Single Natalya 41 y.o., from Dnepr ID 882611

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174 cm
50 kg
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(Virgo 08 Sep 1982
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About Myself

I work as an economist in one of the banks and I love what I do. Analyzing financial data, predicting trends, and helping clients make meaningful financial decisions all bring me satisfaction and a sense of usefulness.

But apart from work, I strive for happiness and self-development. I believe that life consists of an endless path to growth and development, and therefore I am constantly learning new things. One of my current goals is to master the English language. I understand that knowing English opens the door to new opportunities and allows you to communicate with people from all over the world.

I am also a big animal lover. I have a beautiful chinchilla that has become a member of my family. I appreciate animals for their devotion, spontaneity and ability to bring joy into our lives. The time spent with my pets gives me a lot of joy and peace.

The life in which I live separately from my parents gives me freedom and independence, as well as the opportunity to make decisions and build my own life. This is an important step in my personal development and allows me to better know myself and my needs.

In general, I strive for happiness and harmony in all areas of life. I strive to be successful in my profession, develop my skills and competencies, find a balance between work and personal life. I believe that every day offers an opportunity to become a better person, learn something new, and bring positive change into your life and the lives of others.



I have an exciting hobby that I develop with great inspiration and passion. I run my own Instagram page dedicated to modeling for women over 30. This is a project that helps me not only express my individuality and creativity, but also inspire other women to be confident and beautiful regardless of age.

Modeling for me has become a way of self-expression and familiarization with the world of fashion, beauty and elegance. I believe that style and beauty have no limits, and that's the message I'm trying to convey through my Instagram page. I showcase fashion looks, style tips and make-up tips that help me look and feel confident and beautiful.

In addition to modeling, I am also a consultant for the cosmetics company Livesta. This gives me the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of beauty and self-care. I love learning new products and sharing tips on how to achieve and maintain healthy, well-groomed skin. It also opens the door to meeting different people and making new connections in the beauty industry.

As an enthusiastic traveler, I had the opportunity to visit Athens. This city is saturated with history, culture and incredible atmosphere. Exploring different countries in Europe was an unforgettable adventure for me, and now my dream is to visit South Korea. I'm always interested in learning about different cultures and South Korea is a unique blend of modernity and tradition that I would love to explore and learn more about.


About Partner (age 35 - 60)

When I think about my future partner, it is important for me that he be a strong, kind and decent person. I want him to be physically and emotionally strong, able to overcome difficulties and support me in difficult moments. This does not mean that I need a person with aggressive or dominant behavior, but rather a person who has confidence and the ability to be supportive and supportive.

It is also very important for me that my partner is a kind person. I want him to treat others with love, compassion and respect. I am pleased to see how he helps other people and strives to make the world a better place. Kindness is a quality that creates harmony and happiness in our relationship, and I am looking for a partner who shares this value.

In addition, I want my future partner to be a decent person. For me, honesty, integrity and responsibility are the key qualities on which long-term and healthy relationships are built. I appreciate a person who keeps his promises, respects my opinion and is always ready to support me.

In general, I am looking for a partner who combines strength, kindness and integrity. I want us to create harmonious and mutually understanding relationships based on mutual support, love and respect. I believe that our combined strength and kindness can overcome any difficulties, and together we can build a happy and meaningful life.