Single Ekaterina 31 y.o., from Kropivnitskiy ID 918177

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167 cm
57 kg
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(Taurus 03 May 1993
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About Myself

I am a girl with brown eyes and a bright smile. Smoking is not important for me, I prefer a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself. My passion is cosmetology. I enjoy learning different skin, hair and nail care methods and techniques. A sense of beauty and the ability to emphasize natural beauty is what inspires me.

Music is my second passion. I love listening to different genres and artists, because music can convey emotions and create a special atmosphere. From romantic melodies to energetic rhythms, every note inspires me to new adventures and experiences.

I strive for development in all spheres of life - from professional to personal. I dream of scaling my skills and abilities to reach great heights and contribute to the world. Family and children are important aspects of my life and I want to create a strong family filled with love and support.

Traveling is another passion of mine. I love discovering new places, immersing myself in different cultures and enjoying the beauty of our world. Traveling gives me the opportunity to expand my horizons, enrich my experience and find inspiration in different parts of the world.

In general, I strive for a happy and fulfilling life, where family, development, travel and self-development play an important role. I am ready to seek new opportunities, grow and share this journey with a special person who shares my dreams and values with me.



My hobbies are varied: from cooking meat dishes to dancing, yoga and vocals. I enjoy experimenting with meat in cooking, love to move to the rhythm of music, find inner harmony through yoga and express myself through vocals. These hobbies bring me joy and allow me to develop in different areas of creativity.


About Partner (age 25 - 55)

When I talk about a "strong" man, I don't limit it to just physical strength. I mean a person who has a strong character, confidence and emotional stability. This is a man who can be my support, support and protector.

It is important that this man is ready to take responsibility and make informed decisions. I appreciate a partner who has clear goals in life and strives to achieve them. Self-confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties are the qualities that I look for in a partner.

However, being a strong man does not mean being dominant or controlling. I appreciate a partner who respects my opinions, supports my goals and recognizes my personal space. Mutual understanding, communication and equality in relations play a huge role.

Ultimately, the ideal partner for me is a person with whom I can develop together, achieve joint goals, support and inspire each other. I believe that real strength and strength comes from mutual respect, trust and love.