Divorced Svetlana 44 y.o., from Besançon ID 623608

Besançon, France  
Beauty industry
Marital Status
170 cm
56 kg
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(Pisces 25 Feb 1980
Level of English

About Myself

I am a sociable, open, straightforward and cheerful woman who loves life and enjoys every moment. My ability to connect with people helps me create deep and sincere connections. My heart is full of love for animals - I am a true fan of their amazing nature and endless devotion.

Camping for me is a source of inspiration and peace. I love to walk through the green fields, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the fresh air. Travel is my passion. They open up new places, cultures and opportunities for growth and development for me.

Sport is an integral part of my life. I love active activities that help me maintain my health and energy. And, of course, flowers. I enjoy their beauty, fragrance and uplifting ability. They decorate my home and bring joy to my life.



My hobbies are sports, comedy films and listening to music - this is my personal journey into the world of fun and enjoyment. When I play sports, I feel how my energy fills me with strength and vitality. This is not only a way to keep your body in shape, but also a way to relax and experience incredible pleasure.

Comedy films are my salvation from everyday hustle and bustle. They make me laugh and lift my spirits. Funny stories and comical characters take me to a world of carefree laughter and joy.

Music is my soul food. I enjoy her melodies and words that create a special atmosphere and evoke emotions. She lifts me up, soothes and inspires me. I enjoy a variety of genres and artists, and each song is a small source of joy and inspiration for me.

Sports, comedy films and music - these three components of my hobby are the keys to my happiness and balance in life.


About Partner (age 35 - 65)

My partner is a person who embodies the concepts of honesty and integrity. His unwavering morality and straightforwardness make him a true role model. He always tells the truth and is not afraid to speak his mind, but he also respects other people's points of view.

I can always rely on him in any situation. His reliability and responsibility create a sense of security and confidence. He always sticks to his obligations and fulfills them with excellence.

Our partnership is based on mutual respect and trust. We support and inspire each other as we strive towards common goals and growth. I deeply appreciate his honesty and integrity, and am grateful that we have such a wonderful bond that only grows stronger with time.