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Blondes and Brunettes: Problem of a choice

The first known in history and famous blonde is Aphrodite. She got rank "The most beautiful goddess" because of golden hair.

In different regions of the world the popularity of blondes or brunettes is defined by the percentage of them in the population. Nations with dark hairs prefer blondes, the northern nations like full of passion southern dark-haired women.

And now, sometimes appears people who define their preferences in relationship with women by the color of the hair. Anyway, they can find preferred type among Slav women. Including genetic base of some southern and northern nations Slav women have a specific type of a beauty. Cultural and social conditions during ages enabled the development of feminine, soft and harmonic features of the faces, bodies and hair color.

A lot of Ukrainian brides have black hair and deep charming dark eyes. Also, exist other type of Ukrainian brides – they have hair of deep black color and blue eyes. Some of women in Ukraine are natural blondes. Different types of an unusual soft beauty, feminine manners makes them very popular in all over the world. Also, men love them because of their abilities to be a real wives – they all can cook different meals, to keep home clean, to grow children. Besides all this useful talents their hearts have a great reserves of love for their family. A family is the first in their system of values.

Russian brides can be different, it's a result of international marriages during thousands of years. They are very beautiful, it's one of the typical features of nation. Russian brides can be natural blondes or real brunettes with different color of eyes – blue, black, deep or light brown, green, even amber. They are clever, well educated, almost all are very good housewives.

Other side – statistic researches shows that even if most amount of men prefer to have relationship with blondes, for the marriage they choose brunettes. Partly it's caused by myths about childish temper, naivety and slowness of blondes. Other side – blondes are more interesting for relationship for men because of their scarcity. The amount of blondes, both men and women decreases every century. It's caused with genetic rules – brunette gen dominates, and for giving birth to the blonde child – both parents must be blondes.

Anyway, and men should remember it – nowadays every woman can change color of her hair in an hour.

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