21 Proven Ways of Impressing a Girl Via Chat

How to Impress a Girl

Have you been trying to capture a girl's attention unsuccessfully? Are your conversations dry and uninteresting, making it challenging to gain and maintain a girl's interest? Do you purpose to talk to a girl and stir a never-ending interest in her about you?

Would you like to update your conversational skills to what girls want and crave? If you're wondering how you can impress a girl online, we have a list of 21 everyday tips you can use to attract a girl you like. However, it is vital to address the main factor that leads to a flat-face fall as far as chat conversations are involved.

Talking via text isn't the same as face-to-face talks. A little more skill and patience come into play, but unfortunately, most men come on too strong. Yes, we understand the girl makes your balls burn, but when you make it evident that you're overly attracted to her, you make it challenging for her to match your energy.

You take away the excitement of revealing details in bits to make matters worse. The main issue is the lack of a powerful strategy that will convey your interest and still leave room to impress her. So, what is the remedy to this problem, you ask?

Explaining the whole process can be strenuous, but if you read guides like this one that teaches you how to flirt with women, you will effortlessly find what works for you when navigating conversational waters. You learn how to convey your message subtly without being unsavory.

So, to understand how to make a good first impression on a girl, let's explore the options in the text below.

Utilizing Chat Applications

How to make a good First Impression on a Girl

How many times have you enticed ladies in person? Can you remember how it felt when each girl said yes to your courtship proposal? You couldn't get over yourself about it. What about the first time you tried to strike up a conversation with a woman you were interested in?

Depending on how the conversation went, you must have been very uncomfortable or excited. The world has quickly turned into a village, thanks to the inclusion of instantly available communication applications. Apps give you immediate access to an array of suitors with the same interests as yours.

Nevertheless, the first impression of a girl when they meet strange men online trying to strike up a conversation with them is insecurity. So you're already starting your journey with a deficit of trust. If your attraction to a lady supersedes what most people consider normal, and you would like to make her your special girl, you have to utilize options that don't convey you as a jobless stalker.

Your approach determines the message she receives, especially since women constantly look for signs indicating a man is after sexual gratification, a confidant, or a flirt-mate. If you get the beau to like you back, suggesting that you want to impress her is a great starting point, but there's more to it than showing interest. Here are tips to impress a girl online.

Be the conversation starter

When you're thinking about how to impress a girl online while dating, initiating the conversation lets her in on your intentions. It is also a tangible way of creating a good impression because it shows how much interest you have and care about her.

Ensure that you're at the back of her mind through frequent texting. Hopefully, she won't get put off by your advances. She will always look forward to the following messages when you put up a solid defense.

See that your messages are clean and intriguing to keep her from blocking you. Ladies enjoy the attention they get from men trying to impress them, but it doesn't necessarily mean they have to be okay with your advances, so be ready for potential rejections.

Exercise patience

When you want something badly, the easiest way to make it stall is to be impatient. Waiting for a girl to bend to your tune can be annoying, especially when you like her a tad too much. Building a strong communication base takes time, and if you want to win her over, you must be patient.

Sometimes, she may ignore the messages, which is part of the process. But, you exhibit patience when you persistently keep texting her even when she's not reading the letters. However, you do not want to come off as desperate, so avoid leaving more than one text at any given time.

If she's been continually ignoring your efforts, you can send something like, “Hi, it's been a minute since I heard from you. I am convinced you have a tight schedule, so I figured I could text you and ensure you're doing okay.”

Sincerity works best

If you want to make a girl run away from you quickly, try telling her fibs that can easily be discovered later. So, if your attraction to her is genuine and you want to escalate the relationship from a women dating site, you will always make all efforts to be truthful.

Your word doesn't mean much at this point, but it's all you've got. The girl will countercheck facts and observe your communication strategy to ensure you aren't another perv after her. If you're deceptive at any point, the lies will come out, and she'll be gone before you know it.

Allow her to talk about herself when she's ready

We get it. You've been on to this chick for a while now, and your interest in her is deep-rooted. However, it is never advisable to force her to share information about herself that she's not comfortable revealing.

Signs that show you have no boundaries and lack sensitivity are when you continuously probe about incidents that evoke painful memories. If you ask for personal information too early, it is also another indicator that you're after something else.

Take time to watch her reaction when you ask specific questions. Let it slide if you inquire about something and notice she's avoiding it. When she's ready, she'll let you know.

Follow her pace

One mistake men make when trying to know a chick is moving things too fast. You start talking to a girl, and within a day, she already knows your great grandma's dog's name, while you don't know anything about her.

Take a chill pill and go at her pace. Stop blabbering too much about yourself and give the girl a chance to say something. While forcing her to open up to you is unacceptable, hogging the stage isn't proper either. Urging her to share a few things about herself is a great way to make her talk.

Create a safe and relaxed space

Trying to be an impressive guy is always the goal when courting a girl. You can convey that you're impressive by making her feel safe or at home when she's talking to you. The words you say and how you say them are the determiners of this factor.

Saying things like, “you can have confidence in me to preserve your secrets,” is one of the ways you make her comfortable around you. Be empathetic towards her experiences and show interest in her achievements and dreams. Making these things obvious makes it easy for her to warm up to you.

Don't be a predictable conversationalist

Predictability is a buzz kill characteristic that shouldn't be part of a man trying to woo a girl. If she knows what you will say the next time you talk to her, there is no point in her giving you attention. Try something different, like calling her at work or sending her funny texts.

If you've grown fond of each other, you have the green light to text her inappropriately funny or surprise her with a bouquet. Make this an occasional habit to avoid turning it into a predictable culture. It helps to create a solid bond. If you're lucky and she reciprocates, you're on your way to victory.

Open up to her

Gents aren't fond of opening up to girls they do not have affection for deeply. But, at this point, you like this girl a lot, so you shouldn't shy away from letting her know some of your dark secrets. Intentionally making a fool of yourself to make her laugh is one way of projecting vulnerability.

Use emojis to back up your feelings and readiness to open up to her. It would help if you understood that reciprocation isn't always natural, so let her know she shouldn't feel obliged to do the same. Take this chance to let her know you care deeply about her. You create a safe space for her to open up when she knows you're open.

Tell her important details about you known by a few

It would help if you considered a disclaimer: there has to be something extraordinarily special about this chick before sharing private information about you with her. Use your detective resourcefulness to ensure that she is worth the investment, especially when you want to reveal deep secrets about yourself.

You may not necessarily divulge top secret information about your past career or classified information about your job. However, you can tell her about something valuable to you.

Upcoming projects, disappointments, or tough tasks that have been on your neck for a while are some of the details you can share with your crush.

Show off your achievements

You know you are good at something, but that doesn't help anything if you can't brag about it a little. You're attracted to this girl enough to want her to be yours, so use whatever means you can to lure her into accepting your proposal.

Whatever impressive talents, achievements, or goals you have, use them to make her feel like she is about to involve herself with a star. Do not limit your exposure to your most recent accomplishments.

Use anything you feel will make her like you a little or a lot more once they learn about it. Don't be full of yourself, though. It may sound corny or condescending.

Talk about your family

Most men keep conversations about their family limited, especially when they are unsure of a woman's stand in their life. It's okay to keep your people protected, but sharing something general about them will get you in her good books.

Do not use this card as a way to impress her presently. Only share what is necessary and take care not to give her an information overload. Otherwise, you risk raising her eyebrows. A safe way to do this is to allow her to ask questions. You'll know she's interested, and it helps you regulate how much you share.

Take a back seat once in a while

Just because you like a girl doesn't mean you should spend every waking hour of your time talking to her. This says that you're not busy, with too much time on your hands. Industriousness is a quality women desire in the man they see as a potential partner.

So, if you find yourself talking to her a tad too much, tone down on the constant communication. Other times, you can read her messages and leave them unanswered. You can apologize later for that. If she genuinely likes you, it won't offend her. Be unavailable sporadically.

Come up with unconventional topics to talk about

If you're trying to be impressive, lay off the regular topics that most guys run for. She's heard these too many times, so making her time count by creating less monotonous subject points will work in your favor.

Rather than talk about the weather every day, find points of mutual interest that will help you strike conversations effortlessly. Whether she's into sports, politics, or farming, craft the most intriguing opinions about these topics and see what she says about them.

You get your girl to yap about something for a few minutes and a chance to connect with her deeply.

Make memes, emojis, gifs, and stickers your best friends

Chatting can become very boring, especially when you have to write blocks of text. Conveying your emotions is also an uphill task when conversing via chat. However, you do not have to be the plain boring person whose texts look like research memos.

Take advantage of emojis to show how you feel in every bit of the conversation. Make the chat even livelier with the help of stickers and gifs. And when you feel like you have not seen her laugh in a while, dish out the funniest meme and watch as she bombards your inbox with a thousand laugh emoticons.

And while using these emojis is a great way to keep the conversation going, stay away from overusing them to avoid looking like a joker.

Give her some space

Of course, chatting with this girl aims to close in on her, but doing it too soon could be detrimental to the relationship's growth. Infringing on her privacy is a definite way of killing any prospects of a future with this girl.

Just because she enjoys your conversations and hints that she would like to meet in the future doesn't mean she is ready to take that step. Respect her choice to keep the relationship at a virtual level. Moving the engagement past the dating site too early will quickly have you out in the cold.

Give her time to rethink her choice, connect with her inner self and come back to you rejuvenated.

Crack her ribs with your funny jokes

Falling for a guy that makes a woman laugh is pretty easy. You've already proved you can turn her frown upside down when she's not feeling uplifted. Whether they are your original work, or some that you picked from the multiple memes you see, use these jokes to make her days better.

If she's up for the challenge, you can suggest engaging in a joking challenge to see who between the two of you can make better jokes than the other. That is a quick way to spice things up and make the conversation more interesting.

You also get to keep her talking to you as you look for other conversation points to exhaust.

Avoid sending snooze fest messages

Even the most intelligent women get turned off easily by boring conversations. If you aren't keen, it is easy to turn a chat into a total snooze fest. There's no way to read body language and tap into the physical aura to liven a conversation when chatting online.

The opposite of a chick walking out on a boring guy in real life is switching off her internet connection. To avoid being one of the many guys who face the virtual block, keep the conversations lively. Research if you need to develop the most interesting ideas to talk about with your girl in the chat.

Read between the lines

Let's face it; not everyone will like you, including potential suitors you meet online. You may not have the aura she's looking for and may outrightly ignore your advances toward her. Take it with pride that you have another chance to get to know someone else if she snubs you.

And while your ego may go through a refining process, do not force yourself on her. Take a step or two back and give her space. It might be the thing she needs to know you're a great guy. If that happens, she will initiate the conversation.

Be prepared to be her pillar

The easiest way to demonstrate how much interest you have in a girl you like is to come through when she needs help. Be as involved in her life so much that she thinks of you as the person who can come to her aid when she's in trouble.

One thing you must have done is to make her see you in that light. Being open and compassionate are ways you can prove your worth to a woman.

Ask her view on important issues you are facing

If you like a girl enough to want to get to know her past online chatting, it means you respect her views and judgments. So, when you have problems eating you away, asking for her honest answer regarding the direction you should take shouldn't be challenging.

You can quickly ask her to comment on issues you have at work, at home with your family as an effortless way to build trust between you and her. Seeking her opinion also creates a solid connection now that you bond through problem-solving.

She also gets a sense of importance when you come to her for help in times of trouble. Note that it isn't an obligation for her to offer an answer immediately. And if she can't, she may point you to an expert to help you solve the problem.

Share pictures

However impressive your tactics are, they mean nothing if you do not share pictures with your newfound bae. Photos give both of you a chance to meet each other virtually before doing so in person. You can share images of important things you value, like a tattoo or your abs.

She will most likely share back if the relationship is at that level. Make sure that you do not make her uncomfortable by sending or asking for nude pics. Those should come in later when you're dating her in person.

Wrap up

First Impression of a Girl

Wooing a girl shouldn't be a daunting task that leaves you panting for air each time you're texting her. Find exciting ways to lure her attention before delving into deeper things in the first few weeks. Use your wit and humor to attract her.

This makes it easier to develop the relationship since she already thinks you're cool and great at conversations. Creating a strong bond and knowing how to impress a girl online also work in your favor.

Last update: 02/23/2023