20 Sure-Fire Signs a First Date Went Well

How to Tell if a First Date went Well

Are you wondering how to know a first date went well or not? There's no magic answer to this question, and it's different for everyone. Let's admit it: first dates are nerve-racking. You date Ukrainian women online, then pick up someone you don't know and ask them to give you their time and attention for an hour in hopes they'll want to do it again sometime.

Whether you are on a blind date or meeting this person for the first time, there is a lot of pressure to make a good impression. You might give off a vibe that you're having an absolute blast when you're having a terrible time.

So, how do you know if your date went well? What are the tell-tale signs that the first date went well? If you want to find out whether the new catch you were on a date with was interested in seeing you again, this guide is for you. I'll be going through 20 undeniable signs a first date went well with a girl and is worth pursuing!

The Date Lasted Longer Than You Expected

One of the signs your first date went well is if it lasted longer than you planned. If you hit it off, your first date will probably last longer than you anticipated. You don't want to be stuck with someone who wastes your time and bores you to tears after three hours.

If they are attentive and engaged during the whole duration of your get-together, that's typically a great indicator. This person enjoys your company and has no qualms about spending more time with you. It doesn't matter how long it lasts. If you're having fun and feeling comfortable being yourself around them, assume it's going well!

But on the flip side, if you're in the midst of a great conversation but have to part ways after an hour because there's "somewhere else I need to be," that might say something not so good. Being ghosted on a date is never a good sign.

You Teased Each Other

Date went well

If you and your date were poking fun at each other all night, it's a good sign that you're interested in each other. Teasing is playful behavior, and if both of you are engaging in it, it shows an equal level of rapport. It says that neither of you is afraid to show that you're enjoying the banter.

Using humor in a conversation increases people's liking for each other by relieving anxiety, increasing self-disclosure, and creating positive social interactions and impressions.

The more attraction you have to someone, the easier it will be to tease them. When your date laughs or teases back at whatever comment you made, they must be into you too!

You Had an Honest Laugh Together

You can always tell a first date went well if there was at least one moment of honest laughter. You have something in common if you both laughed in sync or shared and enjoyed the same humor. And if one made the other laugh more than once, that's even better.

Ultimately, a successful first date requires mutual enjoyment. The biggest sign of this is feeling comfortable and relaxed with each other.

You're not obsessing over every little thing they say in your head while they're talking to you or scanning the room for an escape route when they go to the restroom. Enjoy some much-needed confidence — this date went swimmingly! You had fun, and so did they; the great company makes for a great evening.

You Appreciated Each Other's Differences

Opposites on the surface may attract you at first, but they'll only take you so far. Genuinely connecting with someone means being interested in each other's differences and finding common ground despite your differences. If, for example, you find yourself in a relationship with a die-hard sports fan, then it probably isn't going to work out if neither of you can see past your inability to connect about sports.

If you find that your date has similar interests or hobbies, it's essential to make sure that those similarities are more than skin deep.

We all have unique experiences and feelings that contribute to who we are and what we like. And learning more about the other person's interests might mean a real difference. There is a more profound connection when you are interested in each other's differences. It means you like each other for who you are without trying to change each other.

Your Eye Contact With Each Other Was Consistent

How to know a First Date went well

Eye contact is one of the most subtle yet effective ways to tell if a first date is going well. It's also one of the best ways to show your interest on a date.

You can use eye contact to build intimacy in any relationship — not just romantic relationships. So, it's important to make good eye contact with your date to show you care about them.

Eye contact also shows confidence. And you know, everyone loves dating a partner who believes in themselves and has high self-esteem.

On the contrary, lack of eye contact may be a sign of disinterest in a person. But it could also mean that she's naturally shy on a first date. You'd have to decide for yourself if there was enough good body language and conversation on your date before deciding whether or not her lack of eye contact means she wasn't into you.

Both of You Contributed Equally to the Conversation

If one person sits quietly while the other does all the talking, it could mean that they're not having fun and would rather be somewhere else.

A good sign that a date is going well is when both people are actively engaged in conversation, and there are plenty of pauses for laughter or thoughtful reflection. The conversation goes back and forth like a tennis match. But not like an interrogation where one person asked all the questions while the other just sat there nodding their head.

Physical Contact Was Not an Issue for Either of You

If the date goes well, you two will be all over each other — but not overtly.

Being smooth on a first date means knowing what lines to toe. You should pay attention to little moments of physical contact that happen without being forced.

If your date finds a reason to touch your arm or hand, it means they are comfortable getting close to you. A touch on the shoulder when you're laughing together? That's a good sign too.

As for footsie under the table? It doesn't come across as insincere if it happens naturally (and not as part of some weird ploy).

Either way, physical intimacy means there is good chemistry between you. It is one of the subtle signs a first date went well with a girl. And she probably craves date number two with you.

You Mirrored Each Other's Actions

It's a good sign if you or your date subconsciously mimic each other's actions. This is called "mirroring," It usually happens naturally when two people are interested in each other. Mirroring can be as slight as copying each other's body language, like crossing their legs simultaneously or touching their hair, or simply mimicking gestures such as lifting a drink to the mouth at the same time.

If you notice yourself doing these things on a date, there is some spark. You're giving off a vibe that you are interested in without even realizing it!

You Both Kept Your Phones Away

If you didn't feel the need to check your phone once, it's a good sign. If you date Russian women, and she was an excellent match for you, chances are you were having so much fun with them that nothing else mattered. You weren't thinking about work or the status of your life or the fact that Miley Cyrus just liked your Instagram post from two years ago. You were too busy enjoying yourself, and that moment was perfect because of who you were with.

When someone is really into their date, they don't even think about looking at their phone. We all have countless things going on at any time — sometimes too many things to manage. And, of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes we have critical errands to check into. Or family emergencies that we have to follow up on.

But when we set our responsibilities aside and have a good time with someone new, we're into them and what they bring to our lives.

They Remembered Small Details

If you mentioned something about yourself earlier, and they bring it up later in the conversation, that's a perfect sign. For example, if you told your girl your favorite song was "Closer" by The Chainsmokers and then later on in the date, she talks about seeing them in concert next week. Or if you said you wanted to go skydiving and then asked for an opinion on what kind of parachute would be best for someone who gets nervous on planes. These would be examples of things that show the partner was paying attention to what you were saying.

These are small things to remember from a first date compared to your name or where you live, but they still show how much attention she was paying. She remembers details about what you said even after a whole day has passed. She cares about what you say because she likes talking with you. And this is such a good sign that the date is going well. It shows that she was not just watching the clock waiting for it to end so she could leave.

You Connected on Social Media

Here's what happened: You went out for drinks on Tuesday at a dimly lit lounge in your neighborhood. You had three rounds of vodka sodas, and then you made it back to her apartment, where you had a solid makeout session. She added you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter the next day. She even posted pictures of the two of you on Facebook so that everyone could see how great your night was.

Because there's no other plausible explanation: she wants a second date with you. Of course, this doesn't mean that she wants to marry you immediately (though we can't rule out the possibility). But one thing is sure: if she wanted to keep things strictly platonic, she wouldn't have taken the time to add you across every social media platform imaginable — especially not before confirming that first date.

You Shared Little Anecdotes About Your Friend Groups

You each told stories about your respective friend groups. This can be a good sign because you're both comfortable enough to bring up their friends and share little anecdotes. Plus, if you both enjoyed swapping these stories, that's a great sign of compatibility!

It shows that there is common ground between the two of you (you both have similar senses of humor) and that you probably get along with their group. If the girl tells her friends about your friend group the same way she did to you on the date, you know she wants your groups to combine into one super-group!

No Excuses

If your first date were a whirlwind, you'd know it because you won't have had time to schedule a second one before the waiter brings the bill. If you're both genuinely psyched about seeing each other again and don't feel the need to hide it, you've got a good thing going.

And if neither of your schedules is super jam-packed in the coming weeks? That means at least one person doesn't want to reschedule or cancel over something stupid. It also suggests that neither of you is trying too hard not to seem interested by being "busy," which is always a great sign!

You Talked About Future Plans

Signs that the First Date went well

If she's already made plans with you for another date, you know she's interested in you and had a good time. If she hasn't made plans with you yet but says she can't wait to make them, you know she had a good time and is interested. Take comfort in knowing that she wants a second date because the first one went well.

Arguably one of the most important signs your first date went well is when someone asks for another one immediately following or shortly after the evening concludes! A "let's do this again sometime" comment almost always guarantees another go-around for drinks/dinner/whatever activity might have taken place on the said evening — and hopefully even more dates after that!

They may not ask right off the bat, but they still tell you they'd love to do something with you next week. Then, chances are, they feel like they had a fantastic time with someone who felt pretty similarly toward them!

If she doesn't want to hang out again, there's no need for her to say that. The fact that there are no plans for another date will speak for itself.

The Conversation Was Deep

You went far beyond the standard "How was your day?" and "What do you do for a living?" questions. Instead, you asked open-ended follow-up questions that required more than just a yes or no answer.

You also used examples to illustrate your point when explaining something, whether it was about work or an upcoming travel plan. You told stories and anecdotes and pointed out similarities and differences when speaking about your interests, passions, and beliefs with each other.

You laughed at the same jokes and were genuinely curious to learn more about each other's pasts through thoughtful questions that made it easy to tell where you both came from.

There Were No Butterflies During the Date

If you were comfortable and felt like yourself around each other, that could signify that this date had gone well.

It's possible you connected and got along with them, or perhaps they did something to help calm your nerves down. Either way, if the butterflies have disappeared and left behind feelings of ease and comfortability, this date has probably gone very well for both parties.

They Walked You to Your Next Destination

If your date walks you to wherever you are headed next, that's an excellent sign! For example, if they might have walked you to your car, the bus stop, or even just another part of the bar. This gesture means they're taking steps to ensure your safety is a priority. And they enjoyed the date with you.

You can also take this as an opportunity to gauge how far they're willing to go to make sure you are at ease. If they walk you right up to your house/apartment door and leave you there with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, that's more promising than someone who drops you off at the nearest subway station.

You Told Your Friends Good Things About the Date

If you've already told your friends about your date, you're pretty excited about it.

Talking to other people about the date can be one of the telltale signs a first date went well. Better still, if you find yourself saying good things about this new person you have met, you are sharing your excitement with them.

The bottom line is that if you find yourself excitedly telling a story about the new guy or one of the girls online in your life, then the chances are good that the first date went well!

She Avoided Talking About Her Ex

Signs a First Date went well with a Girl

Sometimes, the signs a first date went well with a girl can be a bit obscure. You want to know whether she's interested in meeting and dating you, but how?

Talking about her ex on a first date is inappropriate when trying to impress someone new.

If she's not talking about her ex, there's a good chance it's because she is thinking of you and only you during your time together. It's also possible that she has moved on from her last relationship (or hasn't been involved in one yet) and is excited to get to know you better.

It seems like her ex doesn't even cross her mind. And your first date went well! She seems ready for a new relationship and some fun dates with you!

But if your date tells you stories about her ex without any prompting, remember that it means you're probably not getting a second date with this girl!

There Was a Timely Follow-Up

One of the most apparent signs your first date went well is an intentional and timely follow-up.

It probably went well if you both got home at a reasonable hour and were still thinking about the date. A little follow-up from your date to let you know they had fun can go a long way, especially if they didn't bring it up on the date. We all know how hard dating can be, so if someone is willing to put in that initial extra effort, there's a good chance they're interested in seeing you again and perhaps even more than once.

There's nothing wrong with small talk, but if your date takes the time to continue (or build upon) a conversation that you had when you met, that's a clear sign they enjoyed the date. Keep the conversation light and fun.

Still, don't wait too long before following up on your own — if you enjoyed your time together and are looking for a second date, send her a text within 24 hours of your last meeting. You can ask about their day at work or tell them something funny happened in class. Either way, get creative with an intriguing opener, and see where things go!

Summing up

Understanding the subtle signs a first date went well with a girl can help you improve your love life. These signs usually include body language, conversation, intimacy, and other elements of your date. The most important thing to remember is that the experiences on the first date will differ from one individual to another. So, it's great to be able to find the little things that work for you and make the most of those! The next time you go on a first date, observe these signs keenly.

Last update: 02/07/2023