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The signs of emotional Attraction

What happens when we feel love at first sight? Why people attract us and we can't be without them, while other men and women don't cause any feeling in our heart? What does mean emotional attraction and is it more important than physical attraction? All these questions are really complicated and related to behavior and physiology of women and men. We will try to sort it out and to learn what these words mean. It's important for date online when we meet with different people and try to find out what feelings we have towards them.

Physical and emotional attraction

Physical and emotional Attraction

In fact, emotional attraction vs physical attraction are linked to each other. Often, if we have the emotional link with a person, we start thinking about touches and other kinds of physical intimacy. It works the other way around. When we meet a person and have something physical with them, over time we may start feeling something else towards them, something more meaningful and profound.

What is emotional attraction? It's a type of an interaction between people when they want to talk to each other, to listen to each other and to support each other in difficult situation. When we physically attracted but not emotionally, we want to touch a partner only and to have sex with them. At the same time, we aren't interested in long conversations and exchange of points of views.

Lust decreases over time while love becomes even stronger over years. After several years of relationships, you can notice you love your soulmate even more than earlier. We get a deep feeling of respect to our loved one. Gradually they become the part of our life. If we have sexual desire only, over time we get cold and indifferent to our partner.

Remember that lust is something really superficial while emotional bonds are really profound and meaningful.

Emotional attraction signs in 2021

Emotional Attraction signs

When we are involved in relationships emotionally, it's really noticeable from the outside. We make another person feel loved and cared. We take care of them feelings and mood. We want to make them happy. There are prominent signs of emotional attraction. You should know them if you want to find out if it's your soulmate or you meet with a wrong person.

You talk about meaningful things with your partner

When you both feel something emotional between your souls, you are talking about significant things and share your feelings with each other. You are interested in the opinion of your partner. Girls are even easier to show their feelings and to talk about intimate things. Check yourself if you pay attention to long conversation in your relationships.

There are a lot of trust in your relationships

When you are emotionally attracted, you are getting vulnerable. At the same time, you trust your partner and believe that their deeds are right. You can be jealous, but your partner is able to convince you that she or he is loyal to you.

You like the personality of your soulmate, not only their appearance

When we meet a person the first time, we pay attention to their appearance. Only over time, we start to get closer to them and to find something attractive in their character and mindset.

Physical attraction vs emotional attraction is related to the appearance. We all want our partner to look nicely. But when we are emotionally involved, we admire their intelligence and the way of leading the conversation, the sense of humor and the tone of the voice.

If we love someone, we can love not only their advantages, but even their flaws. Some drawbacks we find nice and cute.

Your respect the opinion of your partner

When you date Russian women or any Slavic ladies, you should be informed about their self-sufficient temper. They don't like when someone underestimates their point of view. That's why you should respect the opinion of your partner. It doesn't mean you will have to agree with everything. It means you shouldn't humiliate your loved one if they think in a different way. It's a basic sing of emotional attraction.

You are ready to resolve problems together

When you have only physical attraction, you don't have much desire to involve yourself into troubles of another person. All you want is to get sexual satisfaction and to leave after that. It sounds cynical but it's a severe reality. Emotional bond is the opposite thing. You are interested in everyday activities of another person and try to be helpful. If your soulmate tells you about their problems, you will be by their side. Moreover, you will offer ways to cope with this problem. If your loved one is sick, you will visit them and will bring some medicines or tasty food to make them feel better.

Physical attraction signs in 2021

Physical Attraction signs

Romantic attraction vs physical attraction can be the same thing. If we want to have sex with a person, we can be romantic. Nice dinner in a restaurant, flowers and expensive gifts could help you to achieve the desirable thing. However, it doesn't mean you are emotionally involved into this type of relationships.

We will give you physical attraction signs so that you can understand if it's really love between you and your partner or you just want their body.

You want to have sex with your new partner on your first date

Even if you both barely know each other, you already have physical attraction and sexual desire. It happens really rare, especially when it comes to girls. Ukrainian women and other Slavic ladies need a lot of time to get used to a person. Sometimes it takes several months of communication before they decide to go to bed with you. If you both want each other on the first meetings, you really have strong sexual attraction. You can wait for some time to make your first sex even better and exciting or you can give into your desires!

You don't want to talk with your partner after making love

Physical attraction in a relationship is very straightforward. You want to have sex with a person, but nothing more. After this process all you want is to be alone in your cozy bed. That's why you both rare sleep with each other literally. You aren't interested in problems of your partner and you aren't going to solve them. Sometimes you even barely talk. You exchange some formal phrases but that's it. You won't discuss politics, religion or your plans for the future. If you are fine with this type of interaction, you can go on, but remember that one day you will definitely meet someone you will fall in love with. In this case you will have to put a lot of efforts to build healthy relationships.

You want to touch your partner constantly

Physical attraction vs sexual attraction is almost the same. Sometimes you don't want to have sex with your loved one, but anyway you are eager to touch them every minute. You love to stroke their hair or skin, to hold their hands. It's normal behavior of people in love, especially if you meet with each other not so long. In this case over time your physical desire can grow into something more meaningful.

How to create emotional attraction with a woman

Emotional Attraction with a Woman

Creating emotional attraction is a long and hard process. Be really patient and make small but regular steps toward trust and tenderness. It's especially difficult when it applies to women. Ladies don't like strangers. They always want someone who will understand them completely. That's why you should learn about useful ways that will help you to create attraction between two people.

Spend a lot of time together

It's important to be together as long as possible. When you are far away from each other, your emotional link is getting weaker especially if you started the relationships recently. Make up different kinds of activities. You can watch a movie together at home or go to the cinema. The best way to have fun is to cook something together. even if you aren't a great cooker, you can always order pizza after your failure! Being sexually attracted to someone but not emotionally means you want to have sexual contacts only. To fix it find some activities that aren't related to sex.

Be honest with your partner

Building trust is the most difficult thing in romantic relationships. The lack of trust won't leave anything emotional in your couple over time. That's why you should be honest with each other. If you suspect your soulmate deceives you for some reason, don't make a scene. Calm down and try to talk to them frankly. Find out the reasons of this behavior. Sometimes lie can be innocent and your partner doesn't want to offend you with the tough true.

Create pleasant associations

If your preferences match, don't be shy to send your partner your favorite songs. Listen to music together, especially romantic songs about love. This easy activity will create nice associations about your relationships. When you are far away from each other, you will remember about these moments. It will form emotional attraction gradually.

Tell about your sexual experience

Physical attraction in a relationship implies discussion about sex but at the same time it creates emotional bonds between partner. Try to share with your loved one something really intimate and important for you. It will make you vulnerable but, at the same time, it will teach you to believe your partner. What is physical attraction? It's when you are completely open for another person. Tell about sexual things without shyness and realize some sexual fantasies that your partner accepts. Over time, you will get even closer to each other.

Respect friends of your partner

Don't forget that your soulmate will spend some time with their friends. You will have to respect this choice even if you want to spend as much time as possible with your loved one. One day she or he will want to introduce you to their friends. Even if you don't have any sympathy to your new acquaintances, don't show it. You can hint at your attitude to your partner, but do it mildly, without any pressure. Remember that you don't have the right to limit the communication of your partner with other people.

Be a good listener

Listening to each other is a true art. Some people aren't able to do that. It causes a lot of problems in everyday communication. If your partner doesn't like your listening, they will get restrained and cold over time. That's why pay attention to yourself when you listen to another person. Don't interrupt your partner when they tell about something. Look into their eyes when listening, in this case your partner will be sure you hear them. You can give some advice after they finish telling their story, but don't be too intrusive. Remember that a person may not use your advice and it's absolutely normal. If your loved one is in a difficult situation, ask them if there anything you can do for them to make things better.

Give gifts and make surprises

Emotional connection vs physical connection often are really similar to each other. When we want a person, we give them nice gifts to attract their attention. The same thing is suitable for emotional interaction. In this case we give gifts and make surprises just because we want to make a person happier, without any particular goal. When we spend some money for our partner, we start feeling something really important towards them. After all, we feel sorry for all the time and efforts we made to attract a person. Sometimes these feelings mean the beginning of emotional attraction.

What if you are emotionally attracted but not sexually

What if you are Emotionally Attracted but not Sexually

Sometimes people like to spend a lot of time together but they don't feel anything physical. They don't want to have sex with another person, they want to talk with them only. What can you need in this case? The best option is to stay friends. Sometimes it's impossible to develop something sexual if you don't like the appearance, the smell or the voice of your soulmate. There is no need to step over yourself. Follow your desires and find someone you really like as a man or as a woman. At the same time, try to be in touch with a person you are emotionally involved in. The experience shows, the number of friends is reduced over time. You don't need to lose a wonderful friend. Keep chatting with them if your interlocutor doesn't mind it.

If you believe you can form physical attraction to this person, try to improve your sexual life and to change your attitude. Often, the lack of physical desire becomes a problem for couple who have been with each other for a long time. In this case you can use these recommendations:

  • Try to make love not only at home. Often change the scene is helpful for sexual desire. You can have sex in a car or choose another safe place for your experiments.
  • Talk about your desires. You can be surprised when you learn you did wrong a lot of things in bed in the past. Ask your partner what exactly they want in this sphere of life.
  • Work on your attractiveness. Go to the gym or do exercises at home. A woman can buy a new dress or a seductive underwear.
  • Do something nice for your partner. Sometimes it helps just to go to a nice restaurant or to give flowers to your lady to make her sexual desire stronger. Don't forget that all people need attention and proofs of love. If you take care of a person, they will do the same for you.

Emotional vs physical attraction – what's better?

It's difficult to say what's better – to be physically or emotionally involved in your relationships. In the ideal world all these things should go together. The lack of sexual life often leads to cheating while the absence of emotional communication deprives us happiness and joy from relationships. If you have these problems with your partner, try to fix them as soon as possible using our recommendations. If you feel you aren't able to cope with this situation, don't rush and don't break up with your soulmate. Go to a psychologist that will help you to define the reasons of this problem and to get rid of them.

Last update: 04/09/2021