Dating a therapist: the best tips for you

Dating a therapist

A relationship with therapist sounds really romantic. People attend therapists to solve their mental and emotional problems, to make their life more harmonic and stable. The interaction between a doctor and a patient is very close and sometimes even intimate. No wonder some patients fall in love with their therapist. But it's not ethical. A relationship between therapists and their patients are strictly forbidden. But if a doctor recommends you to another specialist and stops threating you, you both can build something romantic! Let's talk about dating someone in therapy, its pros and cons.

What does relationship with therapist look like?

Relationship with Therapist

The thought about this type of relationship may seem scary for some people. They think their partner will judge and analyze every step they make and every thought they have. But it's not like that. Most of therapists are regular people in their informal and personal life. They have fun, they get scary and some things make them upset and even frustrated.

What is it like to date a phycologist? Be ready you will talk a lot and will discuss any problem. It's a key to your happy relationship. A therapist won't hide their thoughts and intentions, so it's good for your communication.

Remember that your partner is not your therapist. They shouldn't solve all your mental problems. They can talk with you, but you won't spend for hours analyzing your thoughts and actions. You have every right to ask for support but you shouldn't abuse it.

Pros of dating a therapist

Pros of dating a therapist

Therapist dating has a lot of advantages. If you want a reliable and caring partner, choose a therapist who will love and respect you. We will give you some pros of this relationship.

You will have a lot of empathy

Some people complain that their partners don't understand them and talk about their own problems. It's not about a therapist. This partner will know what you think and they will understand all your worries. They are able to put themselves in other's shoes. Do you want your loved one to sooth you after a hard day? They will do it!

Your therapist partner is patient

They are used to making scenes, raising voice and sobbing. You can be yourself and express your emotions. Sometimes you can argue or be capricious. Your loved one will put up with it and they will know how to make you feel comfortable. But don't abuse their patience. It's important to respect your partner and their desires. Your partner is your lover at the first place. Don't complain them about your ex. If you think about your past relationship, it's better to wait for a bit before staring new ones.

You will always get a good advice

One of the reasons to date a phycologist is their wisdom. If you have problems with the interaction with your colleagues or parents, if you are sad or insecure, your soulmate will recommend you some tools and mental task to make you feel better.

They are good listeners

Therapists are good listeners which is great for building a family. You can tell your partner everything and they won't judge you! Your loved one won't interrupt you while are you talking. They will remember everything you tell, so you can feel how much they are attentive.

They know how to please you

When you date a therapist, you will be surrounded with their love and care. They know what you like and what you hate. You will never get red roses if you don't like them. A therapists date will be always special. Dating a psychologist will make you feel cozy and protected. The same goes to sex life. They are perfect lovers and they do their best to satisfy you.

You can be yourself

When we meet regular people we often try to look better than we are. Once a relationship is getting close, our drawbacks show up and it can destroy the communication. A relationship with therapist is different. You don't need to pretend. They see you deep inside and they notice your cons and mental issues from the beginning. Be yourself and have fun in this relationship!

Cons of dating a therapist

Cons of dating a Therapist

Of course, a therapist partner will take care of your mental health and you will feel comfortable around them. But there are some pitfalls you should know about. Let's talk about cons of dating a therapist.

They are busy

It's common for all professionals though. Be ready your partner can't spend all their time around you. A good therapist has a lot of patients, so sometimes you will see your loved one only at night. If you are independent enough and have your own hobbies and activities, it won't be a big problem.

They may bring patients to your home

They genuinely care about you but it doesn't mean they forget about their professional duties. Your partner will get calls from their patients even after his working day and you will have to put up with it.

They can analyze your behavior

A therapist will always analyze you and explain you your feelings and thoughts even if you don't really want it. Sometimes it's exhausting because you both need just to relax and to be happy in this relationship. But there is a good news. You can discuss this problem with your partner and there is a high chance they will understand you.

You will have to put some efforts

If you are used to stay idle in a relationship, you can't build anything substantial with a therapist. You both will have to work a lot to be happy. They will expect some actions from you. Try to work on your drawbacks and learn how to talk about your desires frankly.

Sometimes it's just impossible

A romantic relationship between therapist and client is barely possible. If it's revealed, a therapist can lose their job and professional reputation. Better don't fall in love with your doctor! But you can be into dating therapist after therapy, when you feel better and don't need them as specialists.

How to tell if your therapist likes you

How to tell if your Therapist likes you

When you meet on therapy sessions, your doctor will look quite restrained, polite and collected, so it's hard to say if they have a sympathy to you. But there are some signs that a therapist really likes you:

  • They are glad to hear you even if you call them in the evening. It's pleasure to them to talk with you.
  • They talk with you about something that isn't related with your mental problems (music, art).
  • They can touch you gently (a therapist can hold your hand a bit longer than it would be appropriate). At the same time they won't go too far because of ethical rules.
  • They offer you to date and to choose another therapist. It's the most obvious sign a therapist likes you. If you feel the same, don't be shy and go into this wonderful relationship!

Some people ask can a therapist date a patient? It's barely possible, but when people talk with each other and discuss quite intimate subjects, they can fall in love with each other and their feelings will be stronger than all professional standards. In this case it's better to stop the therapy with this doctor and choose another one. Don't keep the therapy with the specialist you have a relationship with! It will be bad for your mental health and for their reputation.

How to date a therapist

How to date a Therapist

Dating a therapist might be tricky, since these people are really smart and insightful. You can't lie your partner or pretend someone else. Sometimes it's hard to attract them since they are quite experienced and know about all good and bed sides of romance. We will give you some tips that will help you to win the heart of your beautiful therapist:

  • Act natural, but at the same time don't be too vulgar and extravagant. You don't need to pretend someone to attract a therapist. They would like to see your interesting inner world.
  • Don't lie and don't cheat on. You should be absolutely sincere. If you don't like something in a relationship, talk about it frankly instead of cheating and flirting with other people. It's a destructive behavior.
  • Try to be well-informed and find some time for your self-development. You can read about some methods in therapy to discuss them with your partner, they will definitely value it. If you aren't interested in it, you can read more about art, history or literature. Most of therapists are very intelligent, and they would like to see a person who shares their interests.
  • Get rid of any addictions. If you abuse alcohol or drugs, you don't have chances for a happy relationship with a therapist. It's not their problem to fight with your addictions.
  • Be ready to talk about sexuality quite frankly. Therapist aren't shy and they find sexuality the regular part of our life. It's an advantage of your relationship. This way you will understand your needs and desires better, so you and your partner will be more satisfied.
  • Put up with their schedule and give them some space. Therapists are regular people with a very busy schedule. Sometimes they want to stay alone for a while. Don't be too intrusive and respect this desire.
  • Work on your relationship. Once you get to know each other better, your relationship will become more stable and even boring. Try to spice it up. You both can make up some new activities or organize a romantic dinner. If you have long-distance relationships, talk more via video and don't forget about some exciting intimacy.
  • Don't wait for a long time before asking them out. Therapists are busy people, so they won't wait for you forever. Besides, the online communication isn't very informative, so it's better to chat in person as soon as possible.

Where to meet a therapist for a relationship?

Meet a Therapist for a Relationship

The most obvious way of meeting a therapist is a therapy session. You can discuss with a specialist a lot of intimate and personal subjects, so there is a chance your relationships will grow into something deeper. But don't forget about a professional ethic. Some doctors don't have any desire to have affair with their patients.

If you want to have more casual atmosphere, you can meet a therapist online. They are sociable enough and they like to chat with other people to understand them better, so you won't have any problems with the communication. On our website you can find a lot of people who are in therapy and who work as therapists. Create your profile and add some pictures of yourself, better professional ones. Write some interesting info about your goals, profession, hobbies and values. After that you can search people who are the most compatible with you.

Most of therapists are quite initiative, but feel free to write first. Don't be shy to chat with several users at the same time. Sooner or later you will find someone who will be your soulmate. Then you can ask them out to meet face to face and to talk about your common future.

Thus, dating a therapist could be exciting enough if you know about rules and if you are ready to work on your relationships. Talk about your feelings during a therapy session or online to find out if your sympathy is mutual. If not, you can choose another option since there are a lot of people on our website who are ready for a serious relationship.

Last update: 09/18/2023