Love vs Infatuation: How to Differentiate Between Them

Love vs Infatuation

We've always been there – seeing someone for the first time, enjoying their company, and wanting to be with them. Called infatuation, this feeling is usually exciting and intoxicating, but very bad for your mental health. The problem with infatuation is that it isn't love, however, many people believe that it's a step in the right direction.

So, is infatuation the same as love or can it turn into love? The opinion is divided. First of all, infatuation and love are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably. Love is a stronger and more permanent feeling, whereas infatuation usually passes away without continuation if not nurtured.

Now, we're not saying that infatuation is always bad or that it always disappears. In fact, it can turn into a more permanent feeling. But, the problem is that it happens in very few cases and you can't always tell how things will end.

So, if you want to find love online, how do you know if infatuation will eventually lead to love? It's all in the details. Let's start by understanding the differences between the two:

Introduction to Infatuation: What It's All About

Introduction to Infatuation

Infatuation is a feeling that can be defined as 'being attracted to another person', and this feeling can often end up being over the top.

It usually happens without a reason and cannot be defined. You end up feeling excited and thrilled when you think of a person and you wish to have a romantic relationship with them. It's a state where all you want to do is spend some time with the other person as they're the most charismatic being in your life.

When it comes to infatuation, you can't always understand why you are so crazy for the other person because you hardly know them. It could be a case of 'love at first sight', where you feel for someone for how they look.

There is no meaningful bond in infatuation because you don't know who they truly are. Most of it plays in your fantasy world where you give them a role and giggle at the idea of your fantasy coming to life.

In fact, it will not be wrong to call it a crush. But, it has the potential to turn into an obsession, which can be a scary situation. It can result in mood swings, anxiety, and behavioral changes. This stage is called limerence and it refers to a condition where you desperately crave the person in your dreams.

Limerence isn't a good place to be in and once you reach this stage, it is time to rethink. You'll begin to lose focus and you may even start to have arguments with your loved ones due to your mental state. At this stage, all you'd want is the other person and have no interest in knowing how to get over an infatuation.

Understanding Love: The Feeling That's Hard to Explain

Understanding Love

Love is more than just a word, it's a feeling that has been with us for centuries. We all love in different ways. Some of us love our pets, some love our parents, some have a unique bond with our profession, and some love our country. But, the strongest of them all is love where romantic feelings are involved.

This is the kind of love that people who are infatuated crave for. It involves not just sexual attraction but also emotional support and affectional bonding. This is the kind of love we see in movies and would want but it doesn't start overnight.

The first stage is usually infatuation where you start to fantasize about someone and eventually fall in love when you know more about them. It grows from emotional intimacy, personal compatibility, and mutual care. However, sadly, love doesn't always last.

It needs time, compromise, hard work, good communication, and genuine likeness to grow. It's not all sun and rainbows as the reality eventually sets in. There are bills to be paid, dinner to cook, and children to take care of. Individuals that are in love build things together and are always there for each other.

Once this love begins to grow, it may never disappear.

Infatuation vs Love: The Difference Between the Two

Infatuation vs Love

The difference is simple: love takes time to grow and infatuation happens overnight.

Infatuation can be called the first step to love. It occurs when you don't truly know the other person and what they can offer you and it's solely based on your fantasies, whereas love happens when you know exactly who or what the other person is and why you need them.

Both can be hard to get over, and the person going through these feelings may not be able to differentiate between love and infatuation because love and infatuation signs are quite similar. This is why it is important to know the difference between love and infatuation.

Can Infatuation Turn into Love?

Can Infatuation Turn into Love

Infatuation doesn't always lead to love but it may be if you succeed in forming a two-way bond with the person you think of. Remember that how strongly you feel for someone isn't a very important factor here. It depends largely on the other person as well. One-sided love is more of an obsession and not true love.

Start by thinking about what you truly want and if the person you feel for meets your requirements. For example, if you like a person only for the way they look, then it's less likely to convert into love because love needs more than just a good personality.

Next, think of ways to add certainty to your relationship. Be clear about where you want things to go and where they can go. Remember that it will lead to success only if the other person is also interested. Your infatuation will not convert into love if your 'connection' doesn't feel the same way for you.

Lastly, be objective and stop living in fantasy. The key lies in looking at things from the lens of reality. Don't just concentrate on the present but look at the future. It's not only about how you feel, it's also about how the other person feels about you and being in love with you.

Last update: 01/31/2023