Sure-Fire Tips to Boost Your Sex Appeal

Define Sex appeal

Whether male or female, sex appeal is an essential factor that dictates the vibrance of a couple's sexual life. It is easy to look sexy, but it takes a lot more work to master the art of sex appeal.

In the simplest terms, we can define sex appeal as a natural sexual pull that draws individuals of the opposite gender towards a person. Some people have a naturally occurring sexual appeal, while others have to work harder to achieve this state.

If you've been trying to become sexually appealing to no avail, maybe what you need are new tricks. Luckily, this is the 21st century, and several handy sex appeal tips are available to help anyone become sexually attractive to their partner.

Here are our top picks you should consider adding to your routine to spruce things between the sheets.

Talk With Your Body

Sex Appeal tips

Before a person opens their mouth to speak, you can effortlessly detect their mood through body language. You don't need to study body language in-depth to master this art. A little information on the basics can go a long way. Keep an upright posture and lock eyes with your partner during conversations or intimate moments.

Tilting your chin slightly down also helps convey a confident yet coy aura. Brush your fingertips against their hand, or clasp their hand in yours to assert your intentions. Do this regularly to win them over, especially during those intimate conversations or relationship steps.

Mind Your Makeup Selection

It is evident that men are more attracted to ladies who do makeup than bare-faced ones, and this MSN article proves it. So, do not hesitate to layer your face with makeup, but ensure that you do it tastefully.

With that in mind, you may want to know that members of the masculine gender prefer light makeup, so go easy on the foundation. And when it comes to glamming the lips and eyes, a touch of lipgloss and intricately done eye makeup will draw attention to these areas, making you irresistible to your beholders.

Other studies conclude that men do not care much for lipstick, so you may need to pick your investments wisely as far as lippies are concerned.

Become a Mix Master

Increasing Sex appeal

Nothing pays off than to meet someone with distinctive abilities, especially when you're down for a party. Whether you're a great conversationalist, good cook, or party hyper, you can blend these qualities into an exceptional cocktail.

Such traits are great at increasing sex appeal and irresistibility, and you'll be surprised how much attention you can attract from the opposite gender. And while you're at it, ensure that you master the necessary jargon that goes hand in hand with your art. You want to appear intelligent, so do your homework.

Flaunt Your Body

Since ancient times, humans have emphasized the noticeable body features that make them most attractive to the opposite gender. Ladies accentuate their hips-to-waist ratio by squeezing the waist, making it look smaller.

Corsets and high-waist regalia always favor the fairer sex in creating this allure. Besides adorning these attires during your dates, you can bring the spice into your bedroom by getting lingerie with the same concept.

On the other hand, gents work with the chest-to-hip ratio that otherwise dazzles their suitors.

Muffle All Whines

Complainers always carry negative energy, which can be an outright buzz kill. Rather than find something to whine about, look for positive things about the date you're enjoying. Consciously decide to leave everything negative before leaving the house.

Otherwise, you risk turning your date into a pity party rather than a fun time. Remember, second dates heavily rely on how interesting and compatible your date found you. Don't ruin it by complaining about everything.

Think of a Thorough Rubdown

There is nothing sexy about a partner who's had a rough day. They are cranky, easily triggered, tired, hungry, and a hotbed of stress. If you've not had an easy day, how about improving your mood and sex appeal with the help of a massage? The rubdown releases endorphins that quickly relax you physically and mentally, making you better placed to please your lover.

And if you're tight on the budget, you can massage each other at home, right after a hot, aromatic soak in the tub. Walking around the neighborhood while jamming to relaxing music can uplift your mood and instantly increase your sexual appeal.

Stay Away from Checking Your Reflection

How to improve Sex appeal

Whether consciously or not, everyone falls prey to checking ourselves in the mirror. Tinted windows, mirrors, or phone and computer screens in sleep mode are what most people use to check their appearance.

You may want to ensure that everything is in check, but you may come off as vain to your date. Worse still, it can be a way of projecting your insecurities, and once your date finds out, all their interest flies out the window instantly.

Try New Things

Things can get tiring, especially if you do the same old activities you're accustomed to. It bores your partner, ultimately leading them to lose interest in you. Whether getting that explicit lingerie or trying out a new position, you'd be surprised how much interest you can strike in an exciting partner. Be open to new ideas, and stay away from monotony.

Red Alert

As reported by CNN, this article indicates that men are attracted to ladies online that don red. Red lipstick, clothes, jewelry, and shoes increase a man's sexual boost when looking at a woman in red attire.

Researchers confirm that the members of the masculine gender dig deep into their pockets when a woman is tastefully dressed in red. If you've been feeling a little ignored and want to know how to improve sex appeal, donning something red and sexy can be a good idea.

Be Yourself

Signs you have Sex appeal

Sex appeal comes naturally when you are comfortable in your skin. Wear your smile and confidence everywhere you go, and keep your head high. These are the most critical signs you have sex appeal.

Most importantly, do not do anything outrageous to please your partner because you might look stupid. If you aren't too comfortable with a specific request, make subtle steps towards achieving it. Keep it simple if you don't want to look like a clown.

Last update: 02/07/2023