5 secrets of happy marriages

5 secrets of happy marriages

Marriage is a union of love, friendship and patience. It requires a lot of points to be strong and happy. Unfortunately, the divorce rate grows every year. People break up because they don't understand how to be happy together. Some of them prefer to finish relationships and to escape problems.

Being in marriage you should accept your partner completely. You should learn how to love and to be loved. Marriage is in danger unless you have a strong base to support it. When you look for brides online, you want just to talk with them and to have fun. But over time you realize you want to stay with this person for a long time. You want to support her and to share beautiful and sad moments with her. It requires a lot of work. You both should make efforts to build strong and happy marriage. We will give you some tips that will help you to be happy with your loved one.



Love is the main pillar for the happy and harmonic marriage. Things are impossible without true love. Don't get married only because people tell you it's high time. Try to resist the pressure of the society. Don't marry only because you are afraid to be alone. It's better to wait for a while and to look for someone you will fall in love with.

Remember that your feeling should be deep. You can't say for sure that you love a person if you know each other for several weeks only. It's just chemistry. True love starts when you are ready to devote all your life to a person. Don't rush with marriage. Walk together, travel, spend as much time as possible. Make sure your feelings are deep and mutual.



The second pillar for happy marriage is mutual trust. The fist level of this trust is fidelity. If you cheat on your partner, you will never be happy in this marriage. At the same time, you should believe your spouse is loyal as well. Jealousy destroys even happy marriages.

Another point is honesty. You should be honest with your spouse and they should be open with you. Tell you soulmate about your successes and failures. Tell them what are you thinking about and what are you feeling. Try not to hide anything. Of course, you can have your own little secrets, but they shouldn't affect nor hurt another person.

The third level is your behavior. If you trust your partner completely, you will behave in a certain way. You will respect your spouse. You won't make scenes of jealousy. If you mistreat your loved one, you both won't be happy. If you feel guilty for something, apologize. Sometimes it's enough to say a couple of nice words to break the ice and to forget about quarrels. Your behavior should imply some physical contact. People who love each other always try to touch each other.


You should accept what she or he values. Treat your partner with honor and dignity. Ask yourself: “How much do I value my partner?”. Marriages can't exist without mutual respect. Listen to your woman. Try to understand her even if you don't agree with her. Support her. Be helpful.

If you are a woman, admit your man's achievements. Be proud of him. Don't underestimate him. Let him be a leader of your family.

No need to mock your partner. You should let them now they are very important for you. Discuss any problems even if you think it's not very meaningful. Your partner may worry about anything that you don't take so seriously.

Respect their hobbies and goals. Does your partner love embroider? No need to underestimate it even if you prefer extreme activities. Admire their works and efforts.



Misunderstandings ruin your marriage. If you don't understand something, don't get angry or annoyed. Try to figure out what your spouse meant. There are a lot of books and videos about mutual understanding. The most importantly, is to learn about your loved one. Be ready to get to know each other every day. Sometimes you will have to learn about your partner even if you both are together for years.

Ask yourself:

  • How well do I know my loved one?
  • What things would be interesting to know about them?
  • Do I know what things make my partner happy? What things are disappointing for them? What things are completely inappropriate?
  • Do I know how she or he would react in a difficult situation?
  • Do I know their favorite gifts?
  • How do they think?
  • How do they feel in a certain situation?
  • Do I know how I could help them?
  • Do I know well their friends and relatives?

Understanding is vital for normal communication between people. If you don't understand something, ask about it frankly. No need to omit this subject. It delays a problem but doesn't solve it.

Try to learn about your spouse as much as possible. Ask more questions at the beginning of the relationships. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just try to fix them and to avoid them in the future.


Faith is the fifth pillar of happy marriages. You should understand there is something more than your person. You are a good team. You both should work on your marriage. Selfishness is bad for romantic relationships.

Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice something to make your loved one happy. Of course, you shouldn't forget about your interests and goals. But try to do something that makes your partner happy. Remember that your efforts should be rewarded. It takes two for tango. If your partner is indifferent, your marriage won't work.

You should believe your relationships have future. Try to find out your perspectives at the beginning. If you have different goals, it's better to move on and to find another partner. You should believe you will be together forever. If you think about finding a new partner in the future, it's not about love, it's about your selfish and materialistic plans.

Make plans together. You can dream about your own house or several kids. You can think about setting up business together. A couple should have its own goals.

The recommendations for happy marriage in 2024

The recommendations for happy marriage

Marriage is huge work. But at the same time, it's a pleasant work filled with a lot of nice moments and memories. We will give you some tips that will help you to make your union strong and happy.

  • Talk with each other. People barely talk with each other frankly. It leads to a lot of problems and misunderstandings. Silence finishes and provokes a big conflict with scenes and tears. Try to discuss any problem you have. Be open. Be honest.
  • Talk about sexuality. Happy marriage implies regular and pleasant sex life. You both should be satisfied in this type of relationships. Don't be afraid to discuss your preferences. Experiment with sex toys and new positions. Learn more about sex and pleasure. Try to please your partner and don't forget about yourself. Some people prefer free relationships. They have other partners besides their spouses. If you both are happy with it, it's ok. But in most cases such experiments ruin marriage over time. Be careful about it. Remember about the first rule. You both should be loyal.
  • Don't forget about romance. Routine shouldn't swallow you. Think about romantic dinners and travels. Make some gifts and compliments. Do something nice for your partner. Even if you are together for years, you shouldn't act like two relatives. Remind your loved one that he or she is always attractive.
  • Be supportive. Life isn't only about happiness. If your spouse is sad or upset, don't be indifferent. Try to help them. Be by their side physically and mentally.
  • Find some common interests. The common activities will make your closer. Go to the gym or travel together. Help animals or make something new. Start a new business or make reparation in your apartment. If you are an Orthodox Christian and you have found your wife among Christian single women, this is a very significant moment for mutual understanding. You will pray together, go to the same church, and raise your children in your faith.
  • Be in touch with her or his parents. It's important to get along with them well. Your meetings should be friendly and comfortable for everyone. Don't judge your partner's parents even if you don't really like them. If you have quarrels with them, you can't avoid conflicts with your loved one.
  • Don't be jealous. Trust your spouse. Even if you suspect something, it's better to talk about it frankly, without disgusting scenes. Don't check their phones and profiles.

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Last update: 02/03/2023