Single Oleksandra 35 y.o., from Poltava ID 880282

Interior designer
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169 cm
59 kg
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(Aquarius 13 Feb 1989
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About Myself

Hello! I'm Aleksandra Shevchenko, an artist at heart and by profession, breathing life into canvases and spaces alike. Born and raised in Poltava, I've spent 34 vibrant years exploring various palettes of life. Standing at 170 cm, I balance my 60 kg between my roles as a doting mother of two beautiful souls and a dedicated interior designer. Although I navigate through life's hues solo, my eyes carry the serene Poltava sky's blue, reflecting tranquility and depth.

My life refrains from the smoke of cigarettes, indulging instead in the occasional whisper of wine, echoing stories from distant vineyards. I've poured my passion into becoming an interior designer, with a rich background in higher education specializing in interior design. My career is a canvas, showcasing my love for aesthetics and function, splashed with creativity and precision.

When I'm not reimagining spaces, you'll find me lost in the world of art, with brushstrokes that speak louder than words. Cooking allows me to experiment with flavors much like colors, creating edible masterpieces. My feet wander often, seeking the embrace of nature during long walks, or dancing to the rhythmic heartbeats of my hometown when I'm rollerblading or playing volleyball.

My mind finds solace in the pages of psychology and self-development books, constantly striving for growth and understanding. Fitness is my body's poetry, narrated in the language of strength and endurance, a story told often in the gym. Once a ballet dancer, I still hear the call of the stage whispering in my movements.

I'm a connoisseur of thrillers and dramas, living a thousand lives through the flicker of the silver screen. My journey has taken me to the warm embraces of Turkey and Egypt, and the familiar comfort of my beloved Ukraine. Coffee is my silent companion, be it in the form of a robust espresso or a frothy latte.



I draw, cook, walk, read books on psychology and self-development, go to the gym, roller skate, play volleyball.
The ballet school sounded.


About Partner (age 18 - 79)

I am seeking a man who resembles a well-thought-out piece of art; stylish and composed with a narrative that exudes education, kindness, and attentiveness. His presence would be a symphony of light-hearted humor and intelligence, making every moment a melody to remember. Creativity is the music I dance to, and I hope he hears the same tunes.

In this vast gallery called life, I envision my partner to be an aesthete, appreciating the finer details, yet bold enough to stand back and admire the bigger picture. Perfection isn't the pursuit; it's about creating something beautiful together, amidst flaws and splatters. Optimism is our shared brush, and with every stroke, we'd bring out the best in each other.