Dangerous signs of a manipulative woman

Dangerous signs of a manipulative woman

Women and manipulation are compatible terms. It's believed that a person who are susceptible to these tactics is weak and vulnerable. However, every person has faced it in their life. Every person has been a manipulator. All people learn it from their childhood.

Female tricks are more elegant and exquisite. You never know what to expect from these people. Every girl has her own set of tricks. They help to correct the partner's behavior, to manage other people. You should be able to uncover manipulative girls and confront them.

Manipulative women

Manipulative Women

Many people think manipulations are the synonym of the word 'to use'. Are they always destructive? Can they be harmless enough? In general, it's a psychological technique that helps us to affect people's behavior. A person will obey a manipulator thinking that they do that voluntarily, by their own will.

Female manipulation in 2024 can show up online. Even if we chat with an attractive girl via messages or video, she can control you.

Typical manipulators are selfish people who barely can feel empathy. They can't change their behavior without the help of a psychologist. These people know your temper and can use your soft spots in their own goals. Another trait of a manipulator is the neglection of your interests. They are indifferent to your desires and preferences. All they need is to fulfill their needs.

Ways women manipulate men

Ways Women Manipulate Men

You should know ways women manipulate men. If you are informed, you can resist these tricks. As soon as you find these traits in your new partner, you can make a right decision about your future relationships.


Nobody likes to see a crying and sad girl. These women look defenseless and touching. Some men are ready to fulfill any wishes to stop this sobbing. If you can to meet any request hoping to see a smile of your woman, you are a typical victim of manipulations. Women know this trick, that's why they easily show an offence to get a desirable result. This is demonstrated during a quarrel.


Some women manipulate men asking for help. These girls look weak compared to men and desperately need to support. There is a stereotype that a man is a hunter who must catch and protect his trophy. If he wants to attract a woman, he will have to offer his support. It applies to single Ukrainian women and people from countries with the unstable economics. These girls can ask for financial support and a lot of generous men give into that.

This help allows a man to look confident and powerful in the eyes of his partner. People can support manipulators counting on gratitude and romantic feelings.


Women manipulation about sex is the most common trick. If you are into long-term relationships, a girl can use sexual life as a tool. If you behave well, she will reward us with a performance in bed. After a conflict you won't get any intimacy. This way a manipulator punishes her partner. Some women use sex as a way of getting something material (expensive gifts). Finally, don't forget that sex will lead to strong bonds in a couple. Often husbands live with their wives only because of sexual attraction.


These manipulation tactics are common for insecure girls. One day you can see your girlfriend on a dating app. She can flirt with your friends or colleagues. You can see strange messages and pictures in her phone. After getting married men think they may not do anything else. A 'trophy' has been won, now they will enjoy the victory. But women think differently. Over time they start suffering from the lack of tenderness and romance. As a result, they try to attract the attention of their partner chatting and meeting with other people. Often, they aren't going to cheat on the husbands seriously. It's just a manipulation for returning faded feelings.


The ugly signs of a manipulative woman include the manipulation of shame. A girl tries to convince her partner that he is a loser. Have you not started your own business? Do you not make enough money for travelling and entertainment? Does your woman not have new shoes? She will remind you about it for sure. Manipulators try to choose the most offensive words so that you will feel embarrassed. As a result, you will try to meet her expectations. If these expectations are unreasonable, it will lead to your anxiety and low self-esteem. Eventually a girl will leave you when she finds 'better' variant.


The attention of a beautiful girl is the most important thing for men. One of the most popular emotional manipulations is so called 'swing'. One day a woman takes no notice of her admirer making him be miserable and unhappy. Another day the situation changes. A girl becomes affectionate and talkative. She can write first and tell something about a romantic date. A manipulative woman can give you a vague hope for your happy future. Using this swing she attaches you to herself. After several weeks you can't imagine life without her. Even if you live with a girl together for a long time, she can use silence and the threat of divorce as a manipulation.

Best way to deal with a manipulative person in 2024

Best way to Deal with a Manipulative Person

Dealing with emotional manipulation is not that easy. Often men even don't realize they obey a cunning woman and live with manipulative people. These people are great psychologists. They know how to manage you so that you won't notice It, so manipulative people pretend normal. We will give some recommendations that will help you to avoid these emotional tricks.

Understanding manipulation

The first step is understanding manipulation. If you figure out it, you can escape it effortlessly. For this step you should read more, be informed about popular techniques. Communicate with a lot of women. This way you will learn about temper and behavior people, can distinguish their characters.

Read more about signs of emotional manipulation in a relationship. Even if you live with your partner, one day she can take advantage of your love.

If you think that a person manages you, more likely it's true. Healthy relationships go easily, without any tense and suspicious feelings.


Women manipulation tactics work until you don't know about them. Tell her you know what she hints at. Explain her the mechanism of her tricks and add that you are not going to give into that. A manipulator can be infuriated, she can try to convince you in her superiority and humiliate you. Explain your point of view in a calm voice without any irritation.


If you know these tricks very well, try to reflect them. If she blames you for the lack of brutality and financial success, answer her you prefer successful and resourceful women too. Don't be shy and say when you want some care and attention, you deserve it as well!

Keep the distance

Russian women often ask for material help hinting at your generosity and kindness. If you don't want to be a victim of a scammer or emotional manipulators, be firm. Tell them you know each other not very well so far and you aren't ready for this serious step. Add that you want to support her emotionally and if she wants to talk about something, you are always here.

Don't tell about your personal life and psychological traumas after several days of the communication. The key of female emotional manipulation is finding your soft spots. Don't allow her to do that.

Stop the communication

If you see all signs of manipulative woman, better to avoid the relationships. Even if you like her so much, your future doesn't make sense. All you will get is the inferiority complex and your bad mood. You can say sincerely that you don't look your future together. Be polite but decisive enough. An offended manipulator will try to get you back. You will face endless calls and messages, reproaches and threats. Don't meet any provocations and just move on.

Signs of manipulative women

Signs of Manipulative Women

We will give you some signs of typical male tricks:

  • Numerous compliments and pleasant words.
  • Regular gifts (some women feel obliged to be kind for them).
  • Positive emotions and surprises (this are the best way to attract a girl).
  • Promises (married men can promise to divorce to be with their lovers).
  • Hypercare.
  • Pitifulness (some men tend to look pitiful to avoid break up).

Another case is female signs. Read some examples.

Artificial weakness

These women seem weak and defend less. It's the best way to provoke you for being gentlemen! You will be always ready to help her despite your own hardships. She will make you visit her even if it's inconvenient for you.

Bright beauty

Girls often try to look beautiful when they want to win your heart. Be careful with a woman who looks perfect. These women can choose a fabulous dress even for a simple date online. Sometimes better to choose a girl with regular appearance and transparent temper.


Women crying manipulation is the best way to get what you want. A girl can make you feel sorry at these moments even if you aren't the initiator of the conflict. If she cries a lot, try to find out a true reason. Don't allow to break your heart listening to her sobbing. Don't do anything only because you see tears in your eyes.

All these tactics and signs range from harmless and unconsciousness to destroying for both partners.

Men and women relationships aren't always healthy and transparent. If you chat with women in dating apps, sooner or later you meet a manipulator. The most importantly to find it out on time. Don't be upset if this woman mistreats you. Try to communicate with anyone else. There are a lot of decent girls on dating websites, so you will find someone for good romantic relationships.

Don't Let a Woman Manipulate You

Don't Let a Woman Manipulate You

  • No sex control. A woman trying to manipulate you with intimacy is not deserving on all levels. Breakup this relationship to start something more fruitful. Don't waste time on anyone trying to alter your behavior through physiological needs.
  • No investments you are not willing to make. Never pay for extremely expensive presents. A relationship like this will never have a satisfying emotional component. It's not a business – it's a mutually satisfying connection of two people ready to deal with problems hand-in-hand.

How to notice manipulative personality traits online

Manipulative Personality Traits

A manipulative wife means the end of your happy family life. But sometimes emotionally manipulative people can win your heart even during the online communication when you don't have any serious intentions. There are some manipulative woman signs that you can notice on a website.

  • She never writes first. It's not ok for a healthy relationship. If a person is interested in you, she will text you first from time to time to ask about your mood and health. If you are the only one who takes the initiative, she doesn't need you or she tries to attract you with her emotional games.
  • She doesn't answer for a long time. Of course some ladies are really busy or they can't use their phones at work. But in most cases it's an emotional blackmail. This way a woman tries to make you text first and be worried. For some people it's a way to show how much they are busy and that they don't care about you much.
  • She makes a person feel guilty. Some women can do it even in an online relationship. If you have conflicts all the time and you have to apologize every time, sometimes definitely goes wrong.
  • You aren't happy during your communication. It constitutes emotional abuse. The main goal of our website is to make your happy and to help you to find true love. If you are upset after every chat with a woman, it means she tries to control you. There are a lot of good people on our platform, so you can find a pretty girl who won't hurt you.
  • She is passive aggressive. It means a lady doesn't say anything insulting but you feel bad after her words. In this situation all you need is to stop the communication. Of course, you can try to convince her to be polite, but in most cases it doesn't help.
  • She asks for money. If you refuse her, a lady will look really offended and you will feel guilty. If you face these signs, it means you met a scammer. Close the chat immediately to save your money!
  • She doesn't want to meet in reality. A manipulative person generally controls you and follows her goals only. She doesn't care about your feelings. Sometimes these women need an online friend only who will listen to them and will talk about their problems. They don't give you anything in return, even a moral support.

Can you change a manipulative wife?

Manipulative Wife

If you live with such a person, it will be difficult to stop the relationships immediately. In this situation some men try to change their partner and to convince her to act normally. Is it possible? We will give you some tips.

  • Manipulative people pretend nice and cute, so she can play for a long time. Pay attention to what she does, not to what she says. Actions matter.
  • Talk about your problems in the couple. If you don't like something, don't stay silent. Talk about your needs and preferences. Manipulative ladies often try to obey a person. The more docile you are, the easier to manage you in the future.
  • Prevent sex control behavior. Say that sex is important for you and if she refuses you without an objective reason, she doesn't love you. If she really doesn't like something in bed, talk about it and discuss her preferences.
  • Don't spend a lot of money for a woman at the beginning of the relationships. You must show her you are ready to help but you won't allow you to use you.
  • Ask for some emotional support. We all are people and sometimes we feel bad or tired. It's ok to ask for help of a loved person. This way your partner will understand that relationships is a work, not only a pleasure. If she is still indifferent, it's better to find another partner for a family life.
  • Talk about contraception. Be careful about it. Some women use blackmail with getting pregnant trying to control you and to make you be by their side. Remember that having kids is a mutual desire.

If you want to change your wife, talk more and discuss everything openly. Sometimes it helps to go to a specialist to improve the situation. A therapist will give you some advice and techniques, but in this case your partner should want to work on herself. If you still aren't happy in these relationships, it's better to stop them and to find another person on our website who will value you and your needs.

Last update: 04/13/2023