her laugh. You already get a free pass to her heart if she can't stop laughing when you're with her. Making traditional rehearsed jokes is a tired tact that should die already.

Look for subtle ways of including jokes in your conversations. A trivia for funny questions is an easy way to make the exercise enjoyable. And not unless you're naturally a funny person; preparing a few questions beforehand will keep you from seeming like a boring person.

Find out Her Likes

Another easy way to impress a girl and get her to like you is to know what she likes. Knowing what makes her tick helps you cover ground effortlessly. Understanding her preferences allows you to bond over something she enjoys and can also be the beginning of a new journey for you as far as discovering new hobbies is concerned.

Whatever her interests are, immerse yourself in them to show that you're genuinely attracted to her in all aspects.

Dish out Sincere Compliments

Girls love to be complimented. To some extent, they live off praises. However, you shouldn't just say the magic words simply because you want to get her attention. This may work for a short while, but things won't go too well when she discovers you were bluffing.

Think of something that stands out in her appearance or the one attribute you love about her and tell her. Just make sure you do not sound overly obsessed about her because such a reaction can have adverse effects on your expectations.

Make a Distinction Between Her and Your Friends

Tips to get a Girl to Like you

A gentleman always treats the ladies in his life with respect, but you have to distinguish between the girl you like and your platonic friends. Be genuine and tell her how you feel about her. And while at it, ensure you treat her much differently from how you deal with your friends.

Make it clear that you want more than friendship from her. You can do this through your greetings, different messages, lingering hugs, and intense gazes.

Make a Clown out of Yourself Sometimes

One thing that leads girls to become insecure is if they have an insecure man by their side. If you feel too embarrassed to laugh at your mistakes, you may come off as perfect, making your girl feel less equipped to have a flawless man by her side.

Be a little goofy, genuine in your actions, and confident if you want a mirror of the same from your girl.

Keep Tabs on Her Life

If you've been in a casual relationship before, you know the setting doesn't allow you to become intimately involved with your partner's life. But when you want something more profound with a girl, you have to show interest in her life. If she mentioned she has a salon appointment, find out how it's going so far or if your crush said something about a work trip, let her know you'll miss her when she's gone.

Whatever significant events she has coming up, ensure that you find out the progress. The interest in her life makes you sound genuine and into her attractively. And you know what happens when a girl feels valued; she falls for the guy head over heels.

Know Her Friends

A girl's friends are like the board of directors in a committee. If they disapprove of you, it will take more work to get the girl to like you. So, make it your mission to become friendly with her crew.

You have to make the engagements with her pals less friendly to avoid looking like you're trying to get with anyone who will give you attention. Asking your crush to tag her friends along during your next hangout is a great way to initiate the friendship.

And if things get better, you can bring your guys to a hangout to make it evident you want to make things work.

A Little Space Is Needed

Even the most coveted relationships you know thrive because of a bit of space. Constantly texting your crush all day long and bombarding her with heart emojis is a solid way to have her running away from you.

Allow the girl to get a breather away from you. Your absence will make her think of you more and miss you.

Time Is Magical

I know you want this girl to say yes to your proposal and agree to be all yours, but the same case isn't necessarily true for her. Maybe she isn't ready for a relationship yet and has to give your proposal a thought.

She might want to weigh her options before saying yes, but if you're constantly glaring at her waiting for an answer, you may endure a loss. Give her as much time as she needs to make the decision.

Meanwhile, let her know how you feel about her hasn't changed, so she doesn't second-guess your intentions. When you know that a girl is a perfect match for you, cultivating a strong bond over time bears more fruit than moving things fast.

Make Her Feel Special

You're delusional if you think you're the only person trying to woo your crush into being your girl. Plenty of guys are trying to make a pass at her, and you might want to stay on top of your game to ensure you do not miss out on her love.

Do things that make you stand out. Get the girl lunch when she has a daytime shift at work, pick her up from the office in the evening, or offer to prepare dinner for her. Whatever it is that will make you memorable, do it.

Get Your Life Together

Nothing is as off-putting as a man who doesn't have his mind and priorities. It makes your crush feel like she will follow suit in the hierarchy of importance if she agrees to be yours. Pursuing your dreams, building your career, and doing things that make you happy before you ask a girl out indicates that you're responsible and have something going on.

If there are things you need to work on before asking her out, get them out of the way. Ensure you're at your best before asking her to join your team.

Go for the Kill

Once you have everything in place, it is vital to make the move that sums up all your efforts when dating slavic women. Ask the girl out for a drink or dinner and make your intentions known. Ensure you do this as soon as you can to avoid being friend-zoned. The possibility of her losing interest in you while you try to woo her increases by the day, so make your shot the soonest you can.

Last update: 05/01/2022