Charming Blondes and Brunettes with Character

Blondes or Brunettes

Do men prefer blondes or brunettes? Men love both, but blondes are especially adorable and cute. No need to think they are silly, it's an ugly stereotype. Most of blondes on our website are intelligent and open-minded, so you can start a serious relationship with them.

There's something that makes many men choose a partner for life building their choice upon a woman with certain hair color. Some people may consider this immature and even discriminating. Nevertheless, natural blondes and brunettes do have specific traits partially based on their historical background and place of birth.

They are cheerful and easy-going Ukrainian women, charming and family-oriented Russian girls, magnetic and unpredictable Asians and Latinas. Our online dating website is destined to help you find your real meaningful romance. We hope that this information will be helpful.

How do color preferences appear?

It might depend on the number of owners of certain hair color in society. If it's rare, it becomes desirable. Naturally, blond hair is a rarity in the majority of societies and this provokes strong interest and a desire to possess. One of the most glaring examples is the attitude towards beautiful blondes in Asian countries. If your locks are naturally fair, you'll be incredibly popular among the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean men regardless of the fact that most of their dark-haired females are attractive as well.

It's like eating one type of food for a very long time. Even if it's delicious, you get used to it and lose your appetite. Quite a lot of men from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa have a tendency to look for fair-haired women for marriage.

Major Issue: Do Guys Prefer Blondes or dark hair in 2024?

Guys Prefer Blondes or Brunettes

Information to consider:

  • Men find women with fair locks more easy-going and promiscuous in relationships.
  • Males consider dark-haired females more family-oriented and ready for parenting.
  • There's a curious fact to pay attention to: blondes regularly get more tip from men.

Looks like men are still addicted to blondes. They think that beauties with light locks:

  • Are healthier. They have pale skin, rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and they are generally thin. They look like dolls from our childhood: porcelain skin, soft fair tresses, and wide-open eyes.
  • Look younger. Their pale complexion usually combined with blue, light blue, or gray eyes makes them look youthful and childish. Of course, it also depends on the way of life and eating habits. Nevertheless, they clearly look younger.
  • Are light-hearted. They tend to be very sociable and easy to get in contact with. They are rarely aggressive. Most of them laugh a lot, trust almost anyone, and always ready for communication.

Unfortunately, blondes suffer from unreasonable judgments and stereotypes in society comparing with brunettes. They are considered dumb, superficial, and immature. Nevertheless, misconceptions like these are very controversial.

Do guys like blonde or dark hair?

Women have more chances to be born with fair hair in comparison to men. Fair-haired females are usually happy in romantic relationships with men, and they tend to be better partners for life. Of course, this gene is passed on genetically from one generation to another. Boys have small chances to be born with fair hair to compare with a greater number of girls.

Definitely, most men are attracted to light-haired females. This is explained statistically. Blonde girls are rare, while dark-haired ones are born more often. Boys with fair locks are born less frequently than girls. The greater amount of dark-haired men tend to build relationships with rare blond women.

Of course, mutual chemistry depends on a number of things, and it cannot be defined by colors, shapes, and other visual characteristics. When you are charmed by a person, you rarely pay special attention to his/her looks. You mostly concentrate on your spiritual likeness and slowly get used to a person's exterior thanks to the common interior and similar background.

Brunettes or Blondes: Is It a Tough Decision?

Brunettes or Blondes Tough Decision

Here is what you have to understand: men have nothing against women with dark hair. Moreover, a man looking for a partner for marriage mostly concentrates his attention on brunette females. These ladies are intuitively considered “datable” and ready to build up a family.

There's a very peculiar point about the length of the hair. Surprisingly, most men see nothing special in long hair. Moreover, it sounds weird, but they also think that long hair means the unwillingness of a woman to take care of her appearance and her health. Medium length turns out to be optimal.

Are you a brunette feeling it's unfair that blonde hair is more appealing to men? Well, it's a very controversial situation. Light hair tints are often associated with loose morals and promiscuity. It has no scientific explanation, but this opinion exists in male society.

That's the reason why black- and brown-haired women are regularly chosen as wives, and golden-locked ladies seem perfect for one-night stands.

Caveman days explain a lot…

In prehistoric times people believed that hair got darker with the age. A newborn fair-haired female baby was considered a beautiful and healthy personality worthy of reproduction. Yes, it definitely was a misconception but no one cared about it thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, this misconception has developed in a strong conviction that you have to stay on a lighter side to get a healthy and potentially prosperous offspring.

Beautiful Blondes: Characteristic Traits

The following information has nothing to do with scientific research. It's just an opinion of men who have experienced relationships with different women and have something to share. Here is what you need to know about the most popular things men say about fair-haired females:

  • Men consider them reproductive and youthful.
  • Males also think that girls with a naturally fair hair color are shallow. They have no idea how to express their points of view and be reasonable in a conversation.
  • These babes are often considered irresponsible in a relationship. That's the reason why most men find it irrational to get into a lengthy romance with a blonde.
  • Quite a lot of guys think they are mean and emotional for no specific reason, although the same woman can be angry and kind on the different periods of time.
  • It's a classic embodiment of beauty actively forced by the media for the decades of years.

The point is that women with light-colored hair are considered easy-going, trusting, and open-minded. They are emotional, and they tend to follow their intuition. They know what they want from life and they will never let you go down the trail in case if it ruins their plans.

A lot of people think that blondes area irrational. Their excessive emotionality prevents them from dealing with problems. This often results in rash solutions and unpredictable behavior of ladies with this hair color.

Beautiful Brunettes: More Characteristics to Know

  • Women with dark hair color are more passionate than natural blonde people. They are ready to loosen up in front of the person ready to appreciate her straightforwardness and her readiness to be supportive no matter what. Yeah, she's always ready for sexual experiments in case if you're open-minded, polite, and self-contained. She knows you won't hurt her and relaxes to the full.
  • They know how to be a driving force. It's close to leadership, but it's a little bit different. A woman like this will help you become an important part of society and to support you with decent advice. She will never stand on your way. That's the reason why she's a leader. She knows how to help her partner develop and asks for nothing in return.
  • Ladies with dark hair color have leadership qualities. They know how to be the best, and this is undeniable.
  • They are patient. They do have a temper but they know how to control it. They don't want to hurt anyone for no reason and understand that a thoughtful conversation is the best solution to all life problems.
  • Women with brown hair are magnetic and mysterious. If your brunette has dark eyelashes and dark brows by nature, you know what we mean. They look like attractive witches with magnetic eyes and passionate nature.
  • Ladies with darker hair rarely have many friends. Unfortunately, when middle-aged, they often get disappointed with the way the world works and people inhabiting it. They read a lot, tend to be better interlocutors and try hard to surround themselves with thoughtful friends and partners.

Do Men Prefer blonde girls or brunettes? Does your hair color really matter?

Men Prefer Blondes or Brunettes

We dare say that in the modern world it has become popular to date with the owners of dark locks, so men prefer brunettes. Men consider them perfect in case if they want to settle down and develop a meaningful romance. Choosing between blonde or brunette girls with bright hair colors, a family oriented man will pick the second variant. Those who need a superficial relationship or a one-night thing will prefer the first. Yes, we do agree that this is subjective and totally judgmental, but this questionable misconception exists.

A curious thing to reflect on: men are fond of things that shine. They love smooth and glossy surfaces, and it often determines the design of their gadgets, electronic devices, cars, and other everyday objects they surround themselves with. Light and glossy textures attract them, and this factor often becomes determinant even in matters of relationships with women.

Are blonde or brunette hair More Attractive

Blondes or Brunettes More Attractive

The choice between brunettes or blondes is a question connected not solely with looks. There's something about our background and vision of the world that makes us pay attention to the attractiveness of women. Beautiful brunettes are not considered less attractive. Besides, we are all different and have different hair colors, and each of us has his/her peculiarities.

Putting it shortly, men are fond of both fair hair and brunette hair. Because of the historically established misconceptions and offensive stereotypes males started to make their life choices relying on these questionable standards. Of course, men do have a predisposition for shiny objects, but is it worth the thing in case if you're looking for someone to spend a life with? Nevertheless, this question remains open.

Blonde or brunette hair: What Is Better?

Blondes or Brunettes

Well, it's hard to tell whether brunettes or blondes have a significant difference from nature. Hair color has no connection with the character, the same woman may have different temper. Nevertheless, women who tend to be brunettes are a bit different from the ones who tend to be blondes.

  • Brunettes are tougher and more decisive while blondes are inclined to depend on their partners, but the same woman may have blonde hair.
  • Brunettes are more independent while blondes are severely affected by the opinion of society.
  • Brunettes are more passionate and reasonable in comparison to the blondes, who have no idea how to behave in a stressful situation.

Blondes & Brunettes: Statistics

Are blondes or brunettes more attractive

Are blonde or brunette hair more attractive? Isaac Asimov once wrote, "It would be hard to find two women who are more diametrically opposite than the brunette and the blonde." And while this statement is laden with gender politics, it's also true! Brunettes and blondes share some personality traits in common, but there are a lot of differences too.

Brunette and blonde women are often preferred as long-term girlfriends (and wives). Studies seem to indicate that the general public prefers blondes over brunettes. For example, studies conducted by Essika of "Polygraph" magazine show that when people were asked what type of woman, they would most like to have a long-term relationship with, more than 70 percent of respondents chose a blonde.

Natural blonde and dark hair share a love of fashion, both are trendsetters. Both women with brunette hair and blondes like to wear what's in style (or what they think is in style). Think about it: The tall, thin, blondes and the tall, dark, brunettes are often in the lead when it comes to fashion and hairstyle trends.

Brunettes and blondes tend to be considerate of others. This is one of the things that people most often point to when describing a lovely woman with brown hair or a beautiful blonde: She seems considerate of other people's feelings, whether she's speaking or not. A woman with darker hair doesn't speak only when she has something important to say.

Last update: 03/12/2024