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Redhead Dating & Blonde Dating

Do men prefer sexy blonde women, or are the brunettes more appealing to them? Is it primitive for a man to stick to dating solely hot blonde women merely because of offensive social stereotypes? Well, there are several truths to consider basing on the opinions of men trying to find women online being tired of real-life communication:

  • Beautiful blonde women are shiny. That is why men feel attached to them like crows and magpies. Their shiny locks are mistakenly connected with their weakness and immature nature, demanding immediate care and protection in return for sex ad dealing with household duties.
  • Boys fancy blondes, while men prefer brunettes. Nope! Everything depends on the tastes, and these tastes are not only about such superficial things as hair and eye color. Thoughtful men interested in a potentially beneficial relationship will ignore a shiny, pretty blonde girl if she is not ready for a serious relationship with the mutual emotional and intellectual development.
  • Because of the misleading stereotypes circulating within modern society, men consider blondes dumb. It's satisfying for selfish men unable to assert themselves through sensibility and intellectual capabilities. They are interested in silly blondes, thinking they will manage to compensate for their lack of knowledge and emotional development.

Choosing a blonde lady merely because of the hair color is a very controversial thing. Yeah, we are sure that classic blonds are harmonious women that many men fancy over the years. But redheads and brunettes' chances of building firm relationships with smart men are even.

  • Blondes are as sensitive and charming as redheads;
  • The chances of meeting an immature woman are even for redheads and blondes;
  • Redheads are even more fragile and sensitive in comparison to the blondes;
  • Natural blondes have nothing in common with well-established social stereotypes.

Now it's time to learn more about the owners of fierce red locks and their attitude to men and relationships in general.

Blonde Specials & Redhead Dating: Pros & Cons

Redhead Dating

Blonde dating, matchmaking with redheads, and building relationships with brunettes should avoid stereotyping. It's a personality that counts. Of course, the owners of specific hair and skin colors have physiological characteristics concerning their health, endurance, and sensitivity to pain. These physical characteristics can strongly affect your interaction regardless of whether it's brunette, redhead, or blonde dating.

Anyway, what about the fake blondes and redheads? What about the owners of natural fair hair? There's a curious fact saying that most men can't understand whether a woman they interact with is a natural color or not. Besides, they get surprised, understanding that natural blondes have a very uncommon appearance. No, they are not ugly at all. Dating a blonde girl if she's born this way means:

  • All of your friends will consider your woman dumb because of the stereotypes;
  • Many of your pals will consider your blonde partner shallow and unready to develop intellectually (which is almost the same as the previous point);
  • Your social circle might consider your blonde partner slutty (which is not true, of course);
  • Natural blondes and redheads have a very peculiar skin smell, which might be unpleasant to someone (which has no explanation);
  • Your partner might invest a lot of time into makeup to make her eyes and eyebrows distinct.

Now it's time to pass on to redheads.

Redhead Dating Pros Redhead Dating Cons
You'll never have trouble finding your partner in the crowd. Gingers have a specific appearance. You'll never miss them in the crowds of people. Dating ginger is like dating a minority. She is cute and naturally appealing, but she's very different from the others. She's got sensitive skin and will not manage to spend her time with you under the sun.
Some people think that dating a redhead is like playing with fire. They are too sensitive and unpredictable at times. Nevertheless, they are sincerer and more straightforward in comparison to the women of the other natural hair colors. She can be a dream-come-true, or a mere disaster because of the unstable character and emotional changes throughout the day. Gingers are hot when it comes to the relationship but too cold when it comes to mutual interaction.
If you fancy dating a redhead, you'll be fond of her freckles multiplying every spring and summer.  
Dating blonde girls is not as warm and cozy as dating redheads because their skin is warmer, and their fiery red hair will make you feel cozier.  
A beautiful blonde woman will not be as noticeable as a redhead. Redhead dating implies that your woman is always a center of attention, especially if she's an owner of a natural copper hair color. You'll constantly stand out of the crowd with your partner.  

Blonde dating, as well as redhead dating, can be very controversial. Judging by what most men say, there's an impressive number of benefits you get while dating a blonde:

  • Women whose hair is blonde, date many men interested in classic relationships with romantic courting and numerous signs of affection, including flowers, champagne, regular romantic dates, and expensive presents. Is it a benefit? Well, in reality, blonde women are rather sensible about their plans for the future. Besides, they are very sensitive and not interested in sharing themselves with men who don't feel ready for a relationship yet. If you're interested in profound lovemaking, a natural blonde is for you.
  • Blonde dating is mostly about getting a sexier partner that most of your companions will be jealous to have.
  • Blondes are not taken seriously. It's a dumb stereotype, but it has no connection with the reality since most blondes are well-educated and socially developed. They are not superficial dolls having no idea how to develop their lives. They are self-confident ladies who know how to pretend and when to be real, depending on whether an interlocutor is smart or dumb. Blondes are smarter than you think.
  • Most blonde women wake up looking good. It happens thanks to the limitless possibilities of cosmetic procedures and makeup. They regularly deal with permanent makeup not to waste time on using mascara and lipstick I the morning before getting to work. If you wake up next to a blonde with distinct eyelashes, eyebrows, and shaped lips, it means that your partner takes care of herself daily.

Never Do These Things When Dating Redhead Girls

If you're planning to meet blonde women or redhead girls, you must already be affected by stereotypes and unreasonable characteristics of these rare women. Yes, natural blondes and redheads are the owners of the rarest genes on the planet, but it does not mean they are as stereotypical as some people think.

Now we're passing on to the last crucial thing you should consider before dating a redhead. It's a list of things you should avoid doing while interacting with a single redhead if you're planning a long-lasting relationship or a family:

  • Even if you get friendly like a couple of pals regularly spending football Fridays together with chips and beer, NEVER ask your potential partner about the color of the pubes. Yes, it might sound awkward and even disturbing, but most natural redheads say it's a very common question. It's not dirty – it's rude.
  • Don't let yourself be aggressive with a redhead. These women are feisty because they have to be a center of attention most time. Probably the classmates bullied them or laughed at them just because they looked different from the others. The society taught them to defend themselves psychologically and physically as well. Facing aggression and excessive attention turned them into fighters.
  • Don't let yourself talk to redhead women in a filthy tone. They are not promiscuous regardless of how sexy they look. When a lady is fit and sexy, she attracts a lot of men in a bar. When she's a redhead, she draws even more attention. It's not about HER dirty thoughts, but about the men's filthy imagination.
  • Don't ask her why she's got large bruises. As well as a natural blonde hair woman, a redhead has thin and sensitive skin bruising easily. Be careful in the bedroom, and don't get surprised if you see your honey wearing bruises in the morning after shagging.
  • Don't get freaked out at how different a redhead looks without makeup. Be careful about your notices concerning the way she looks when wearing mascara and lipstick. Many redhead girls apply many layers of foundation and concealer to hide away the freckles. That's the reason why they look entirely different after they wash their faces.

Why is a redhead dating so awesome, and what makes a man obliged to take care of his cute redhead girl? Well, there are more things you might want to know about a redhead woman:

  • They are very rare – you won't easily find the second one except for your partner in a crowd;
  • Your babies can inherit the ginger gene, which is an awesome, beneficial genetic lottery.

Women with Hair Color of Blonde Date Decisive Men

Blonde Date

Pretty girls with blonde hair are not as plain and silly as you might think. Being a blonde is not only about dealing with the offensive stereotypes, but finding a way of interaction with people having no idea on how to be tolerant and sensible when it comes to the contact with the other people's views.

Stay abundantly decisive while dating a blonde. You should remember that a woman with blonde hair is:

  • Nervous. She often creates troubles where there's nothing to get worried about;
  • Hypochondriac. She forgets about being self-controlled and reasonable when it comes to stresses and emotional events;
  • Sensitive and overemotional. It's not always bad but results in unwanted arguments when there's nothing to argue about;
  • Self-critical. Most cute blonde girls put hours in looking good and blame themselves for failures.

Things That Blonde Girls Hate

  • A blonde girl will hate it if her hair is a little bit pinky or turquoise shaded – that's why they invest much time in hair care, and expensive hair care means.
  • Blonde girls hate their eyelashes – you can't see them without mascara on. They have to spend much time dealing with makeup in the morning to look the way they want to.
  • A naturally blonde woman hates it when people consider them dumb merely because of the hair color and misleading stereotypes. She wants men to take her more seriously.

Don't let the hair color fool you. Hot blonde girls have nothing with the widespread beliefs of unsatisfied men and jealous women. Blonde women are:

  • Overemotional but affectionate;
  • Impulsive but ambitious;
  • Flirty but faithful;
  • Touchy but thoughtful;
  • Talkative but perceptive.

In the end, we want to say that blondes and redheads do have some differences and common characteristics. The first and most important thing is that both of them are rare (if it's about the natural blonde and red hair color). These women tend to live longer and demonstrate more potent health. It happens because they regularly protect their fair and thin, sensitive skin from the sun. They are a result of natural selection – it's like winning a genetic lottery.

Nevertheless, redheads seem to be fiercer than blondes. Redhead dating is like riding a roller-coaster. You'll have to learn to control your emotions and forget about the offensive stereotypes imposed by the people in the media. Blondes, in turn, seem to be more open-minded and receptive when it comes to people's emotions and psychological pains. They are incredible listeners and motivators.

Redhead dating, as well as blonde dating, are very beneficial choices because these women were created uniquely in many matters.

Of course, we do not want to say that all blondes and redheads have the same character types, as well as brunette or redhead people are unique. Whether it's a flaming hot cutie or a gentle and shiny blonde girl, the choice is a result of your compatibility and the presence of common ground.

What are redheaded women in bed?

Redheaded Women

There is a stereotype that red hair color means that a girl is really passionate and brave in bed. But it’s not always like that. It depends on a personality and every girl is unique. But anyway, they have some common traits when it comes to sexuality.

  • They like experiments. A red head girl hates a routine and boredom. She doesn’t mind to use sex toys and to change positions all the time.
  • They prefer to have sex with a loved one. Compared to other hair colors, women with red hair are really involved in romantic feelings. They don’t want to have sex without love.
  • They have sex at any age. Even when women with red dark hair are getting older, their sexuality is still high. You will have to put a lot of efforts to satisfy them!

Women with naturally blonde hair in bed

If they use hair dye, their temper is different. But girls with naturally blonde hair have some common things:

  • They are modest. At the beginning of the relationships they may seem even cold, but don’t be upset and try to explore her sexuality step by step.
  • They want you to have a pleasure. Women with blonde hair color aren’t selfish and your feelings matter for them.
  • They like sexy underwear. Girls with brown hair tend to wear something comfortable, but blondies don’t mind latex or lingerie if you love them too.
  • They would like to have regular sex. Most of blondies have high libido, so they want to make love almost every day, especially if they fall in love with their partner.

Brunette or redhead women are different in bed. If you don’t know whom to choose, pay attention to their temper and mindset, not only to their appearance.

Redheads Vs. Blondes

Redheads Vs. Blondes

Redheads Blondes
They stand out of the crowd. They usually don't attract too much attention.
They have very sensitive skin. Natural blondes have sensitive skin too.
They tend to be proud of their hair color. They prefer to conceal their blond locks and dye their eyelashes and eyebrows.
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