How to date a pilot and to fly of happiness

How to date a pilot

Dating pilots sounds very romantic and exciting. You imagine a brave and courteous man in a gorgeous sexy uniform who will admire your beauty. Of course, dating a pilot has a lot of advantages and happy moments, but at the same time you will face some challenges you should know about in advance. Let's talk about airline pilot lifestyle and romantic relationships with these people.

Pros and cons of dating a pilot

Pros and cons of dating a pilot

Having a relationship with a pilot is really breathtaking. Let's talk about some pros.

Your trips will be really cheap

If you date a pilot, it means you will be able to travel at least several times per year. All pilots and their partners have the access to the plane tickets with a reduced price. Take this advantage and go to another country or city! Also sometimes it's possible to travel in Business class, so life of pilot is full of advantages!

Your partner has a good salary

A pilot husband is the best option for women who are practical and who want to provide the best future to themselves and their children. You will always have enough money. But don't be too materialistic and don't you dare to meet a pilot without any feelings, your partner will notice the false immediately!

They have a sexy uniform

Your partner pilot will look really awesome, so sometimes you can use this advantage to brag about it in front of your friends.

They are in a good shape

If you date a pilot, you can notice he takes care of his appearance and body. Most of them follow a healthy diet and go to the gym several times per week even with this terrible schedule. They need to be strong and healthy since they are responsible for people's lives.

At the same time, dating a pilot has some cons. You should know but your relationships won't be really easy and you will have to be very patient to save them and to make them stronger. Let's talk about some disadvantages of having a pilot boyfriend.

You will spend a lot of time far away from each other

Don't think you will be glued to each other even at the beginning of the relationship. Even if your husband operates solely domestic flights, he won't come back from his work at 5 p.m. The life of an airline pilot is really busy, so sometimes you will have to spend the weekends and celebrations apart. But don't worry because the distance makes your feelings even stronger!

You can't plan anything in advance

His schedule can change very last minute. So, yesterday we had plans to go to a restaurant and today your partner left. You need to accept that this is a part of his jobs. Don't be upset if you have to spend this weekends with your parents of friends instead of being with your lover.

He won't text your every minute

Actually, dating a pilot means you won't have romantic messages very often. Your partner operates a plane, so he can't be available all the time.

Dating a pilot can create a lot of anxiety

If you are an anxious person, you barely can date a pilot. Probably, you will always think about his stressful job, his health and plane crashes. If you want to be happy in this relationship, you will have to work on yourself a lot to control these feelings to not let them destroy your mental condition.

All problems with dating a pilot have a solution if you really love a person and if you want to be together.

What do you need when dating a pilot?

Dating a pilot

Dating an airline pilot requires some personal traits you should have to build a happy family. Let's talk about them.


When you date a pilot, you should be flexible. Be ready to change your plans the last minute. Do you want to get up very early, even at night to give him a breakfast before the very long working day? Don't forget it's a really stressful job, so sometimes you can notice his mood changes every time, he is getting emotional or irritating. You will have to be mild not to provoke conflicts.


Being for long hours apart isn't easy when you date a pilot. That's why some single pilots prefer not to have a serious relationship, since many women can't be alone for a long time. If you are ready to be patient and to wait for your husband, your relationships have a future.

Communicative skills

The good communication is very important when you are marrying a pilot. Don't forget about time difference when he is in another country. If it's convenient for you both and you are awake when he takes a break, you can have video calls, it's the best way to stay in touch. Don't try to solve your conflicts and misunderstandings by the phone. Better talk about it in person, when your husband is calm and relaxed.


You shouldn't be dependent on his mood or presence all the time. Learn how to spend time by yourself and to have fun. Find a hobby you like the most. You can go to the gym to improve your body shape or read a lot of books to develop yourself and your personality and to be interesting for your partner.


If you marry pilot, you should realize you can't build a happy relationship without care. These men prefer caring and supportive girls who make their life easier. Cook a nice dinner for him when he is tired or give him a massage to relax him.

How to date a pilot: the best dating a pilot tips for women

Date a pilot

We listed you the reasons to date a pilot and the advantages of this relationship. Are you ready to feel butterflies in your stomach? Then we will give you some tips that will help you to attract this awesome man.

Don't be intrusive

When you date a pilot, it's easy to give into writing him all the time and showing your admiration. But sometimes it can ruin your relationship. You should have some mystery in your personality, so don't be too frank and open. Let him be initiative. Remember that a relationship is a work of both of partners. If he doesn't text you at all or act like a friend, you don't have any chances.

Show the interest about his job

Even if you don't understand anything about planes and how they fly, be curious and ask some questions about it. Men love to tell about themselves, so he will be happy to share with you some thoughts and things about his job.

Be an open-minded and interesting person

Dating a pilot can be tricky since these people are really smart and diverse. You will have to learn something all the time to maintain his interest. Read more, look for some interesting information that will be useful for your dates.

Respect his privacy

Some people are quite restrained, so be ready he won't tell you everything on the first date. Take your time and try to get to know each other better. Don't be too pushy and don't make your partner share some private things if he aren't ready yet.

Be feminine

Being a pilot means you are surrounded with men all the time. Most of pilots want to spend time with a true woman who will be attractive and charming. It's time for you to take out the most beautiful dressed and high heels from your wardrobe! If you are feminine enough, you can win his heart effortlessly.

Be active

Don't lie on the sofa all the time, pilots don't like passive women. The more hobbies and activities you have, the better. Go to the gym and plan your travels, attend some courses or just walk a lot. Most of pilots have quite active hobbies, so you should meet his expectations.

Tell about your intentions in advance

Of course, sometimes it's difficult to say where your relationships lead to, especially at the beginning. But it's better if you have some goals. Bear in mind that some pilots aren't ready for a serious relationship, they look for something casual. Talk about it with your potential partner and if your goals are different, better don't waste your time.

Take some initiative

Sometimes your man will be too tired to make up something and to organize your dates. In this case you should be more initiative and original. Look for a nice restaurant or a park for walks. Offer him something interesting to spend time together. Don't be shy and find new places for your dates, he will be grateful for it!

Where to find a pilot for marriage?

Pilot for marriage

If you are a romantic girl who wants to find a pilot for beautiful serious relationships, you can do it online. Sometimes pilot seem untouchable and it's very hard to meet them in reality since they are always at work. Luckily, they use Internet and dating platforms.

On our website you can find a lot of awesome men who are interested in long-term relationships. They are open for the communication, so you can write them to start an interesting dialogue. To attract a pilot, create a profile and fill in with an interesting info about your personality, hobbies and goals. Publish the best pictures of yourself but avoid something vulgar and too explicit. Be brave and don't be afraid to write them first. Most of men are really sociable and communicative, so you won't have any problem with leading a dialogue.

Bear in mind that you can find a female pilot on our website. Some men are really obsessed with strong and confident women who have a dangerous and risky profession. At the same time, most of these women need a reliable man to be happy. They are feminine enough, so you can be a leader in your relationship. Moreover, female pilots are extremely beautiful, so you will be proud of having this girlfriend.

Sometimes it's hard to find something serious immediately, but you should be patient and try every time until you meet the love of your life. Don't take online dating too serious, have fun and meet with different people for an interesting conversation and the common activities.

Last update: 05/30/2023